Top 10 Free-To-Play PC Games 2014 -

Top 10 Free-To-Play PC Games 2014

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Here’s a countdown of our top 10 free-to-play PC games taken from reviews, opinions, personal preference and statistics. Check out this video to see who grabs the number one spot and let us know below what your top 10 would be! Below are the links to each game featured in the video (in alphabetical order – so no spoilers):

League of Legends:
Path of Exile:
Planetside 2:
Team Fortress 2:
War Thunder:
World of Tanks:

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  1. lol. Its the same 10 games over and over….for the last 5 years.

  2. im not hating on dota but league of legends is the same thing but with more champs and players so why is dota 1st and league is 4th just wondering

  3. I play LoL but as someone who is just now learning dota, despite their being so many russians, it's not even a question when it comes to which game requires more thought and simple things such as last hit mechanics.  Mana costs are higher, cooldowns are longer, and you have to make things count.  If it went by playerbase alone of course LoL would win.  Dota 2 gives you all the heroes up front for free though and that's something to certainly consider.  This video is an opinion, and if you can't take an opinion, fuck you.

  4. dota on 1 where is lol at?!!!! i hope this is youre opinion couse this list sucks

  5. As much as I respect the Frozen throne Dota, which is a good game that sparks moba platform, I think LoL is better than Dota 2 / HoN. Cause LoL is entirely new game and new item in it. Not some game with different item/heroes look with different names but the exact same stuff ( dota n hon ) and has better gameplay. and World of Tank higher than War Thunder??? lol. my eyes is burning.

  6. Haha no i reckon league is 1 and dota2 is 4

  7. soo DOTA 2 is 1st place coz of number of people who play it ?? well League of legends have more players and it is 3rd…..

  8. I like both dota2 and league but league is atleast 2nd if not the first … tho it is hard to pick what is the BEST moba out there becouse there is not one to say it. They all suck in other ways.

  9. I don't understand why LoL is 4th and Dota2 is 1st. Both are great games and both should be at first place, unless this is a "MY top 10 F2P games" list.Because let's face it, both games have different mechanics, i played LoL and Dota, LoL first tho. They say "If you come on dota from LoL it will be hard because the game is harder". I have to admit, it was hard, but not because I came from LoL, there are some basic mechanics in common that made my life easier such as harass, positioning, map awareness and other things, but overall the games are very very different. It wasn't hard because I had LoL experiences, it was hard because I had to learn a new game. It's like playing CoD for years and then go on CS, yes they both are FPS but there are huge difference between the two games. That said League of Legends is by far the most played game atm, even in 2014 it was the most played game on PC. LoL is where simplicity and complexion meet, they made mobas easier to understand, but harder to master, it's fun at the basic levels, even if you are not some pro player. This is why so many people enjoy playing LoL, if you wanna play Dota you have to spend more time to understand the game and have fun, from my point of view, since it's not that simple as a game. But the reason why I would put LoL 1st and Dota second is simply because LoL is slightly better. That's a fact dota (only) players won't accept, and it is true. Just because Dota invented Mobas doesn't make it better, and btw, if it wasn't for LoL you probably wouldn't have Dota2, Smite, Infinite Crysys (or Crysis?) and all the other mobas because LoL made this genre so popular and this is another reason why it should be at first place

  10. Dota 2 is boring and the graphics are like in Echo of Soul or such games just bad and League is a game which has it's own playstyle and graphics thats making league a way better

  11. Yaaaaaaaay a genuine channel made a video of freetoplay games!

  12. POE, DOTA & LOL are the only fair F2P. All the others are either shit or designed turn into P2W within an hour

  13. Lol copied dota 1 and dota 2 copied lol… Fucking idiots

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  15. while people are fighting over League and Dota I will just say why do you even bother to take Tf2 in this? everyone know the game, you don't have to meantion it, it's shit not fun to play just plain terrible

  16. Tbh idk why im saying this but… Are you people bots? Im scared now O

  17. Anybody else just get on YouTube and watch gaming lists while taking a dump?

  18. Oi. M8. MTG is easy, all you have to know is basic card commands and card placement.

  19. These people dont understand that LoL makes everything so much worse….

  20. Why are all free games either weird witchery/RPG crap, or village building games… i want games like the sims and simulators, like anything related to that would be AMAZING

  21. I love how she mentions the 100 Heroes of DOTA but not the 131 Champions of League. And even says in the vid it's #1 because of it's following.

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