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Top 10 Games of the Decade | The Completionist

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Get ready for my Top 10 Games of the Decade! This decade we’ve seen the rise of online distribution, an explosion into the world of indie developers, and most importantly: more games than ever. Coming into 2020 it’s time to look back, and I’m doing it a bit different with this Top 10 game list. Each pick has to go against each other in a battle royale. This is just my personal list, and I’d love to know yours.

Let me know what’s your list for youTop 10 Games of the Decade!

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  1. god I wish I could agree about 15. I really didn't enjoy it. The initial release of the game was such an awful experience. The only saving grace in that game was Ravus, who I found to be one of the better characters in the franchise. Ardyn on the other hand… I didn't think they could make a character worse than Vayne from FF12 but by god they did it.

  2. im curious but why do people say the final fantasy 15 is a bad game. i played it and it was awesome the combat was fun the world was fun to explore loved the villain and also i loved the main characters . it had awesome boss fights awesome fights in general i mean he described the game perfectly it was awesome. dont get me wrong it had flaws like the driving/ fast travel system was weird and wonky but that can be overlooked

  3. top ten favorite games of the 2010s in order ( following your rules)
    1- Spiderman ps4 (2018)
    2- Sly Cooper 4 Thevies In Time (2013)
    3- Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
    4- Sonic Colors (2010)
    5- Ratchet And Clank PS4 (2016)
    6- Sonic Generations (2011)
    7- Pokemon Black And White 2 (2012)
    8- Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Safire (2014)
    9- Splatoon 1 (2015)
    10- Pomeon Sword and Sheild (2019)

  4. Awesome Number 1!!! Sometimes something means more to you than the Game itself. Same goes for a Movie or a Song.

  5. You can tell this game is Nintendo biased because GTA 5 wasn't even mentioned once and instead a Zelda game was the game of 2013

  6. I get this is a personal list but like bro,no Minecraft?

  7. Breath of the wild is my favorite game of all time… I’ll fight you for that.

  8. How do you put Persona 5 music in the ending and not even put it in the honorable mentions!?

  9. Just saying ik that mario maker is great but little big planet is more revolutionary

  10. Jerard: Shovel Knight is my game of the decade
    Everyone else: 🤨🤨🤨

  11. Seriously? Shovel night? Thats game of the decade material now? This is beyond idiotic.

  12. This has to be the weirdest top ever published. So many Nintendo games and not even one soulborne…and the Witcher 3 didnt even make it to the honorable mentions OMG.

  13. Ffxv is on the list but FFXV doesn’t have a completionist episode. In hindsight I understand why, having to collect all the rods, the fish, recipes, techniques, magic flasks, every hunts, etc, and the stupidly long adamantoise fight

  14. I think the greatest game I’ve ever played is either Breath of the Wild or rdr2. Both were breathtaking, and makes me wonder what games will be like in 2040

  15. Man, I wish Telltales TWD was on this list, even though Borderlands 2 was great.

  16. This is a good video.. but i really REALLY disagree with FFXV being here.

  17. Portal 2
    A Link between Worlds
    Borderlands 2
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    FF XV
    Super Mario Maker
    RE 2 Remake
    Super Mario Odessy

    HM: GOW 2018, Sonic Mania, Undertale, Breath of the wild.

  18. So stoked to see a link between worlds! That game would be in my top ten as well

  19. You put Link Between Worlds on the list over Breath of the Wild?

    "I want every gun we have to fire on that man."

  20. Number one is an oopsie for me but I understand that is your own tastes so I respect it

  21. I usually agree with you but in my opinion this list is no good. Still entertaining though

  22. My top 10 games of the decade would have had outlast or terraria

  23. I loved how he shouted out ff15 and the "stand by me" part. I remember playing that game and when that part came on it made me tear up. such a great moment

  24. I thought I was weird for liking Shovel Knight…. Damn I knew I was not alone

  25. Dooooooooooooooooooom.
    Loved every single game.

  26. My games of the decade go
    2010: spider-man shattered dimensions
    2011: inFamous 2
    2012: I have never played a game from 2012, so let's just huck in another 2011 game: batman arkham city
    2013: the last of us
    2014: destiny, I put it over watch_dogs because, I don't love gta style games
    2015: undertale
    2016: uncharted 4
    2017: horizon zero dawn
    2018: too good, has to have 3: Shadow of the colossus remake, God of War, Spider-man
    2019: between days gone and jedi fallen order

  27. Sea of Thieves and Fallout 4 are currently fighting for my top spot

  28. It’s 2021: Steve has been released for Smash and the world has exploded.

  29. Zelda haters in the comments that can’t handle the fact that BoTW is a great game 😭💀

  30. Павел Петков работа says:

    1. Hollow knight
    3.Zelda BOTW
    4.Super Mario Odyssey
    6.Ori WOTW
    7.Ori BF
    9.The messenger

  31. for me, no.1 could never be anything but NieR: Automata
    It has effectively made video games evolve. In real-time, we are seeing the world's newest form of artwork take shape. It's narrative, commentary, music, and gameplay are simply perfect. It's more than a game and simultaneously just that.

  32. Skyrim, Witcher 3, Divinity original sin 2, Hollow knight, GTA 5, Red dead redemption 2 etc don't even get a mention and the f-ing Mario games are apparently better than these. Lmao Wtf man xD
    I love Mario it and warcraft 3 and starcraft are all I played growing up but holy hell that nostalgia of yours is on a whole different level saying mario is better lol

  33. I wish super Mario maker came out during the quarantine

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