Top 10 NEW Games for Android & iOS of 2021 & 2022 (Offline/Online) | New Android Games of 2021 -

Top 10 NEW Games for Android & iOS of 2021 & 2022 (Offline/Online) | New Android Games of 2021

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Hey friends, it’s your boy Sam & Today I will show you TOP 10 NEW GAMES FOR ANDROID & iOS 2021 & 2022, most of them has good graphics, impressive gameplay & best controls,
In this video we cover games from different genres like battle royale, shooting games, fps, car simulator, horror games, MMORPGs, pc ported games, & more! Check on see more 👇

Best Games list

Star wars Hunter Android:-

Ultimate battlestrike

Final fantasy VII The first solider

Car life

Psyroom horror

Raising infinite swords 58mb

Arcforce 3v3

Seven Knights 2 Android:-

Lego star wars castaways

Just Cause Mobile



  1. I'm from Calcutta India and Pakistan as a fortune teller and I'm Muhammad avdol I have a strange customer who's name is Joseph joestar

  2. Jesus Christ everything is Battle Royale. Final Fantasy 7 Battle Royale are you serious? I'm going to come out with Solitaire Battle Royale just because

  3. How can you come out with a top 10 list when there are games on here that you haven't played and need audience to tell you how they are? For all we know, any of these games could be absolute dogshit but you haven't played them have you

  4. Any older players, who like the idea of sneaking off at work to game these games. Just be warned they are very difficult to control. Gaming on your phone is not an easy option they are just as hard as PS or XBOX consuls.
    These guys make it look easy.

  5. whats the game in the intro like when the intro ended theres like a game with a racoon or something pls tell

  6. I'm a Filipino but I don't play it I tried and it was decent but I don't like it

  7. Ff7 I'm getting creative destruction vibes

  8. You said the games ar in iOS stare wars hunter is not in ios

  9. help please, iOS final fantasy no!? Region Europe

  10. Hello im filipino but i didn't download the game cuz im full storage

  11. Help what's the game name of the intro?

  12. When you use a clickbait thumbnail be like

  13. So, you say top 10 even though you haven't personally played a couple on your list??? You want Philippinos to tell you if a game is good or not??? Why on earth would you go and include a game or games that you haven't even played??? You're terrible.

  14. You said "Just CUZ" lmao. That game is an abomination. It totally disrespects the true Just CAUSE, not Just CUZ games that came before it by being a top down game. Simply terrible. Yet it is your number one. This channel is rediculous on so many levels. I watch your videos just to get a laugh and you NEVER disappoint.

  15. Why does it says on my phone that star wars hunters is still not released yet?🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🧐

  16. hi I'm filipino the car life is a litle ugly because is online i loking a ofline game

  17. I'm still trying to figure out what is considered a "high spec" phone in 2022. 16gb of RAM?? My old S9+ with only 6gb of RAM is 4 years old now & runs all these games fine but I know I'm going to have to upgrade soon.

  18. Unsubscribed… the scream scared my lil bro

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