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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time

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Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS in 2011 and in that time many fantastic games have come to the platform such as Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Kid Icarus Uprising, and more. As tricky as it might’ve been, IGN Staff has decided on The Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time. If you don’t see a game you love mentioned, give it a shoutout in the comments below!

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  1. Planet Robobot missing, best kirby game ever.

  2. If you like rhyme games you got try rhyme thief and the emperor’s treasure it has a demo so you can try before you buy

  3. Resident Evil: Revelations was fantastic in 3D.

  4. I dont own a handheld, any reason to stil get a Switch or just get Steam Deck?

  5. The 3DS has such an excellent library I still find myself reaching for it over the Switch sometimes!

  6. Love my 3ds still playing to this day just bought radiant historia and smt strange journey and many others.

  7. I’ve banged out 30 hours on final fantasy 3 the last few weeks on my 3ds.

  8. Nice Portillo reference, I caught that. Rest in peace. <3

  9. 7:21 “…while also breathing fresh life into 2D Zelda titles…” ends up becoming the last original 2D Zelda in about 10 years

    (remakes and TriForce Heroes doesn’t count)

  10. Imagine putting Ultra Sun/Moon above MH4U…

  11. Just recently got back to playing mine and downloaded a lot of games from the eshop before it closes.

    My favorite that I’m playing right now
    1. Fire emblem warriors
    2. Super Monkey ball 3d
    3. Bravely Second
    4. Ultra sun
    5. Sonic Lost world
    6. Pokémon Soul silver
    7. Pokémon yellow
    8. Excave II
    9. Link between worlds
    10.dream drop distance

  12. Kid Icarus was #1
    leave to IGN to be incorrect again lol

  13. New Leaf is too overrated. It should be ranked in 10th place. New Leaf is my favorite Animal Crossing but Luigi’s Mansion should be second. I agree with a Link between Worlds to be first. Kirby Planet Robobot should be third and Triple Deluxe Fourth

  14. The Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro, should be able to play 3DS games on it.
    Wait, why not an a Switch with 3D screen?

  15. Im mad that mine broke but I decided if i get another handheld it’ll be the Switch

  16. Some 3DS games would benefit from being ported to the Switch… like the 3D Zelda games on it.

  17. I sometimes think that maybe the 3ds will make some kind of come back some how but hearing that the eshop for it will be shutting down forever soon just proves that it’s officially done 😭😭😭

  18. The Switch Lite is a primarily handheld console released in 2019. Opening statement of the video, already a lie/incorrect. Good job IGN.

  19. I just bought Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop on 3DS days ago for $4.99 and wow that game is so fun!!! 😭👏

  20. I played Animal crossing New Leaf for yearrrs. It was so fun, it should have been top 3 easily.

  21. I hope Nintendo comes out with a new 3DS or at least something similar to it in the future

  22. I’m surprised smash bros 3d wasn’t on here

  23. Wait! Mario Kart 7 is the 7th entry in the series? WHO KNEW?

  24. I love the 3ds and personally I think that the best 3ds game is Inazuma Eleven 3

  25. Culdcept Revolt, Yokaiwatch 2 Psychic specters, Kirby planet Robobot, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Fantasy life are some of my personal top picks.

  26. The problem with new handhelds is that they’re so big they can barely even classify as handhelds 😅 I can throw the 3DS XL in any backpack or even a back jeans pocket without even worrying about the display scratching up.

  27. I just replayed Kirby Triple Deluxe and it is so good, it looks good, their is tones of content, the 3DS really has big games

  28. Pokemon X/Y will always be the best on 3DS for me, the art direction was so great and even epic sometimes

  29. I will never forget the kid icarus multiplayer competitions during video games expo, this game came out of nowhere and had such a great community

  30. There should have been AT LEAST one of the 3DS Kirby games in this list. I absolutely loved them.

  31. Link Between Worlds is a must play for every single 3ds owner, or Zelda fan

  32. he top 4 is correct – link between worlds might be my favourite traditional zelda, fire emblem awakening is soooo good, monster hunter 4 ultimate is fantastic, and metroid is coo

  33. playing radiant history perfect right now, so good

  34. Luigi’s mansion dark moon
    Kirby planet robobot
    Mario golf world tour
    All hands that should be played.

  35. Nope, definitely:

    Pokémon Sun/Moon > UltraSun/UltraMoon

    Better story, and even if there's less content, well, the base game it's the same, just advertised as a "new game" (they on purpose fooled fans making US/UM look alike Black 2/White 2 in terms of contents addition and changes).

  36. Am still playing animal crossing New leaf till now

  37. Wish I still had my 3DS. Would love to play the Mario and Luigi games again.

  38. The Ultra Pokémon games are underrated af. It didn't help that they were standalone expansions in a time when people were complaining about such practice, and then the initial reception Sun and Moon had. But in hindsight, they were a great homage to the franchise and a proper send off for the 3DS. The only issue with Ultra S&M is how they changed the main story. Other than that, they're the best way to experience gen 7. I hated Moon but decided to get Ultra Moon to see if my experience with Moon was the bad taste from playing an original version for the first time (besides gen 5), and yeah… I think I'll stick to expanded versions whenever possible.

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