Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season! -

Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

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Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

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  1. A crazy but valid shout here:
    Bengals (1-13) @ Dolphins (3-11), week 16. The Dolphins led 35-19 with 30 seconds left yet the game ended up in OT, the Fins eventually winning 38-35 to spark the performance in New England the week after (which is another that could be in here).

    Both were better than boring number 8

  2. If every game was enterrainning like Rams Cheifs 49ers saints I WOULD LOVE football but those kinda games are hecka rare so

  3. I feel the 2019 season was the best season we'll have for a while.

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  5. That Dre Greenlaw play on the Seahawks gives me chills

  6. Mahomes was just happy he got to play the super bowl as well

  7. How many times the miners where on here



  8. Super 54 be like
    49ers in the 1-3 quarters,ya we got the dub
    The 49ers in the 4 quarter, dang it man were bad lol

  9. Theres a NFL curse the curse is ever the score changes the losing team in the first quarter is losing the winning team in the first quarter then the losing team in the second half is catching up and they win the game that is the NFL curse

  10. when are you guys gonna post the video of this but for the 2020 season i’ve been waiting for about 6 months

  11. Literaly they hate us so much that the6 put our biggest blowout upset of the season on here..

  12. As a 49ers fan, it's super painful to watch the Super Bowl again 🙁

  13. My vote for Honorable Mention: Dolphins @ Patriots Week 17

  14. Replace the Chiefs vs Texans with Chiefs Vs Lions, that game was one to remember, unlike Bill O'Brien's greatest embarrassment to the NFL

  15. The Saints keep losing the playoffs and that makes me mad

  16. My god 49ers 4 times on this list. At least bills on here once I’m a bills fan but after that game I hate the Texans

  17. We all know that the super bowl was rigged the refs were doing all of the work for the chiefs not calling nothing the 49ers should've won that easy there is literally no way they come from 10 to 31 like I have never seen a team do that

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  19. Who’s here in 2021

  20. Ur saying Steelers vs ravens week 5 wasn’t here that was number 9 for me

  21. In my opinion seahawks vs Niners week 10 was the best game that season most thrilling to watch and saints and Niners were good as well

  22. Honestly this list could be all niner games

  23. Swap out Ravens v Titans for Dolphins v Bengals and we got a list

  24. i have to agree the super bowl was the best game of the year yesss take that stupid niners

  25. WHO here thinks the ravens should have won against the titans

  26. Anyone else the chiefs just let the texans score 24 points so they didn't feel bad?

  27. Everyone: why is week 10 49ers v Hawks not #1?
    NFL: the law requires I put the SB at #1

  28. As a 49er fan, this video got me happy that we have most of the best games, but ruined my whole vibe seeing the last one… we literally had the best team that season. They need to make a new rule that Super Bowl should best out of 3… just imagine your QB1 gets sick right before the biggest game .

  29. How you gonna leave the Tank Bowl out? Bengals vs Dolphins.

  30. This NFL video list
    10. Ravens Chiefs wk3

    9. Texans Saints wk1

    8. Texans Ravens playoffs

    7. Seahawks 49ers wk10

    6. Buffaloes Texans playoffs

    5. Texans Chiefs playoffs

    4. 49ers Seahawks wk17

    3. Vikings Saints playoffs

    2. 49ers Saints wk14

    1. 49ers Chiefs playoffs

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