Top 10 Games EVERYONE should PLAY at least once! -

Top 10 Games EVERYONE should PLAY at least once!

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0:00 Intro
1:11 RPGs
2:54 2D Platformers
4:14 First Person Shooters
5:57 Puzzle
7:33 Open World
9:38 Racing
12:28 Sports
14:41 3D Platforming
16:11 3rd Person Action/Adventure
18:05 Strategy
20:51 Honorable Mentions

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  1. I have to say, I completely agree with every single one of your suggestions! Nice list!

  2. I think one thing some of these "must" lists dont always take into thought is leaving out games people are going to try anyways, like if someone said they had been playing games for just a couple years odds are they have run across mario.

  3. Great list, but I missed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and also Life is Strange

    I also highly recomend these games: Celeste, Dragon Age: Origins, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row 3 and 4, Slime Rancher, Dex

  4. Some of my favorites.
    Red dead 1 & 2
    GTA IV
    Tell Tales The Walking Dead all seasons
    Shadow the hedgehog
    Black ops 1 & 2
    All the UFC games THQ and EA
    Battlefront 2 back in the day was a good one.

  5. Heroes of might and magic w dlcs v and vii are my personal favorites on the pc!

  6. For ssx tricky, it still says burnout 3 takedown in the bottom left corner

  7. For me The best 3d platformer would be Super Mario 64. Best strategy would be StarCraft.

  8. What a terrible name. "metal Jesus" There is only one Jesus and he is God!

  9. XMen Legends 1&2. Castlevania LOS, Witcher 3, Punisher PS2, and any Capcom beatem up!

  10. Great choices. A side scrolling shooter would have been good.

  11. Ssx tricky had such a feeling especially getting it at Christmas what a unique feeling. So athestically pleasing and the sounds. Me and my sister playing and competing in it. Forever with me.

  12. Mass effect 2 is a near perfect RPG, while The Witcher 3 is a perfect RPG.

  13. Do another video with roguelikes , metroidvanias , beat and shoot em up and fight games ( if you want)

  14. I think Tetris still wins because of its popularity, but Sheep Raider is my top choice when it comes to strategy games. The level design is amazing and everything is interesting. As a kid I spent hours and hours playing it.

  15. Puzzle quest challengue of the warlords is amazing

  16. Horizon zero dawn is almost a perfect game imo.

  17. when strategy came up, I knew it could only be Civ 🙂

  18. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Breath of the Wild are my two recent fav masterpieces. They’re just games of the decade.

  19. Super Mario Oddyssy was a disappointment because of how short it was. I felt ripped off.

  20. Street Fighter II Turbo, specifically on the SNES for people inexperienced with fighting games since the difficulty is more forgiving.

  21. its very recent but i would add hollow knight to the list, this game is the masterpiece of our generation imo, you should tell your friend about it

  22. My List would be:
    RPG: Skyrim
    2D Plat: Super Mario Bros 1
    FPS: Call of Duty
    Puzzle: Tetris
    Open World: RDR2
    Racing: Mario Kart/Forza
    Sports: FIFA or Tony Hawk
    3D Plat: Mario 64
    3rd Person: Zelda Ocarina
    Strat: Chess/Civilization
    Sandbox: Minecraft

    I picked the most Iconic of each genre in my opinion and added a sandbox option because games that everyone should play atleast once shouldnt be niche acquired taste games, they should be iconic and well known so that the rookie gamer can experience what every veteran gamer knows by now. It also seemed like you werent giving the newer games a chance in this Top 10, sorta like you were biased to nostalgia.

  23. For me, Mario Odyssey is the most overrated game ever made. It's so easy and simple, basically a collection of mini games with changing characters and the camera is pretty poor, not to mention the apparently beloved 2D sections are even easier than the rest of the game, I would say A hat in time or Mario galaxy are the best ones, and mario odyssey is somewhere towards the bottom along with Sonic 06

  24. Great job picking this out. Burnout 3 is also one of my favorites. I wish Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Super Mario 64 made it onto the list…Super Mario 64 in particular is what got me hooked into gaming. Oh and I loved the honorable mention to Ms Pac-Man. I remember many Summer days at the arcade just playing that one title.

  25. Really enjoyed this video. Is there a similar one that is games everyone should play once – but ignoring the game's significane to a genre? Ie. if it's genuinely been improved upon – then what's that game? Asking as I have been out of gaming since PS2/360 and would like to jump back in now with steam but would appreciate the improved graphics/want to experience the new mechanics. Kinda like – what games replaces this game sort of list?

  26. Burnout 3 is literally the best racing game ever made

  27. All these games just became a little bit more expensive after this

  28. Sports games:
    Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga)
    ISS Pro Evolution 2 (PS1)
    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2)
    – We mainly play football games in Britain 😅 –
    THPS2 (PS1) and THPS3 (PS2)

    SSX Tricky was good fun too though, good shout!
    Lots of honourable mentions in this category too, depending on the sort of thing you wanted to play. I.e. Do you want to humiliate your mates in the multiplayer joy that is track and field or sit and play out season after season of the beautiful game, tweaking your team to find that winning formula, finding ‘unknowns’ and turning them into superstars like in CM 01/02…?

  29. You kinda dicked over the RPG genre by choosing a 1ps game as the must play. Have you played any RPG’s??!!

  30. metal you are my hero.
    i want to meet u pls.
    i visit us only for u.huge fan.
    loveeeee uuu

  31. No horror genre? Wow , my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruin.

  32. How there is no Brutal Legend on the METAL JESUS list?

  33. Burnout 3 Takedown is my favourite Burnout game and my favourite Playstation 2 game. ❤

  34. Limiting a list to only 10 seems impossible. I would have Mario 3, Tetris, Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy 7, Forza 4, Metal Slug 3, Castlevania, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Streets of Rage 2, and Rachet and Clank 3. I don't think any 2 people would come up with the same 10 games.

  35. Burnout paradise over 3. The music, the city. Plus it’s huge

  36. The only choice I really disagree with is the 3rd person action/adventure. The one you must play is, hands down, "The last of us".

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