TOP 10 games like PHASMOPHOBIA | Similar Games to PHASMOPHOBIA | BEST Co-Op Horror Games -

TOP 10 games like PHASMOPHOBIA | Similar Games to PHASMOPHOBIA | BEST Co-Op Horror Games

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➤ If you want to find games like PHASMOPHOBIA, we’ve got you covered. This is a list of games similar to PHASMOPHOBIA . If you are looking for something like that, you’ll likely enjoy some of these games.

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  1. ᴘᴄ ᴏʀ ᴀɴᴅʀɪᴏᴅ

  2. Hey how do I download the ghost hunters corp game?

  3. Can't find Ghost Hunter Corp in Steam and Epic Games, where do you guys get this?

  4. Lowkey salty no one plays ghost hunter corps. Cant ever find a game on there

  5. Hi newbie in console here, I just want to ask the coop means you can play together using the 2 controllers in one console like one monitor? In offline mode right? Hope you can help me thanks

  6. which game can be played offline co op please reply🥺

  7. are these free though,,,cause these got hell of a graphics man!!!some of the best i've seen

  8. As someone who's played Lunch Lady WAY too much with my friend for a year now I can confirm it's so scuffed yet such a masterpiece. I've also played Devour with some friends but more recently and I can say it's also pretty good, scary and quite hard for a horror game

  9. What this tells me is that levels of creativity and originality in video game development are catastrophically low.

  10. If you know a game that should be in this video, but it is not, please write its name in the comments. Thus, you will help others with the choice of the game.

  11. i need to get some of those i already have phasmo but i think i need to try pacify and some others here

  12. I’m so glad Labyrinthine was added. Literally, the best game I’ve ever played!

  13. Thanks! During halloween, my discord friends got me into Phasmo and Ghost Hunter Corps. Been looking to repay them the favor by finding a another game we can play. After watching this, I'm thinking either Pacify, Haunt Chaser, or Obsideo

  14. Dude most of these games look like they are from 2005. Like why isn't there any actually good co-op horror games out there.

  15. yooooo,man i have to follow u wtf your videos is insane

  16. nice listt . pls make for fun games or other games to can play with friendss

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