Top 10 Mobile Games of 2022! NEW GAMES REVEALED. Android and iOS! -

Top 10 Mobile Games of 2022! NEW GAMES REVEALED. Android and iOS!

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The year is now halfway over and there are already well over 100,000 new mobile games ready to download. Most of these games are absolutely horrible, but some of them are quite amazing. Ten of which are definitely going to be the best mobile games of 2022.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – Diablo Immortal
2:01 – Catalyst Black
3:04 – Apex Legends
5:03 – Once Human
5:56 – Undecember
7:34 – Rocket League Sideswipe
8:21 – Odin: Valhalla Rising
9:32 – King of Hunters
10:18 – Star Wars: Hunters
11:03 – Clash Heroes
12:03 – Project: Destiny
12:44 – Evil Lands: Online Action RPG
13:11 – Early Year Predictions
13:32 – Conclusion

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  1. So true. The top list in android are trash or super old game

  2. Hello guys I’m very new to game world all I know is just a few games so can anyone recommend me the best open world game where I can design my own character and make friends in there on mobile of course.
    (I literally know nothing so you can recommend anything except minecraft) please recommend me anything will help

  3. Why do you sound like you drank a handle of whiskey, before you did this list.

  4. 8:26 bruh… wtf don't show a PC game, on android it looks like BDM

  5. I want albion online and durango 2

  6. you should improve your diction. You sound drunk for real.

  7. Is odin and once human on samsung and is once human out?

  8. Thanks for showing me a bunch of awesome games I can't at unless I'm in Korea

  9. if blizzard didn't team up with netease their diablo immortal wouldn't be much of a pay to win, but more of like a standard boosting progress maybe.

  10. Genshin Impact, KOTOR, KOTOR 2, Black Desert, Dislyte

  11. How do I get Odin Valhalla rising in my country; Nigeria?

  12. Timers per video are nice, I gave a like for convenience

  13. Subscribed. Nice to see a decent mobile gaming YouTuber because most of them are so full of shit and share the most trash games but some of these are decent and you run through them pretty well and explain the pitfalls e.g. Diablo's obvious monetisation (which I have avoided because of that reason) but all my friends still played it because of that exact reason you stated; it's still a decent PvE progression based game.

    Also I go between 2 addresses a lot so when I'm away from my PC I need something to play so I'm going to try Immortal and the MOBA style game you recommended.

    Thanks dude.

  14. The title should be top mobile shooters of 2022

  15. Catalyst black is like copy of Pokémon unite game

  16. Undecember looks like a Path of Exile mobile game, and I'm pretty stoked to see something like that

  17. Project DX is also an amazing upcoming survival game

  18. I like how at the end hes basically saying don't worry I didn't forget your game your game sucks haha

  19. Amazing video…. Absolutely love it. Have you considered Black Desert Mobile? This game totally rock, been playing 2 years now and the action never stops. If you have not already, as I am yet to go through all your vids, pls check it out… If anyone can do this game justice….. Its You Bro!! Bless!

  20. Stopped by to hear some great suggestions on new mobile games and completely laughed when DI is the first suggestion. Seriously? Of the "100,000" new mobile games that came out, this is the one you start your list with?

    As gamers, lets not promote companies that should be embarrassed by their product

  21. I own blizzard and evil had infiltrated the company, it was supposed to cost 110 dollars to max ya char, we have had every game ruined to different extents. We changing it all back soon, n will refund all whom were ripped off

  22. Nice reviews ,when is going to Clash heroes came out?✌️

  23. Fuck this crap. Anyone else sick of shooters?

  24. Downvoted and rage quit due to Diablo Immortal recommendation. Stop supporting this crap.

  25. You really should educate yourself about games that you 'review' – basically all you said about DI is from click-bait videos and articles and not even nearly true. Maybe do some actual reaseach?

  26. Aye take note on the game “Anima” it’s an rpg that is such a fun grind without any catches.

  27. Pay to win games suck and kill mobile gaming. Most of these games are crap due to it.

  28. Honestly I believe that this list is absolutely disappointing and not because I disagree. I genuinely like what I see but where are the simple offline games? Or the idk co-op zombies? Like I refuse to support any of this destiny stuff because they have already made enough money. It seems like all the real mobile game devs got killed or sued for no reason… Like I expect wizard 101 type of simplicity and engagement from a mobile game… Not something trying to compete with a console or PC… It's suppose to be a different experience and nobody is talking about it… Remember when you had a Wii to play Wii games and a console to play cod and a PC for Gary's Mod? Hell even mobile had their own stuff going on and it use to be amazing for what it was… But now gaming is dead… Stop being thinking this is normal… This is how class war starts…

  29. Diablo is stupid! $110,000? To max out a character. Dumass development

  30. can you make a video of non auto play games like toram online

  31. You kinda talk like you're high. Works for me tho

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