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Top 10 Games of the Decade | The Completionist

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Get ready for my Top 10 Games of the Decade! This decade we’ve seen the rise of online distribution, an explosion into the world of indie developers, and most importantly: more games than ever. Coming into 2020 it’s time to look back, and I’m doing it a bit different with this Top 10 game list. Each pick has to go against each other in a battle royale. This is just my personal list, and I’d love to know yours.

Let me know what’s your list for youTop 10 Games of the Decade!

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  1. I wish super Mario maker came out during the quarantine

  2. Skyrim, Witcher 3, Divinity original sin 2, Hollow knight, GTA 5, Red dead redemption 2 etc don't even get a mention and the f-ing Mario games are apparently better than these. Lmao Wtf man xD
    I love Mario it and warcraft 3 and starcraft are all I played growing up but holy hell that nostalgia of yours is on a whole different level saying mario is better lol

  3. for me, no.1 could never be anything but NieR: Automata
    It has effectively made video games evolve. In real-time, we are seeing the world's newest form of artwork take shape. It's narrative, commentary, music, and gameplay are simply perfect. It's more than a game and simultaneously just that.

  4. Павел Петков работа says:

    1. Hollow knight
    3.Zelda BOTW
    4.Super Mario Odyssey
    6.Ori WOTW
    7.Ori BF
    9.The messenger

  5. Zelda haters in the comments that can’t handle the fact that BoTW is a great game 😭💀

  6. It’s 2021: Steve has been released for Smash and the world has exploded.

  7. Sea of Thieves and Fallout 4 are currently fighting for my top spot

  8. My games of the decade go
    2010: spider-man shattered dimensions
    2011: inFamous 2
    2012: I have never played a game from 2012, so let's just huck in another 2011 game: batman arkham city
    2013: the last of us
    2014: destiny, I put it over watch_dogs because, I don't love gta style games
    2015: undertale
    2016: uncharted 4
    2017: horizon zero dawn
    2018: too good, has to have 3: Shadow of the colossus remake, God of War, Spider-man
    2019: between days gone and jedi fallen order

  9. Dooooooooooooooooooom.
    Loved every single game.

  10. I thought I was weird for liking Shovel Knight…. Damn I knew I was not alone

  11. I loved how he shouted out ff15 and the "stand by me" part. I remember playing that game and when that part came on it made me tear up. such a great moment

  12. My top 10 games of the decade would have had outlast or terraria

  13. I usually agree with you but in my opinion this list is no good. Still entertaining though

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