Top 10 New PS4 Games of 2021 -

Top 10 New PS4 Games of 2021
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The PS5 is here but that doesn’t mean there are no new games coming to PS4 this year! For this list, we’re looking at the most exciting upcoming games releasing on the PlayStation 4. Our countdown includes Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Resident Evil Village, Biomutant, Horizon Forbidden West and more! Which of these games are YOU excited to play? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. After seeing this I immediately preordered biomutant by accident well kinda i clicked it by mistake but I’m not changing it now 😂

  2. I’m definitely getting Forbidden West and Kena for my PS4.

  3. 10- It takes two
    9- Rainbow six quarantine
    8- Boundary
    7- Little devil inside
    6- Where the heart leads
    5- Kena bridge of spirits
    4- Resident evil village
    3- Back for blood
    2- Biomutant
    1- Horison forbidden west

  4. You got to be kidding me with this bullshit. Makes me wonder how much they are paying you
    Guys to promote?

  5. A word like quarantine being too triggering for some is why I hate people. Ffs grow a spine

  6. i like how they made this vid for the ps4 cause no one has a ps5 lol

  7. I just wish they stopped making games where u have to be a bird expecialy one with ginger hair or a lesbian

  8. Little Devil Inside, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Biomutant, and Horizon Forbidden West all look interesting. I wish they would announce the return of the Tell Tale Games.

  9. Boys are disappearing from games lead role…… 😂😂


  11. add GUILTY GEAR STRIVE ON THIS LIST for my fgc fam

  12. Horizon Forbidden West is most anticipated game. Fit for the PS4

  13. should keep the name quarantine…makes it more real imo

  14. can't wait jailbreak my ps4 and play free game woohoo 😁

  15. Number 10 should be number 1 and it isn’t all that family friendly so much of profanity 😂but such a good game

  16. adrinina_kevin is the best hacker he help me hack my ps4 account back

  17. "One thing's for sure: we're going to kill a lot of zombies in 2021"
    Umm, what!?

  18. Kena, Biomutant, Horizon and Gotham Knights are the only good looking games. So much boring first person trash

  19. How do people enjoy RPGs so much… seem like the most lame games there are


  21. Honestly disappointed with alot of these new multiplayer games everything is online does no one miss sitting on couch or in chairs playing a splitscreen coop game? I mean online is fun I play alot, but sometimes wanna sit back and chill with a friend in person not over a mic.

  22. Ghost of Tsushima was my favorite by far

  23. Psyconauts was actually a really good game back in the day

  24. It takes two is family friendly

    Also the game: "SHIT? YES SHIT LIKE KAKA"

  25. Boah wenn ich nur überlege, wie es wäre, wenn man mit 120 FPS auf der PS$ zocken könnte hahahaha

  26. Horizon forbidden west and rainbow six extraction (watching after the name was announced) is probably gonna be my favorites and ones I’m gonna spend HOURS on

  27. Yall keep playing this evil and yall will continue being depressed and no joy these games are sick

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