Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2022 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2022
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The 2022 games calendar is looking very exciting! For this list, we’re looking at all the games we can’t wait to see next year. Our countdown includes “Elden Ring” (2022), “Starfield” (2022), “Baldur’s Gate III” (2022), “God of War: Ragnarok” (2022), and more! Let us know in the comments which you’re the most excited for.

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  1. Hey the guy with the severed head returns. It's been awhile so forgive me if I don't quite remember his name.

  2. Thank God I watch a breath of the wild gameplay. I still need to see the rest of the DLC but I have an idea of the story so I'm basically ready for this game to come out

  3. People are Excited for Gow and horizon lol they look like expansion it would have been alot better for sony to make DG 2 and make their other studios do new ip they will enter a dark age similar to xbox halo gears forza era ps3 era was goated in exclusives

  4. Look at this mess. God of Shit Ragnafail, and Shitoon 3. Worst games ever made.

  5. The Revelation That Attreus Is Loki Is Sure To Make The Events Of God Of War Ragnarok Interesting, As It's Prophesized That Loki's Actions Help Kick Start Ragnarok. With His Children Fenrir And Jormagundr Killing His Father Odin And Brother Thor Respectively.

  6. Oi blin, WatchMojo. Total War: Warhammer III – where?

  7. You forgot Gran Turismo 7, that's a big fat L, lmao

  8. God of war e horizon parecem legais porque God of War tem uma boa história e horizon porque parece ser um jogo estilo mundo livre etc

  9. One of my most anticipated games aside from Pokémon legends Arceus Hass to be Rune factory 5 which is coming on march 22, 2022, this came released last year in Japan and received very positive reviews so I’m really looking forward to this game coming out in the west

  10. "Maybe kratos will avery ragnarok, if thats even possible"……. Kratos IS Ragnarok.

  11. I want to play Elden Ring badly, but I hate the difficulty of Souls type games. If only they'd give players like me an easy mode…

  12. Pokémon is cool but I miss the old Pokémon like squirtal bulbasaur ect.

  13. No hogwarts legacy on the list.. thats some bs right here

  14. How in the WORLD that Sonic Frontiers NOT an honorable mention? Yes, I’m excited for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, don’t get me wrong. But I am disappointed that the Sonic Frontiers game is NOT on the list or even an honorable mention.

  15. 1. God of War Ragnorak
    2. Breath of the Wild 2
    3. Starfield
    4. Horizon Forbidden West
    5. Elden Ring
    6. Hogwarts Legacy
    7. Pokemon Legends Arceus

  16. What the hell. Watchmojo didn't get it right. Elden ring is the most anticipated game and won dozens of awards before its release date. What you guys are talking about? It's utter bullshit. .

  17. Hi I’m from the future to tell you Pokémon legends was really bad lmao

  18. WatchMojo, I am so excited for the release of God of War: Ragnarok, The King of Fighters XV, Phantom Breaker Omnia and DNF Duel.

  19. 1 Elden ring
    2 Horizon forbidden west
    3 God of war
    4 Dying light 2
    5 Baldurs gate

  20. I can only think of elden ring and starfield

  21. That lego star wars Skywalker saga Gotham knight horizon 2 forbidden west god of war ragnarok suicide squad kill the justice league dying light 2 stay human

  22. Forbidden west is gonna be my favourite game this year. Can’t wait till 17th February!

  23. that's sad test drive not even in honorable mentions…..

  24. Breath of the wild 2 and Kirby and the forgotten lane are my 2 most anticipated. Loved Pokémon Legends Arceus.

  25. Weird how not as much people are hyped for gta 6, maybe because it could follow the same path as cyberpunk? Or maybe that Rockstar will never be bothered to release a teaser for it. Strange.

  26. Won 8 awards before even coming out, winning The Game Awards' Most Anticipated Game awards for 2 years in a row, but this toolface puts Elden Ring to the 3rd. Real smooth man, real smooth.

  27. Sadly, Swansong has not only been pushed to a May/June release, it is also NOT Bloodlines 2.
    Think "A Wolf Among Us" meets "Detroit: Almost Human".

  28. Saints Row reboot while waiting for GTA6. I can only play GT5 for so long

  29. I think Modern Warfare 2 should be on the list. Here, I'm hoping it gets the same treatment as MW1 when it got updated to modern graphics. I might be wrong, but the game is also set to release this year, so it might be a rebound from Vanguard.

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