Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS January 2021 (Offline/Online) | New Android Games of 2021 -

Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS January 2021 (Offline/Online) | New Android Games of 2021

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Today we are going to look at 10 New Games for Android & iOS of 2021. And this list includes high graphics game and some offline games if you are out of internet data.

Game List:
Gate of Mobius
iOS:-Coming Soon


Cyberika: Action
iOS:- Coming soon

Ninja Arashi 2
iOS:-Coming soon

Block tech tank

Nitro Jump Racing

Bloodstained ritual of the night

Sky Gambler Air Supermacy


Warhammer Odyssey
iOS:-Coming soon
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  1. Netease games suck , they last 1 month then everyone quits because they are just money grabs .

  2. This video is such a scam, I came here to see what the game was on the image but I just got clickbaited because they didn’t even show it. Nice job idiots, you’ve ruined my day

  3. Thank you as full osem pos open close offline

  4. If you want a good mmo rpg and you like the number 1 spot, just know Celtic heroes is better then warhammer odyssey with much more options and much better graphics and gameplay . Game is from same company

  5. Thanks so much for the recommendation game, subscribe done
    Than I need the most is game handphone, because am don't have computer 😅🙏

  6. I wish does games are only at internet are too slow

  7. I searched this cause my life is meaning less as hell

  8. Killer logo dude. Outstanding. Who designed that???

  9. This month suck all the game judt a fking sea cre
    ature game

  10. Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

  11. POV: We are all herre because the roblox shut down

  12. This should be the top ten worst games if i sound rude i am srry

  13. Some of them are good and some if them are bad

  14. Thank you for sharing Wilderless, that's really cool. The android version is in beta testing now and I'll be releasing my new 1.5 update for both android and iOS soon with lots of new features and more planned after that. My goal has always been to create a large fantasy world to explore and I'm really grateful to everyone who has played one of my games and also for videos like this which help independent game developers like me reach people.

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