Top 10 Board Games for Couples -

Top 10 Board Games for Couples

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I share my Top 10 Couples Board Games, to play two player with your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or friend!
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🔟Sobek: 2 Players –
9️⃣Fungi –
8️⃣Schotten Totten –
7️⃣Caesar –
6️⃣Arboretum –
5️⃣Watergate –
4️⃣Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective –
3️⃣Patchwork –
2️⃣Onitama –
1️⃣Lost Cities –
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  1. Lost Cities, Arboretum, and Battle line are the same game. Change my mind.

    You can get a 52 card deck and play all three for a quid.

  2. Splendor and Jaipur are both incredible! And by the same company

  3. Other than Sherlock Holmes, I'm not sure any of these would see play with us. I kinda dislike "gotcha" games where you explicitly screw over your opponent, and my spouse is (knowingly) a sore loser so we try to avoid anything super competitive because it can lead to negative feelings in the end.

    Here are 10 cooperative games that can be played with 2 players or more:

    This War of Mine
    Fog of Love
    Spirit Island
    Eldritch Horror
    Codenames Duet
    5 Minute Dungeon
    TIME Stories

  4. You know you mostly only have your partner to play with when you own most of the games on this list…

    It's not for everybody, but Pixel Tactics definitely makes the list for me. Just a brilliant 2 player game.

  5. I LOVE Schotten Totten!!! lol and several other games on this list. Morels is next I think for us to buy.

  6. I can't wait to get my copy of Super Snipers and play it with my wife.

  7. Acting so good, I thought I was your wife for a second.

  8. Thank you so much! My boyfriend and I love playing games but a lot of the best ones are for 4-6 people and we don't have friends we can regularly play with. We play Splendor a lot but have wanted to expand into other games. I bought two games off this list for Christmas. Thanks again!

  9. I don't know if you'll see this but I highly suggest Hanamikoji ! It is an amazing two player with tons of replay. Easy to learn, hard to master.

  10. You had me at expansions. My Catan expansion was a waste of money lol

  11. our all time favorite game is still the Settlers of Catan card game. We like it much more than the board game and come back to it regularly.

  12. Me and my wife got through the pandemic playing star realms. Highly recommended if your spouse likes sci-fi.

  13. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Thanks for making this video guide to couples' games.

  14. The Fox in the Forest has the same kind of “pick it up every evening after dinner” kind of vibe. Very low commitment, but a simple and fun card game for two that never feels like someone is intentionally trying to ruin your night.

  15. Not sure if this is a comedy show or a game show. 😅

  16. Throwing out a recommendation for Sagrada, it’s my fave 2-player head-to-head game. I think I just like throwing a whole bunch of dice around… Morels is great, have Patchwork haven’t played it yet, and the Sherlock sets look really cool. I like the idea of savoring them.

  17. How did he not have 7 wonders duel on this list

  18. Enjoy HANAMIKOJI, Undaunted and Love Letter

  19. Botanik has replaced Lost Cities for me. The tile releasing mechanic isn't the same level of "frustration" that the card discard mechanic is, but it's just as perils with it's "Please don't release that tile before I'm ready — Doh! " crisis

  20. D'you have a list of cooperative games? Particularly 2 player, that's our favorite type of couples games.

  21. I really like Onitama, but I would choose Hive over it. Hive is very quick to learn, but can be very challenging as well.
    Nice vid 👍🏻

  22. Way too many versus games, that’s not what I want to do with my partner

  23. We really liked lost cities and still do, but I prefer battle line, also by the same designer

  24. I have Lost Cities and Fungi, both great games but Jaipur is easily as good as both if not better.

  25. While I really appreciate the links to the games in the description, this video could really benefit from also having timestamps to you talking about those games as half of the games I already know about, but want to learn more about the ones that are new to me. Either way, thanks for compiling this. I'm always looking for great games to play with my wife

  26. I bought Lost Cities this past year and my wife and I argued. I hate the scoring. The app helped, but man this racked my brain more than it should have. We might be too competitive haha. Played schotten totten at Xmas and wish I had bought that instead

  27. hahahaha!!! I absolutely love your Arboretum explanation!!

  28. OMG are you my lost brother? My wife and I own 7 out of 10 of these and love them all. I am buying the rest. Wow.

  29. This video is a great drinking game!
    Take a shot everytime he makes a simile. Another shot for every simile that leaves you more confused than if he didn't make one at all! 😅

  30. uno , quarto, dungeon mayhem ,MTG, pigs in the mad, etc

  31. Shotten Totten 1 or 2? does it matter?

  32. Just added Sherlock to my list, this made it look quite fun!

  33. Great list! I’ve bought 3 of these games based on your recommendations. I keep coming back to this vid for ideas. Probably on my 8 watch through lol

  34. To add to the list: Wingspan, Azul, 7 Wonders Duel and Castles of Burgundy. Isn’t time your other half made an actual appearance?

  35. Take a shot everytime he uses an analogy in this video

  36. Jaipur is a good choice also. Surprisingly, Samarkand: Routes to Riches, which plays up to 5, gives an excellent rule addition to make it an exciting, if a bit long, 2-player game.

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