Top 10 Mobile Survival Games of 2021. Android and iOS. -

Top 10 Mobile Survival Games of 2021. Android and iOS.

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Mobile Survival games are taking over the market with big and small game companies on equal ground so in this video I am going to list the top 10 survival games for android and iOS. Some of these top games will not be a surprise to you, but then there are a few that so far have stayed a secret.

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  1. Best turn based games aviable in the US

  2. Ark changed it's monetization like 2 months ago as no longer exists they caused some problems I think

  3. ARK is way better on PC because it isn't P2W. I used to love ARK mobile and I have over 1k hours on it, just a shame that the devs got greedy

  4. Frostborn: is not in the top 10, for casual players, being forced to raid will completely kill them and turn them off of the game, thats why the truce was so phenomenal.

    Lifeafter: is incredibly p2w, and on a medium to low end phone, will not work, unless your ok with literally 10 second delay and your phone burning your hand after 15 minutes and battery dead after 10

    Last Island Survival: …No. Thats all that'll be said

    Minecraft: JCF….Its literally the largest survival adventure game ever, but the mobile version….DO NOT TOUCH IT!

  5. trying to get 10,000k subscribers without videos says:

    Fun fact: there is no Ark survival in android

  6. Hey J.C.F. Try Delivery from the Pain: Survive and The Wild Darkness on Android. You are gonna nerd out.

  7. we like to see videos like that, you can try our first mobile game Cube Hunters Arena

  8. I moved from ark MOBile to PS4 cuz of the insane pay to win

  9. I play that last island survival but I hate it because after I went to bed and last thing I know I respawn in another location with my house is in the others side of the map

  10. Don't even bother downloading ark survival if you don't have atleast 2 friends to play it with

  11. Top 10 best VPN , (… and at the 2nd place, FrostBorn …) lol

  12. Fantastic high quality video, with lots of information and actual visuals from the games.

  13. Ark is shit. Full of bugs. Specially pvx and pvp sever. Felt like like got robbed of my money.

  14. crush land was a very good game with not too much grind

  15. chat do watch the vid where jcf had a little talk with the president of Activision, the chat was so inspiring,

  16. Day R had a great story. It was great

  17. Day R i loved these game didn't expect to see it here tho

  18. Wow those all look great. Another good survival game that is great in my opinion is minidayz 2

  19. I'm playing Dayr survival of already. Overr 1 year

  20. lol you could make a burger tier list and somehow include Frostborne

  21. Didnt mention Tos. then again maybe you havent checked it out but its called tommorrow Online Survival Rpg
    great potenial waiting on a huge update

  22. Life After has change a lot, but i don't think so this game better for underage. Meanwhile it has more heavy P2w stuff, spend more time on game and lag.
    This game is going to dead, i suggest all of you don't play this game.I've already quit few weeks ago.

  23. How long has it ben when you recorded Radiation city? I checked the play store and is has a 3.3 rating! Most critical reviews said game is crashing, and not loading.

  24. Thanks the games i play keep crashing with my iphone 6 so i might tey these thank you

  25. skipping 20s every sec to see if there is something I don't know.. got out empty handed🥲

  26. You cannot tell me with a straight face half of these games are better than last day on earth, a game which by the way is the main reason JCF has his platform.

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