Top 10 Best VR Games of All Time -

Top 10 Best VR Games of All Time
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There is no more emersive way to experience video games than in VR! For this list, we’re looking at games that best showed off the potential of virtual reality games, whether it was because of their technical prowess, creativity, or just by being fun to play! Our countdown includes “Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” (2017), “Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series” (2019), “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted” (2019), “Half-Life: Alyx” (2020) and more! Which of these VR games is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. i have the entire Vader immortal series lol

  2. Blood n truth is fake. It’s a half assed arcade title. You cant even take cover…. it just faked that kind of VR action… they should be sued, man.

  3. Best ones I’ve tried: most standalone quest 2 titles best psvr versions: saints & sinners. Superhot. Best saber. Etc.

    then the battle royale & the 2 major modern middle eastern warfare ones… & a decent amount of others. I know the quest 2 could totally run Skyrim… it would be so much better on there. & obviously any PC VR games easily outclass both of these systems. Half life Alyx is probably the best experience for like a hardcore video game enthusiast from the 90s…. idk why alyx isn’t like in the top 2…. this is a weird ass list.

  4. what no saints and sinners maybe i will not bother

  5. Boneworks, Job Simulator and Robo Recall?

  6. Where’s rec room or blade and sorcery?

  7. Top 10 vr games if all time:
    No.5: keep talking and nobody exploded
    Shows the pc version of it

  8. Me: sees fnaf vr
    Me: instantly buys vr, without parents knowing

  9. Please update this. Beat Saber? Rec room & more needed added.

  10. Walking dead saints and sinners is a masterpiece

  11. This is more so just popular games, not games that are amazing

  12. He didn’t even mention boneworks… that game should be in the top of the list…

  13. Astro bot is the best game but its very easy apart from the robot shark boss

  14. Lol a few of these games were not specifically designed for vr xD

  15. I thought this was going to only have games that were only VR only because keep talking and no one explodes is also not require you to have VR

  16. So, recently I got the newest VR head set and my favorite game (SO FAR) it’s “the first steps”
    I’m not sure why but I love it
    I really want “job simulator”

  17. I would say boneworks is better then a lot of these and more content packed but that’s my opinion

  18. Alternate title: top ten games with the most downloads we found

  19. Beat saber over Half life alyx?! Lol what a joke

  20. Oh no the forget to edit the video and correct the part where Half Life Alyx is in the 1st spot.

  21. i’m a little disappointed no body in these comments are talking about Astro Bot. It’s such a fun and cute game!! There’s 5 different worlds each with 5 levels but it’ll keep you for a while because some robots are hard to find you need to look up down left right everywhere to find them. There’s also a boss in each world and a challenge belt in which you can play a challenge version of a level to get more robots! Astro Bot is a masterpiece and i’m glad it was in Top 3

  22. u said wont count a vr mode optional game but help wanted is pc too

  23. "we won't be considering games with optional vr modes." talk's about keep talking and nobody explodes…

  24. Btw you said that you're only going to show games that are exclusive for VR but FNAF help wanted you can use on PC without VR

  25. I do have to say supershot vr is a horrible game and shouldnt be in this video.. They never tell you that you have to shoot yourself to get by in one of the levels.. Idk why they are making it an acheivment to commit scuicide

  26. Half life and lone echo are my favorite story driven vr games, because they were really good, and nostalgia

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