Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2023
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There are so many great games coming in 2023, we don’t know where we’ll find the time to play them all. For this list, we’ll be looking at video games releasing in 2023 that have us most excited. Note that we prioritized brand new games over remakes and remasters. Naturally, we aren’t including any games without 2023 release windows at the time of writing. Our countdown includes “Street Fighter VI” (2023), “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” (2023), “Redfall” (2023), “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” (2023), and more! Which of these games tops your most anticipated list? Share your enthusiasm in the comments!

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  1. Hogwarts Legacy, Spider-Man 2, and Suicide Squad.

  2. How was RE4 Remake or Hogwarts Legacy not on this list?

  3. Another honorable mention Lost Soul Aside

  4. i glad they didnt rush the release pls gaming gods bless the game for it may not be a disappointment like pokemon

  5. No love for Like a Dragon?? The Kiryu saga is continuing in 2023, how does that not at least get an honorable mention?

  6. It's a shame Resident Evil 4 Remake wasn't on the list 🙁

  7. If you're excited for Starfield you're a fool. Tom Howard can't be trusted

  8. I agree with 9 out of 10 of these but I strongly believe that Hogwarts Legacy is more anticipated than the latest Assassins Creed entry.

  9. This top is fucking awful, how Spiderman 2 is the second? No Hogwarts Legacy?

  10. Interesting making this video just before the game awards…I'm personally looking forward to Armored Core 6

  11. I honestly expected RE4 Remake to be number 1.

  12. 1) Alan Wake 2
    2) Stalker 2
    3) Silksong
    4) Armored Core 6
    5) Spider man 2
    6) Final Fantasy 16
    7) Zelda
    8) Resident Evil 4
    9) Hades 2
    10) Hogwards Legacy

  13. Sorry can’t get into homie in the crop top for street fighter but the custom fighter seems cool

  14. video games suck nowadays..nothing new, same stupid shit.

  15. Where is Dead Island 2? The first one was really good and fun to play!
    I'm also curious about Skull and Bones – might be interesting to take a look at

  16. Who in the world makes these tops and chose this game. Ok, I can endure there are a couple of kids games on the list, but c'mon, how many gamers in this world are waiting for this cartoon game that you put on nr 1. Disgusting!!

  17. So many games coming out next year. However. I did notice 1 missing game. Hogwarts Legacy, but I think I know why it was left off. probably due to the controversy that was happening. Smart WatchMojo if that's true.


  19. 7:58 OH HELL YES!!! Sun Wukong is 1 of my FAVORITE Chinese Gods!!!

  20. Since the release date has been revealed. DIABLO 4 will definitely be my top pick.

  21. Think Atomic Heart will be a surprise package for 2023

  22. Will Tekken be able to dethrone the current king of fighting games Multiversus?! Tall order, we'll see.

  23. My most anticipated is: Silksong, Starfield, Lies of P, Redfall, AC: Mirage and Forza Motorsport

  24. why can't there be any more games where you play as a DRAGON

  25. RE4 REMAKE will still be better then the bottom 5 games

  26. The fact that Hogwarts Legacy is not on this list tells me Watchmojo no longer does their research

  27. Absolutely baffling that you haven't put Hogwarts Legacy on here.

  28. Tears of the Kingdom better follow BotWs footsteps and win GOTY (if it’s a good game but I know it will be good because it’s Zelda) it already won most anticipated like BotW so I have no doubt that it will be nominated or even win.

  29. When you don't know about GTA 😂😂😂😂

  30. Xbox exclusives definitely running away this year it would seem.

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