Top 10 Games on Steam 2021 Summer Sale (Overview & Recommendations) -

Top 10 Games on Steam 2021 Summer Sale (Overview & Recommendations)

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Steam’s 2021 Summer Sale just kicked off today so here are my top 10 picks for some of the Top Games on Steam’s 2021 Summer Sale

0:00 Intro & Summary
1:12 Total War Franchise
2:27 Stoneshard
4:02 Deep Rock Galactic
6:09 Sea of Thieves
8:02 Valheim
10:21 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
12:00 Horizons Zero Dawn
13:51 Spellforce 3
15:43 Devil May Cry 5
17:24 Darkest Dungeon
19:26 Conclusion

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  1. Thank you so much for watching guys. Feel free to purchase any of the Total War Series on my nexus store if you'd like! PLEASE use the avenue that will give you the best price possible though as always 🙂

  2. Appreciate the upfront list. Watched like 4 vids before this and got over not knowing whats in it.

  3. Just buy darkest dungeon and let it turn you into a man.

  4. Payday 2, all the cheap ass bandai Games like Dragon ball Xenoverse 2, FigherZ, Kakarot, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Franchise/bundle, Shinobi Strikers, Fable TLC/Anniversery, Dishonored Trilogy, Hitman franchise/bundle. you can get the original hitman, hitman2, hitman contracts, blood money, and Absoltuion in a bundle, I think there's a modern bundle which gets you the full Hitman game from 2016 with all its missions and such. Black Mesa (remake of halflife), Arma 3. TES Morrowind, ESO. Fallout 4, 3 and New Vegas. still great games. Sniper Elite Warrior 4. The Deus EX Collection on steam is insanely worth it! Mirrors Edge and Mirrors Edge Catalyst.

    Battlefield 4, 5 and 1. they're all still very active games online and a lot of people are jumping back onto them, some of the best multiplayer shooting experiences you can have especially with friends. there's plenty of full servers and they still hold up today, some old classics like GTA trilogy, and gta4 complete edition, GTA4 with the two DLC's GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA. if for some reason you dont have GTA5 yet, you can get GTA5 premium edition for 10.70gbp from the Greenmangaming website rather then the steams Base GTA5 for 12.57gbp.

    The RE games, Tomb Raiders ect, also the Outlast horror games, they're all super cheap. if you've never played them before, they're worth it and you should look more into the old classic games on steam if you're interested in them. Dragon's dogma games, that's a great franchise…
    Black Desert online is going for like 1 dollar… usually its around 10 – 12. great mmo if you're into that.

    You can get some games like RDR2 a few bucks cheaper than the Steams discounted price if you buy it from GreenManGaming website. you'll get a code to redeem the games. that's usually where I buy my games from. though sometimes certain games don't have the discounted price. so you'll have to check steam's catalog and prices and check if GreenManGaming has a cheaper price or if it's going for standard price. for example, No Mans Sky is currently in my region on discount going for 19.99 gbp on steam, on greenmangaming I can get it for 16.20 gbp

    or NieR:Automata™ Game of the YoRHa Edition going for 29.99gbp on steam vs 26.99gbp on greenmangaming.

    Bioshock: Collection on greenmangaming. you get Bioshock 1 & 2 Remastered, and Bioshock infinite, with all dlc's for each game included for 6.72gbp. that's about 9.32usd

  5. get divinity original sins 2 or xcom 2 if you like turn based games. Also Loophero for some reason, the game is really fun for me but maybe for some they will hate the graphic.

  6. you really mentioned Ultima Online 😳🏆🥇 game was absolutely goated

  7. Great production value but Darkest Dungeon was a major letdown for me.

  8. I cannot recommend Deep Rock Galactic enough, it is amazing, and it is cheap, and the developer does constant, entirely free, expansive updates.

    That said, that has to be the oldest footage of the game I have ever seen it. Graphics, weapon and character models, effects, monsters, etc, have all been improved so much since that archaic footage

  9. Warning for mass effect trilogy. Amazing games, loved the trilogy but the last 30 min of the third game may ruin the whole experience for you.

    For me personally it retroactively ruined all the buildup and just makes me bummed to think about the series at all now.

    Some liked the ending but a lot hated it. Just Heads-up before you put a hundred plus hours into the games

  10. i would also recommend Witcher 3 (6 Euro) and Celeste (5 Euro) theyre both incredible games that are super cheap as of right now

  11. I'd recommend rust and you can get both left 4 dead games for $3.

  12. Deep Rock Galactic is amazing. Please try it out! You won't regret it!

  13. How old is this deep rock footage 😂😂😂

  14. @ItalianSpartacus
    I respect you so much for you respecting our time. Thank you!

  15. Black Mesa ($10), Left 4 dead 2 ($1.50), Valve collection (portal 2 etc ($16), Banner Saga Collection ($16 for 3 games), dusk ($10), bioshock collection ($12, bioshock 1 remastered is $4) , deep rock galactic ($15), baldurs gate 1/2 enhanced ($3.50 each), kerbal space program ($10), gta4 ($5), firewatch ($4), faster than light ($4), papers please ($4), the stanley parable ($4), shadow tactics ($4), soma ($2.50), shadow warrior 2 ($7), spelunkey ($3) :-).

  16. Definitely getting Yakuza 0 for €5. I'm loving Yakuza Kiwamii so far so it's a no brainer. Also getting the basics (half life 2, portal 2, L4D 2).

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