Top 10 Greatest Video Game Theme Songs of All Time -

Top 10 Greatest Video Game Theme Songs of All Time
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These theme are so great, they make their games stay with us for much longer. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best main themes from video games or franchises. As such, we won’t be including level themes. Our countdown includes “Type A” from the “Tetris” Series (1988-2020), “Nate’s Theme” from the “Uncharted” Series (2007-17), “At Doom’s Gate” from the “DOOM” Series (1993-), and more! Which video game theme do you think is the most iconic? Is there something you wish we had included? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. i wish nier automata was mentioned.
    dragon quest, i get it. it's not popular worldwide

  2. Really?! No Soul Reaver? Mass Effect?! Devil May Cry?!?!

    WatchMojo…You have failed this list!

  3. I'm sorry but WHERE TF IS EZIO'S FAMILY??? You include Uncharted but not Assassin's Creed music? What about Genshin Impact music

  4. Theme of Laura or Promise "Reprise" from Silent Hill 2.

  5. Soviet March : Command and Conquer Red Alert Series – award winning theme

  6. FF7 Main theme will always be my number one.
    Honourable mentions
    Max Payne
    Alice Madness Returns
    Disaster day of crisis.
    Gauntlet dark legacy
    Dark March GTA liberty city stories
    Rayman 2
    Life is Strange

  7. World of warcraft call to arms really is greatest music theme in games. Maybe not most iconic.

  8. Wow I was surprised that green hill zone didn’t make it to the list
    What a shame

  9. My alarm is the last of us theme, it's actually rather relaxing to wake up to

  10. Where is Monkey Island Series Theme? Love Nerevar Rising!

  11. Out of all the different themes in video games it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite, but endless possibility from sonic unleashed is definitely up there. The first time I heard it I was 8 years old and since then very few songs have hit as hard as that one for me. When I heard the version they played for the sonic 30th anniversary symphony I nearly cried

  12. No kirby, seriously?
    That is one of the video game series that has a lot of amazing music.

  13. Original Tomb Raider theme is one of my favorites

  14. Kinda surprised Baba Yetu wasn't included. it was the first video game song to win a Grammy. They're also missing Time's Scar.

  15. I personally would have switched the Mario and Zelda themes (I think the Zelda theme is really a beautiful piece of music outside of video games) and my honorable mention would be for Shadowgate, an old NES horror RPG that had some really good/atmospheric/creepy music.

  16. Ezios family is a very iconic theme song in assassin's creed history

  17. why does at doom's gate sound like master of puppets by metallica?

  18. I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't include Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission. Especially London Philharmonic Orchestra's hybrid remix.

  19. Y’know, when I die, I’m SO having the themes from “HALO”, & “Destiny 1” played @ my funeral.

  20. The opening theme to GTA: Vice City should’ve been on this list!

  21. Outside Zelda . I love kingdom hearts theme also

  22. Honourable mention: The World Adventure from Sonic Unleashed

  23. San Andreas > this whole list

  24. I'm disappointed you didn't include Ac: Odyssey

  25. Slap in the face!! Why did the original Donkey Kong theme song get an honorable mention? Think about this, Mario surfaced as a video game character when the first Donkey Kong game was released. I believed that it deserved way more than an honorable mention up in the top 5, because that's how Mario got his start in the video game franchise.

  26. I think I maybe the only one to say, but I think the plants vs zombie garden warfare theme was a good choice

  27. Uncharted should be way higher on this list

  28. Not surprised at all by #1 & #2. What I AM surprised by is Castlesvania didn't even make the honorable mentions

  29. So no Baba Yetu? That simple song and epic music score deserves recognition from Civilization 4.

  30. Well, at least there was one good video game theme on this list, Doom. There should have been two, but whatever that hideous monstrosity was that you put for Tetris was NOT the Tetris theme I knew growing up.

  31. Honestly, far cry three should have been there

  32. WatchMojo : Top 10 Greatest Video Game Theme Songs of All Time

    Touhou : Hold My Beer

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