TOP 10 Best Xbox Games of 2021 So Far… -

TOP 10 Best Xbox Games of 2021 So Far…

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We’re halfway through 2021 so in this video, we round up our top 10 best Xbox games of the year so far, including Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, The Medium and more!

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  1. I was just thinking he sounds a lot like benny 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

  2. Hold up, that voice sounds like it gives load out videos for warzone. Kinda like a dude named Benny

  3. Says a lot about the games that have been out this year when Outriders and Biomutant make the top ten. Not great, thanks fully there’s a lot to more come.

  4. this list sucks! these guys must be getting paid to put games on their list. i stopped watching at outriders. what a joke.

  5. The positive being – game developers have inadvertently inspired me to go outside and fix my truck or actually do something useful.


  7. I bought it takes 2 so me and my sister could play and. It’s so fun

  8. My GOTY is Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom … I guess Resident Evil 8 was quite good as well

  9. Xbox got a reality check following the X1.
    As a customer, I’m glad they’re still in the game.

  10. I'm keeping fingers 🤞🏽for the announcement of Forza Horizon 5 on the 13th of June 🙏🏽

  11. Look forward to getting a few true next gen games in 2036, instead of old remakes

  12. It takes two, most fun of the year so far!

  13. It Takes Two is gonna be hard to beat as my GOTY! I expected to get bored with it pretty quickly, but it just keeps pulling me back in!


  15. Which xbox games??? Third party games don't count

  16. The Medium was great. I love horror games, but hate playing alone, and this one wasn't that scary, it was just right.

  17. They have to fix outrider's…. Do not mention them please..

  18. Hitman 3 was amazing but I spent 80$ for the deluxe edition and didn’t get anything special or any extra missions. Only 6 missions

  19. You've spoiled too much from Resident Evil village!

  20. I just finished Judgment on Series X and know it's on ps4 and ps5 but damn the series x one was great. I'm making my way through The Medium and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition now then Mass Effect and Nier Replicant. Finally scored a non-scalped series x like a week ago and upgraded by og launch vcr Xbox lol

  21. I didn't see it on this list but I recommend the game from Yakuza creators Judgment. The remaster not on Xbox one just series x and ps5. The old one being on ps4. A sequel is even coming later this year. Highly recommend! The story was amazing and the combat fun too and looks stunning on series x

  22. It's a true pleasure to be a Xbox supporter, it just gets better and better
    Xbox saved gaming

  23. Xbox Proconsumerism has forced playstation to adopt the same model, grudgingly shifting from playstations long history of ANTICONSUMERISM

  24. i agree, there has been good games, but it takes two still takes the tittle for me, sorry

    RE: re8 is awesome dont get me wrong, but it takes two is just something else

  25. The Medium is automatically disqualified for it's horrible frame rate.

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