Top 10 Mobile Survival Games of 2023. NEW GAMES REVEALED! Android and iOS -

Top 10 Mobile Survival Games of 2023. NEW GAMES REVEALED! Android and iOS

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2023 will be the biggest year for survival games the world has ever seen. I said that last year, but a lot of the games got postponed. But this year they are definitely going to come, and there are some new ones being added to the mix, so here are the top 10 mobile survival games of 2023.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Project Stars
2:00 – Earth Revival
3:29 – Avatar Generations (Bonus Game)
4:40 – Dawnlands
6:02 – Undawn
7:00 – Arena Breakout
8:05 – Project Evo
8:58 – Epic Ape Madness: MMO Survival
9:53 – Fading City
11:15 – Haven Star
12:18 – Don’t Starve: New Home
13:03 – Once Human
13:47 – Tomorrow Online Survival
14:27 – Project DX
15:10 – Conclusion

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  1. So sick of 'climate change, humans bad' storylines.

  2. Is project stars only available in certain countries? Can't see it in the play store in NZ.

  3. I'd love to have a fight like Star wars with my friends

  4. Areana breakout. Basically load into a map with a team just to be ambushed by enemy teams waiting at the spawn point or extract point.

  5. Fading city. 😢 Been waiting for that like forever now.

  6. So we can’t play any of these games as of rn ?

  7. Yo , why Frostborn is not in this top?

  8. I just can't support any game from Tencent due to its direct connection to the Chinese Communist Party, censorship, Muslim genocide, the fake Confucius institutes around the world that are actually illegal Chinese police stations used to extort citizens, including blackmailing them to do bad stuff to your own country or else they'll hurt their families back home in Chine. I just watched a video of school in China where they teach kids to hate Americans. That's typical. Chinese people are less charitable than North Koreans at dead-last being the least charitable country in the world. That being said the fact that games coming out of Asia can't do anything other than an anime style graphics is pretty much disgusting and gross and it's pedophiliaesque, with characters like piaman acting like two-year-olds sometimes twelve-year-olds other adults at other times. They are twisted and demented getting off on big melons on a 10 year anime cartoon girl. Ban Chinese games. Ban Tencent. Stop supporting them JFC.

  9. Project stars not in my app store then?

  10. I Hope it's nothing Like world War z aftermath because that zombies survival suck and Waste of energy It's too difficult and too difficult to level up

  11. The first game looked like a cartoon for kids

  12. I don't have money for buy a pc or gaming Mobile sryyy I don't know how to Playe this games but I like ur channels my mobile is Infinix smart 5

  13. My only complaint about mission EVO is that servers only last 7 days. So if you actually have a job and a life it becomes extremely hard to build a base and become more advanced with crafting stuff. If you only have 2-3hrs a day to play. Youll only be able to craft mid level stuff by like day 5 or 6 and at that point its pretty much pointless becomes the server wipe is right there. So its just an ever revolving cycle of constantly grinding and pretty much getting nowhere.

  14. Is the Project star game out? It won’t show up on my App Store?

  15. Bro durango wildlands, i miss it so much

  16. i am waiting for years … i think fading city will never released xD

  17. thanks but why i couldnt find any of them on appstore
    as you said they has to be mobile games

  18. Most of these are dogshit and yhe same thing rehashed over and iver again

  19. Undawn is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. It was a good game at release, but the updates are more of a Barbie gameplay experience. Barbie outfits, barbie furniture it's becoming like a Barbie fashion dating sims rather than a Zombie Apocalyptic Game.

    Undawn is a 1% Zombie Apocalyptic Game and 99% Barbie fashion housing game. There is no such a thing scavenging for resources, most of the time you'll just gathering woods and stones to build a Barbie Homestead, after that it's all repetitive dailies. Events are also boring and recycled from previous events.

    Also, Undawn is a very pay 2 win game. Everything you want to get is in Gatcha, and the RC you need for 1 roll is incredibly a lot.

  20. you guys should also try Ldoe (last day on earth)

  21. The Survival Genre will always have a special place in my heart because it is where I got my start. Hope you guys enjoyed the research!Big thanks to Avatar Generations for sponsoring this video. If you like the nickelodeon series as much as I do, you should check out the game here:

  22. a survival game does necessarily have to be multiplayer it has to give the sense that its just u and your surrounding and immerse u in that world they have created

  23. Very interested to play Arena Breakout even though I suck at Lost Light

    Fading Light reminds me of TLOU gameplay which is crazy if that's the gameplay

    Also remember when Genshin Impact is seen as a BOTW clone? Now, it's influence can be seen in open world games like Dawnlands

  24. Hello bro how you think about punishing gray raven game I love playing it

  25. they are all bad games, dont recommend this channel.

  26. Project Evo is most promising. The best of Last Island and Rust, but minus the problems.

  27. Thanks to you at now haw to play frost born

  28. dude really put days gone on thumbnail

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