Top 10 Games of the 2019 MLB Season! -

Top 10 Games of the 2019 MLB Season!

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Check out the top 10 games from last season, including the Nationals’ amazing comebacks, the Yankees coming back on the Twins, and the Angels winning in honor of Tyler Skaggs.

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  1. Good content, but way too many commercials.

  2. I love coming back and watching this over again. I love the Nationals!

  3. That Angels no hitter sends chills down my spine, then the fact that the last one in California was on his date of birth just sends it over the edge.

  4. 17:53 are we just going to ignore that a Cards fan caught a Cubs home run and started celebrating it? LMAO

  5. Crazy how they leave the actual greatest game of the year as a braves fan I hate the Mets but the Mets comeback against the nats was insane y’all should watch the highlights. Crazy game

  6. MLB: All 30 teams in USA
    Dave Martinez: We are world champions!

  7. the yankees twins game should have been switched with the nats dodgers game but besides that this was an amazing vid

  8. 12:01 We should've wished Jose Altuve didn't get in trouble the last time he ripped his shirt off and wasn't shy xD.

  9. 8:54 Whoever that announcer is, ya heard it from him. He would rather have Yadier Molina than Barry Bonds, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, etc. in that situation (conners covered, 1 out, deep fly ball at least to win it).

  10. Does it count as a walkoff if u know what pitch is coming…….
    Altuve real quiet now

  11. the nats wild card was funny cus it shows how bad they are to be happy to win a wild card

  12. The trashtros I’m glad they lost go mats and Phillies and rays.

  13. I'm a Yankees fan and I hated that the Astros cheated to win

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