Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL Season -

Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL Season

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  1. Wow NFL way to get your stats wrong. "Derrick henry becomes first player in franchise history with 1000+ rush yards in 3 straight seasons." Well actually chris Johnson did it for the titans all 6 years he was with us so thats wrong.

  2. The ravens browns game was the best game I’ve seen in 5 years.

  3. Fun fact: Only reason the browns ravens game was at number one was because of Lamar's halftime dump 💩

  4. NFL was the best thing that happened in the year 2020

  5. Being a falcons fan sucks because we blow too many leads

  6. As a packers fan that colts loss hurt 😞

  7. Gotta love how Rodgers interception gets highlighted(obvious PI too) and none of Bradys 3 interceptions get mentioned.


  9. What about Steelers vs Washington Football Team

  10. The first raiders chiefs game that season was way better 😂

  11. Am I Missing Something!??
    Or Does The Title Say Best (GAMES) Of The 2020 Season… NOT THE PLAYOFFS…My Broncos Vs Chargers Should Be On Here We Cameback Down 24-0 To Win With No O.T

  12. The best game last season was Lions vs Referees week 17 They crap all over Lions all game long and when that wasent enough they call the worst roughing the QB I've ever seen start the season with drama end with drama and sandwich it in between Good Job NFL there is no honesty in the game only ratings🚹💩💣

  13. I know everyone loves the high scoring, crazy comebacks, insane plays that change the game… but my favorite games are still the boring defensive scrums that are fundamental footballing. Low scoring, first team to make the mistake loses. Classic.

  14. Super dumb how the week 8 broncos vs chargers isnt on this list.

  15. Anyone else here that can’t wait for the 2021-22 season!🦅

  16. Nobody is talking about chargers vs saints?

  17. How bout the raiders beating the chiefs at arrowhead?? No let’s put the chiefs beating the raiders in Vegas

  18. Derrick Henry is the BIGGEST problem the NFL has ever seen.

  19. Aaron Rodgers lost how many conference championships in a row?

  20. What was so good about the browns and ravens, it seemed like a good game top 10 for sure, but y number 1

  21. King Henry was a beast, but there's a reason Josh Allen got paid too. Co-MVPs lol

  22. Cardinals vs Seahawks being the most combined total yards in a SNF game is fitting, it's like master vs student

  23. I was hoping the cowboys made it, and they did; also week 11 was just that special, dare I say best regular season week in NFL history? one of them certainly

  24. All Atlanta had to do was grab that slowly spinning onside kick. They literally chaperoned it to the 10-yd mark. There's literally no one to blame expect the idiots who watched the ball roll all 10 of those yards lol

  25. Why isn’t the bangles vs eagles in this

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  28. I hate the cowboys and yet that game against Atlanta was my favorite of the year.

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  30. Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to heaven 🙏.

  31. Why isn't week 5 raiders vs chiefs on here best game of the year

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