Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play -

Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play

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Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play featuring an excellent selection of games to check out. These are definitely some titles worth playing in order to expand your horizons across video games. A range of choices to enjoy and hopefully find something new to play.

Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play of this listing that offers a selection of experiences that are sure to delight in differing ways or well provide some distinct that you might not have checked out in the past.

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Top 10 Best #XboxSeriesX Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play for this expansive coverage of just what you might be wanting to enjoy for video games to play at this given time.

There are many options to choose from out there and hopefully this narrows down the choices a bit so that you can enjoy a range of differing things going forward. Ultimate Top 10 Best #Xbox Series X Overlooked Xbox 360 Games to Play.


  1. Dante's Inferno was awesome, I wish there was a sequel

  2. Spec ops is the pick of these in my opinion, the story is outstanding, something today's developers of FPS games should take note of

  3. Let me suggest a few more:
    50 Cent Blood on the Sand
    Shadows of the Damned
    The Darkness
    Enslaved Odyssey to the West
    Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
    Binary Domain
    Asura's Wrath
    Child of Eden
    Hydro Thunder Hurricane

  4. Cool list, when are you going to do a full library breakdown on ps plus ? (essential, premium)

  5. TR Underworld on the 360 was a terribly bad port at the time, in fact, the worst of the three (PC, PS3, and 360), while the PS3 version had native 720p and was brighter and sharper, the 360 version was upscaled 576p, super blurry and MUCH too dark. unfortunately, this SeriesX version is the only remaining console version of this (imho) great TR game…

  6. PS3/360 era was BRILLIANT! ❤️

  7. Hi do you know Two Worlds on 360? Did you play, how is your opinion?

  8. play ninja gaiden 2, best hack and slash of all time.

  9. Man to this day I'm waiting for the two great Riddick games, PLEASE XBOX!!!

  10. I so wish aliens colonial marines was bc. Spec ops the line is awesome 👍🏻

  11. Dude this is gonna sound crazy cause it got bad reviews but I LOVED Too Human

  12. Alice Madness Returns is one of the GOATS. It crushes so many modern games it's not even funny.

    I like Deus Ex Human Revolution as well, and a very rare (at least rare to play nowadays) game is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the 360.

    Playing it via backwards compatibility on a Series X through the disc drive is the only way to play the game on modern hardware now, since Sony doesn't do PS3 back compat & it has been delisted from the online stores as well.

  13. very good video, I would like a top of games with unlocked frames of xbox 360

  14. Good list, but some of these were major hits. Its too bad so many awesome games were never made Back-compat.
    1 game that wasn't covered, is BC, and is the greatest action game ever made is Ninja Garden 2 (vanilla 360), tho not really "overlooked".

  15. Great list … always good stuff. Some games I didn’t know … thank you!

  16. Scrapping the barrel in 2023. Yeah, it's that fucking bad

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