Top 10 Most Controversial Kids Video Games Ever -

Top 10 Most Controversial Kids Video Games Ever
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They may have been meant for kids, but these video games still drew controversy. For this list, we’re looking at games that are known to have a younger audience but have found themselves under hot water for one thing or another. Our countdown includes “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” (2020), the “Pokémon” Series (1996-), “Roblox” (2006), “LittleBIGPlanet” (2008), and more! Which of these surprised you the most? Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. Top Ten Buggiest Games that are still fun to play.

  2. The way he pronounces, Mario makes me so angry for no reason

  3. Two honorable mentions:
    Star Fox Adventure: Krystal’s design was probably controversial to parents.
    Tibia: A teenager in Brazil killed one of his fellow players over in-game money.

  4. Does EarthBound count ? It had legal problems with his music and references.

  5. Oh no whiplash it was confusing I couldn't beat first level as a little kid.

  6. TBH: Having Superman & Rick Sanchez in a game where basically everyone else uses technology to give them "powers" is like bringing a 💣 to a 🔪 fight.

  7. I never had any huge issues with my copy of Violet. The worst I ever encountered was one of my pokemon clipping through level geometry during a battle and even then that only happened once.

  8. I still can’t believe Cooking Mama is on this list

  9. Hong Kong is a country and if Xi Jingpooh doesn't like it he can sit on a tack.

  10. What's controversial about this video is how Callum pronounced the creator of Flappy Bird's name, Don Win (Nguyen)

  11. Fortnite isn't even a kids games. It's rated T for teens, so I'm not surprised that Epic Games adds cameos like Rick and Morty.

  12. Crash Twinsanity.
    In addition to a few technical issues, such as inability to skip cutscenes, some of the content in the game doesn’t seem fitting at all for kids

  13. You didn't even name then main controversies about Niantic and Pokemon GO lmao. Then again you could do a whole video on the company/game about it 😛

  14. Did you just say…….merio? It's MARIO MARIO!

  15. Fortnite and Whiplash are both rated for teens. If parents don't like content aimed at 13+ for their kids then don't let them have access to it. Simple as that.

  16. 8:14 Small audio error, WM. The same line gets repeated. Not trying to start anything but I figured you should know

  17. I can't believe that the top 3 games on this list are actually my most favourite games ever. WTH WatchMojo?! >:(
    I started playing Roblox on 2014 and I still play it today because it is fun and entertaining, I returned to playing Pokémon GO on late 2022 because most people are still using it today and are now aware of their surroundings, and I recently played the new Pokémon Violet game that I really enjoyed and it's getting fixed in later updates. I hope Pokémon becomes less controversial in the future, things need to change.

  18. Why does he pronounce it as "MAWrio party 8" smh

  19. What makes Flappy Bird controversial is how many phones it cost due to the rage people had with it lmao

  20. I appreciate WatchMojo for speaking about little big planet

  21. about fortnite : helicopter parents need to stop acting like they didnt watch shit they wasnt suppossed to. like, hundreds of kids watch rick and morty or half of them movies and are prefectly fine….. if your kid is a bad ass shit face its your fault not fortnites or the shows you watch, teach them right from wrong.

  22. Ah, brings back memories of when I was 13 years old and playing Pokemon. I can't believe I was mind controlled into going round my friends house and throwing my budgie at their dog expecting to win!

  23. Watchmojo knew what they were doing with this video's thumbnail. 😏

  24. Honestly, I thought the controversy with New Horizon was going to be with how terrifying the tarantulas are.

  25. I think Pokémon super mystery dungeon and Pokémon gates to infinity are considered controversial.

  26. Lol, I remember when Pokemon Go was in it's early stages and everyone with a cellphone was playing. At my University there was a BIG sign around the main offices and the infirmary that said "Warning: Beyond this point, it is prohibited to catch Pokemon!" (You can't make these things up ^_^0)

  27. I was expecting Minecraft to be on the list and it did had controversies too

  28. My copy of Violet is NOT this screwy, lol! Man, those poor people who got those copies. I mostly seem to find more background related issues since the whole rotating camera deal is honestly hard to work with.

    I guess the thumbnail was a result of one of those glitches? Because yo, what the heck is going on with that poor trainer and Pokemon? 😮 That is NOT where you store your Pokemon, kid!

    Regarding controversy, some of the villains defintely do have their extreme moments, such as Ghetsis "liberating" Pokemon and his attempt to kill kids (MC and N) with the legendary Pokemon, backstories regarding abuse (aka: Guzma, N, the rival from Gold/Silver/Crystal) and even some offgame difficulties (like Wally may actually be sick or fighting a life threatening disease in the manga? I'm not sure about this one, maybe it was an AU/headcanon from an online friend). And of course some characters die onscreen during the anime (Lysandre and supposedly Cyrus), also while trying to commit serious crimes such as genocide, even if they say it's "better for the world/humans/Pokemon".

    But I admit, controversies aside, Pokemon isn't meant to be all sunshine and rainbows. Without these villains, characters, and teams, let's be real: It would just be a game of fluff, and that's not fun. Does it look like animal cruelty? Sometimes. But also, not all Pokemon are animals! Aside from obvious examples of humanoids like Mr. Mime and Jynx (the latter also bringing controversy due to former racial stereotypes), there are "objectmon", such as the Magnemite chain, Beldum chain, and plain spirits like the Gastly chain and Pokemon like the Pawniard chain that can become vicious on their own right (whether it be fighting for territory or just being cruel). Even one of Gengar's (if I remember correctly) Dex entries mentions "if you see a Gengar behind you, you're done for", basically. So pretty much, you encounter one, you're dead.

    Bisharp has a Dex entry that says "it slices its prey to ribbons with its blades", which if you think of what any of said "prey" could be…Yeah, gruesome stuff.

    I personally love Pokemon for what it is, because tbh, I prefer some action and quality stories in my games. And Pokemon hasn't made a major plot in a T or M rated setting, something I'm very thankful for because I honestly can't see myself enjoying it in any other way. I just wish the modern lingo would leave. I have that gripe about S/V.

  29. Fitzherbert-y secrets – Kingdom Hearts III

  30. 8:56 Kids shouldn't be playing Fortnite its rated T or a reason

  31. It's not Pokemon GO's fault people are stupid

  32. Roblox is rated T kids shouldn't be playing it

  33. I can’t with the Roblox controversy, my childhood heart is breaking

  34. yeah if i recall correctly one of the nastiest side effects of pokemon go was poeple using pokestops as lures to rob poeple.

  35. Ok… Did he say the same line twice at the beginning of the Fortnite part, or am I losing it???

  36. Pogo/Niantic also has non-existant customer service that favors hackers and account dealers. Employees themselves will even abuse their jobs to steal/deal accounts, citing their targets as "stolen" and feigning a fair shot at proving custody despite already having sold off the account. The game is great but the company running it is completely incompetent.

  37. Maybe younger players should not be playing Fortnite

  38. Pokemon has been a controversial topic of discussion since it's inception

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