Top 10 New Games of April 2021 -

Top 10 New Games of April 2021

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Looking for something to play on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, or Nintendo Switch in April? We’ve got you covered with these major releases.
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Platform : PC, Stadia

Release Date : April 22, 2021

Century: Age of Ashes

Platform : PC

Release Date : April TBC

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Platform : PC, PS5, PS4

Release Date : April 6, 2021

Star Wars Republic Commando

Platform : PS4, Switch

Release Date : April 6, 2021

MotoGP 21

Platform : PC NS, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XSX

Release Date : April 22, 2021

MLB The Show 21

Platform : PS5, XSX, PS4, XBOX ONE

Release Date : April 20, 2021

New Pokemon Snap

Platform : Switch

Release Date : April 30, 2021

NieR Replicant ver 1.22474487139…

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Release Date : April 23, 2021


Platform : PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBOX ONE, Stadia

Release Date : April 1, 2021


Platform : PS5

Release Date : April 30, 2021


  1. This is a meaningless comment just for adding another comment to the comment section.

  2. Star citizen it will come when we live on mars

  3. I sorta wish they'd making a s
    Star Wars moisture farming sim. DLC could add even more useless droids

  4. when they want public the free to play games update

  5. I wish 2021 was NEW GTA AND NEW ELDER SCROLLS + FALLOUT 5 🔥

  6. "Still looks pretty good". Are you joking? That shit can run on a smartwatch lol

  7. Hope that dragon game has similar combat to warthunder. Honestly sad battlefront 2 starlight mode didn't get much more love.

  8. Holy SHIT NO WAY!! They’re remaking Abe’s Oddworld?! That’s my whole childhood.

  9. you cant even time stamp your videos? pfft

  10. Repent dear people, and trust in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is coming soon!!👑❤

  11. gameranx is the best shit on the internet for gamers, been following you for 5 years or more and you're still so underrated:(

  12. Makes game about dragons and puts lasers and neaon lights to it. When it will stop?

  13. Outriders beta was absolute BOOTY. My money will go elsewhere, like Biomutant in May

  14. To summarize, nothing interesting this month, as well as the previous months of 2021.

  15. 2009 im just glad I have a phone 2010 game of the year is mine craft 2011 game of the year is mine craft 2012 game of the year is mine craft 2013 game of the year is Minecraft!!! 2014 game of the year is yes mine craft!!!!!!!!!! 2015 game of the year is mine craft 2016 game of the year is mine craft roblox tries to get there but no 2017 game of the year mine craft 2018 game of the year fortnite 2019 game of the year fortnite 2020 game of the year among us 2021 game of the year ?¿

  16. 2021 games, I only like 3 games this year so far. Kena, Evil genius 2 and Humankind, games this year are not that good or I'm just getting older to play games.

  17. Falcon!! Your narration makes this feel like a real gameranx video… no offense to the other narrators but falcon is a classic by this point

  18. Nintendo still has barely any exclusives I want but now they have an awesome arsenal of ports. Like TWO phone screens in hand 😮

  19. "aprils coming up fast", its already may…

  20. honestly i could've bought the ps but i spent all my money on a gaming pc and now the devs are not making pc games, why ps exclusive? why?

  21. these are really great games, i can't wait to play them at home in my new flat that i got from the bailti website, i can day comfortably here

  22. I got mad at oddworld as a kid on super nintendo. I made it to the end of the game but got stuck, couldnt find a lever to open a door. Lame. lol

  23. 1 and 2 look promising, the others look like dog shit

  24. Yes, very much awaited games for the middle of the year

  25. Im just want among us and xbox why xbox his say among us gara be and xbox wahen new map come but no why why

  26. Me: What's Your Name!!
    Falcon: Falcon
    Me: Fuck You Falcon!!

  27. dude i dissed Pokemon Snap so much as a kid, but in my defense, we had Pokemon Stadium and that was the real hype

  28. There shouldn’t be any ps5 exclusives until everyone who wants one and can afford it has one. To release ps5 exclusives before the system is widely available is disrespectful to their customers.

  29. well, the usual
    nothing new and refreshing
    i keep going back to my favorite old games because of this exact path they insist on taking

  30. Im just really sad that the next LOTR game, we play as a Crackhead

  31. Song name when Humankind is on the screen?

  32. All those games were fucking trash it’s 2021 , wtf they doing

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