Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2023 -

Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2023

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Looking for a survival game to play in 2023 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One and beyond? We’ve got you covered with these new and upcoming survival game releases and release dates.
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Road To Vostok
1:25 State of Decay 3
2:16 The Lord of The Rings Return to Moria
3:18 Rooted
4:23 Stranded Alien Dawn
5:31 Frostpunk 2
6:32 Once Human
7:39 Outbreak Island
8:29 Dune Awakening
9:24 Sons of The Forest
10:25 BONUS

#10 Road To Vostok

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA

#9 State of Decay 3

Platform: PC Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date: TBA

#8 The Lord of The Rings Return to Moria

Platform: PC PS5

Release Date: October 27, 2023

#7 Rooted

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA

#6 Stranded Alien Dawn

Platform: PC PS5 PS4 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date: April 25, 2023

#5 Frostpunk 2

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA

#4 Once Human

Platform: PC

Release Date: December 2023

#3 Outbreak Island

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA 2023

#2 Dune Awakening

Platform: PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date: TBA 2023

#1 Sons of The Forest

Platform: PC

Release Date: February 23, 2023


Cult of the Lamb x Don’t Starve Together

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S Switch

Release Date: August 21, 2023


Platform: PC PS4 Xbox one Switch

Release Date: November 2023

Ascent of Ashes

Platform: PC

Release Date: Q4 2023


  1. I love that even tho it says ps4/ps5, I don't think any of these are PlayStation games, thx

  2. Creators make those games not for gamers but for new graphics card makers to promote theyr busines.Thats why they copy each other without new ideas,just more ehanced grapchics.

  3. I love the fact that we are in 2024 and none of this games came out ahahah

  4. All of these games seem to be in the vein of "survive the monster" side of things. Return to Moria and Stranded Alien Dawn might be OK, but I didn't see much here to get excided over. Zombies and mutants are overdone almost to the point of becoming cliché. When someone tells me "its a zombie game" I heard enough and automatically hate it.

  5. Still no SOD 3 gameplay. 4th Q of 2025 is too long to wait. lol 😞

  6. Such a loss for consoles seeing these games only on pc. I've seen many pc games i would gladly pay to play on console.

  7. Ill be playing Once Human when it comes out, thoroughly enjoyed the beta – miss it a lot. Rooted looks good but generic, really reminds me of Miscreated. I would of checked on the Alien dawn but @ 35 bucks for an unknown and they dropped a DLC prior to fixing bugs .. pass.

  8. I'm very new to the PS5 and is State of Decay 3 out on ps5?

  9. It's funny how much rooted and the day before look similar. With the flop of the day before, hopefully rooted will be good.

  10. you forgot to mention the web3 game Decimated

  11. **Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2025 90% Are TBA

  12. State of decay franchise has the makings of masterclass zombie survival, they just need to turn it up to 11, the amount of time theyre taking is giving me more hope

  13. New games 2023? Bruh. Half of these are 2024 at the earliest. Fed up with this now.

  14. "best games of 2023" half of these games literally Arnt even released yet. the year ends in like a week

  15. Best survival games of 2023 and proceed with a list of game that aren’t even close to release such as stats of decay3, whose devs have been radio silence for like 2 years… wow

  16. Hope Rooted doesnt flop like The Day After

  17. ничего интересного к сожалению пародии на пародию

  18. I really just want a survival game that’s not really a horror game. Like I wouldn’t mind it being a little eerie and mysterious. Maybe like how on ark you wake up and don’t know how you got there but without the dinosaurs. And add in the bushcraft and building mechanics of the forest. Just a game where you have to gather and build but it’s very realistic. You could fish and hunt. And maybe there’s an eerie aura to it and maybe once in a while you encounter something strange or creepy but not like every single time you play you’re fighting off mobs and enemies. But especially if there was good bushcraft mechanics. I don’t mean you punch a tree and you can build a wooden fort automatically. Like you have to individually cut and place each log. Idk if anyone else has those fantasies of just surviving in a beautiful wilderness and seeing how far they could get. But a game where you could simulate that would be awesome

    Edit: Might be fun in vr 😮

  19. SOD3 is the only game im waiting on. It'll prolly save my life again like SOD2 did. God i love those games but we need more content and more interaction with the world…and bigger maps

  20. Sons of the Forest is hot garbage.

    Boring, shallow, generic

  21. Frostpunk is 1 of the best games I've ever played, cannot wait for number 2

  22. Hello, the indie game named Compass of Destiny: Istanbul, which is currently in early access, will be released as a full version on December 14, 2023. We would be happy if you include it on your channel. Thanks…..

  23. My favorite one I’m playing rn is Survive The Nights

  24. "very small developer we can't find to much on them" ONE (yea just one) dude and amazing project. I don't know when i was exited about a game, but this. I have high hopes.

  25. If a game isn't even out and doesn't even have a release date what makes it a 2023 game 🤔

  26. Some of these look and sound great, but every year they always do and then most of them if not all will fall flat on their faces or just stay in development for years =( I have a lot of hope for LOTR

  27. what a shit video "Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2023" and 70% is TBA. Here I am looking for games to play now but it's only games not even released yet.-

  28. lol that ass in game "once human" .. i mean, is jennifer lopez playing the main character ?

  29. I thought i just heard State of Decay 3 will be released in 2027.

  30. Rooted is like a 2025 release. More info is on their Kickstarter (ended now, but has info).

  31. They're literally all the same crap over and over again.

  32. I came here looking for a game to play. How the hell is this a top 10 list of "new" when there's a bunch that don't even have a release window. It can't be new of it doesn't even exist yet. I was hoping to wa5ch this video and go to steam and vuy a game TODAY.

  33. i was excited for Return to Moria as I'm a big Lotr fan of 40 years but , eh.. it's not a sandbox survival game by any get guided through each area and have very limited items to has "elements" of survival but idk honestly I think Valheim is still way ahead in a lot of ways.

  34. I’ve spent the past hour and half watching “upcoming ps5 games” and all things related….. and it’s fair too say “the golden era” of gaming is over. Time to get a outdoor hobby 😂

  35. 90% of these games won't even come out in 2023. Another fantastically trash video by gameranx.

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