Top 10 Games of the 2021 NFL Season -

Top 10 Games of the 2021 NFL Season

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  1. Bills Chiefs was the best game I’ve ever watched, as a Chiefs fan I was dying with 13 seconds, like our season is gonna end in the Divisional round, then Hill makes one play and I sit there like holy f if we get a 15 to 18 yard gain we’re going to OT, then Kelce does it. When Romo says I’m so nervous, I was nervous but Butker nailed it. Then when Kelce walked it off, I didn’t even have a voice because well I lost it at HILL and the ✌️✌️✌️, this was my super bowl and sure we lost to Cincy in the Championship game and choked a 21-3 lead, but the Bills-Chiefs game made up for it and I will tell my grandkids about this game 40 to 50 years from now. I just had that fake screaming at the winner, this game is easily going down as the BEST GAME IN PLAYOFF HISTORY, even my Dad who is a Broncos/49ers fan was cheering for my Chiefs, mainly cuz he a Bills hater, I’m a huge Bills hater to cuz it a rivalry now

  2. Ravens Chiefs deserved to be on this list… Ravens got robbed of that game on here bro

  3. before watching this video, at least 4 of these games should be chargers games.

  4. The greatest WTF season of my life. And ravens vs chiefs week 2 should’ve been in this list

  5. All good games but the Cowboys Patriots game should be on here

  6. Let's not forget the scorigami that happened as well, looking at you especially, kc vs lv and dal vs phi…

  7. I swear sportscenter and espn are gonna post just as much Tom Brady stuff even though he’s not in the league😭😭stop sucking off brady🤦‍♂️

  8. how can u leave out the cowboys and patriots game

  9. The list is decent but what about Colts vs Ravens or Chiefs vs Ravens or Raiders vs Ravens heck even Bears vs Ravens were better than some of the games on this list

  10. @nfl where would you have put Chargers-Steelers SNF? That 4th quarter was one of the best I’ve ever seen

  11. Bruh where is chargers vs steeler that was the game of the year

  12. What about chargers browns, chargers Steelers and raiders ravens?

  13. I surprised the bills vs pats in wild card with the perfect game didn't make the list


  15. Refs helped the chargers to tie that game. Glad the raiders still won 🖕🏽

  16. Chargers browns so slept on, no one in the comments is talking about it, that game was top 2 with chiefs bills

  17. How is cowboys vs patriots not on here

  18. Ravens Vs Raiders was another great game

  19. 10: Chiefs vs chargers (week 15) 9: Bills vs Buccaneers (week 17) 8: Chargers vs Browns 7: Cowboys vs Buccaneers (opening night) 6: Rams vs Buccaneers (divisional) 5: Cowboys vs Patriots 4: Rams vs Bengals (Super Bowl LVI) 3: Cowboys vs Raiders (Thanksgiving) 2: Raiders vs Chargers (week 18) 1: Bills vs Chiefs (Divisional) HM: Raiders vs Ravens, Steelers vs Chargers, Rams vs 49ers (week 18) Bengals vs Chiefs (week 17 & AFC Confrence Championship)

  20. I thought that the Ravens and Lions game was going to be on the top 10 list

  21. Bro in that chiefs chargers game that went to ot I had Mahomes Keenan and kelce in fantasy lmao

  22. I feel like one game alot of people will look past but it's just as good of a game as most of these was the jets vs bucs game. The jets had it in their grasp until the end

  23. raiders vs ravens was a really good game, definitely deserved a spot on the list.

  24. One last time but… Bills vs Tampa Bay Refs 🙁

  25. I'm sorry, but where is Ravens Colts? Raiders Chargers week 18 was exciting, but top 10, let alone 2?

  26. How did the ravens not have a single game on here all of theirs games were crazy for no reason

  27. Titans vs Bills on Monday night was better than some of the games on this list, Titans get no love

  28. I’m sorry but speaking as an NFL fan (not a Raiders fan) the AFC Championship game should not have been that high.

  29. Awesome video!!! Great editing and content!

  30. Well, at least they got #2 and #1 right

  31. Josh Allen had, like, two of the best games ever by a QB this season, but I think my favorite performance was Herbert in the regular season finale

  32. No ravens game shocked this year was a seizure in a nutshell

  33. Chargers vs Steelers and chargers vs browns could’ve been in this top 10 😂

  34. Coulda just put all 10 raider wins and there wouldn’t be a hella big debate

  35. Cowboys vs Patriots should’ve been on here somewhere

  36. How isn't the Browns vs Chargers game on this??

  37. Anyone else knew Bills-Chiefs OT thriller was going to be #1 before watching the video?

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