Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games of All Time! -

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games of All Time!

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Our Top 10 BEST Nintendo Switch games as of the end of 2020! Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity are all here!

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  1. Divinity original sin 2 is one of the best rpg games i've ever player (if not the best) and it's available for switch, easily my top #2 just behind botw

  2. It really hurts me that there is neither pokemon let's gos or sword&shield😒

  3. Your right for the first one

    I love Zelda breathe of the wild to

  4. Mario oddesy isn't that good for it's price, mario kart isn't that good for it's price.

  5. They are trippin, I just got done with the main story of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle and it was a banger. I liked it more than Odyssey tbh.

  6. Omg I almost got all of these games this kinda did not help but it's nobody's fault

  7. Animal crossing sold over 30 million copies cuz they scammed people by only making it 1 island per switch lol.

  8. Nothing but RPGs not everyone are into RPGs. This list should've been top RPG games

  9. acnh is ranked too high , lots of flaws and cut content.

  10. Channel could do with some polishing with that hilariously inaccurate title and mismatched narrators. Great video nonetheless

  11. Why is the title top ten and the video began in top 15

  12. no pokemon lets go, no UNDERTALE OR DELTARUNE? Zelda stan

  13. I don't like design of Breath of the Wild

  14. the script was quite literally not double checked

  15. My top games
    Zelda breath of the wild
    Mario super smash bros ultimate
    Doom eternal
    Switch 2

  16. pretty much all the games that Nintendo has to offer

  17. My top 5 Switch games:
    Zelda Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

    Close runner up: Super Mario 3D All Stars

  18. Kirby Star allies, Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker are sooooooo underrated, and BotW , Xenoblade and Fire Emblem are very overrated

  19. The fact Xenoblade 2 is on here makes me puke… The disgusting gameplay, animation, voice acting and over s-ualisation is just all terrible.

  20. I rlly haven’t played since I beat Zelda but it was amazing. I just didn’t see replay value after ganon.

  21. top 10 nintendo switch games not a single pokemon game roflmao

  22. I can barely hear the guys voice compared to the womans voice in this video. She speaks so much clearer and louder.

  23. narrator said animal crossing was the best selling game on switch in 2021…..the video was made in 2020

  24. my fav games on switch in top 10 are…

    10. luigi's mansion
    9. mariokart 8 deluxe
    8. minecraft
    7. fast rmx
    6. jumanji the video game
    5. island saver
    4.among us
    3. fifa 21
    2. youtube
    1.yoshi's crafted world

    hope you agreed(;

  25. every time i look at links memories on botw i nearly cry, its so sad

  26. Surprised Luigi's mansion wasn't top 10. Didn't look the the switch has that many must own games. I'll just wait for the steam deck and emulate the few I saw that are worthwhile.

  27. No Luigi‘s Mansion 3? You’re kidding?:D this game is so awesome, the gameplay, the music, the graphics, the details and physique of objects etc…extremely underrated game imo. It’s so fun and looks so good

  28. i bought another switch hits to play botw

  29. Why is BOTW the Number 1🙄
    10: BOTW
    9:Dragon Quest
    7:1 2 Switch
    6:Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    5:Fire Emblem
    4:Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    2:Rayman Legends
    1:Super Mario Odyssey

  30. The guys voice pisses me off especially when he pronounced the b in climbing 😖 so cringe

  31. ごめん、任天堂って未だに720pだよね?😅

  32. No fuckking offense, but xenoblade 2 must be the the top 1.

  33. I hate it when youtubers beg for likes and subs before you've even watched the video. Why not back off and let us watch your content first? Maybe save the sales pitch until after the test drive.

  34. I had way more fun playing Link's Awakening than Breath of the Wild. Man, that game was overrated.

  35. Anyone know which 2 big games are the clone of breath of the wild?

    What can I say I have an addiction

  36. 1. DOOM- 1&2 have free Add-Ons ( so far around 10-15 wads/mods/expansions!), While Doom 64 is perfect, and so is Doom 3, 2016, and Eternal with all of it's DLC too!!!
    2. Resident Evil- 4 and HD Remake Remastered are my favorites in the series, though 0, 5, Revelations, really do put more reasoning in the switch! ( I also love 2,3: Nemesis,2 Remake, all as well as 4 and 1!)
    3. The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the wild is right there with OoT, ALTTP, and with Skyward Sword and Links Awakening remake, It's even more reason for it's place. It's also what sold me on the switch!
    4.Super Mario- Odyssey, 3D All-Stars, Maker 2!!!
    5. Minecraft- while on my top 15 GOAT games, pokemon may be #6 and Minecraft #7 and MGS#8, The MGS series is vacant and so are my favorite pokemon games, so… Minecraft!!
    6. The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM
    7. Baldur's Gate 1&2: EE
    8. Hollow knight
    9. Super smash Bros. Ultimate!
    10. Planescape:Torment
    11. Dragon Quest 11S: echoes of an elusive age
    12. Quake Remastered
    13. Wolfenstein: TNC
    14. Bioshock: the collection
    15. Borderlands 2

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