Top 10 Oculus Quest 2 VR Games -

Top 10 Oculus Quest 2 VR Games

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Hello! Here is my updated 2021 list for the best VR games you can buy for the Quest and Quest 2! SO MANY amazing VR games have released for the platform over the past few months and so many amazing updates have revitalized many games. This is an exciting time to be a VR enthusiast and own a quest/quest 2. Never before have we had so many quality games to choose from. I did this list a little different, a bunch of the obvious “MUST HAVES” for the quest I left out of the list for the end of the video. This was mostly because every single list video usually has the same 5 games on it (rec room, superhot, VRChat, Beat Saber, Echo VR) and its taking up space that other games could be getting spotlight for. Hope you enjoy!

List of games-

10- The Climb 2
9- Pistol Whip
8- Myst
7- Gorn
6- Jurassic World Aftermath
5- Onward
4- Contractors

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  1. 1:55 I love how that player shake his hand after grab onto that ladder.

  2. Fnaf VR Horror but not too bad when you get used to it but you might be like wouldn't that make it worse no because it has multiple modes and also a nightmare difficulty by flipping a switch and it has a story overall I suggest it

  3. walkabout mini golf is super fun so is eleven table tennis.

  4. I’m so glad you put lies beneath as the third best game cause it was third game I bought on my quest and it was awesome. Actually had my heart going in parts so I’m really glad to see it on the list

  5. You should try Phantom Covert Operations. It's a solid game that reminds me of metal gear solid.

  6. What about thrill of the fight it is a pretty realistic boxing game on $10 great for getting of steam and just great to end boredom. Also thrill of the fight makes you sweat a lot because like I said it is quite realistic

  7. Robo Recall is short but definitely worth a buy.

  8. Bro why do you have a mask on in your own house

  9. Shadow Point is one of my favorite quest game so far.

  10. ThrillSeeker: Iv never really bin interested in Jurassic park
    Me:[chuckles in Malicious intent]

  11. My favorite quest 2 game is on app lab and its called sport mode, its like boneworks on the quest

  12. Never actually played Tetris effect but I think it should’ve been on honerable mentions. Such a pretty game and it seems like one you could play for hours because it’s addictive nature

  13. Me watching the Climb 2 Trailer: What if I J U M P

  14. Me not being able to play a bunch of these because i get motion sick , is funny

  15. Blade and sorcery is currently my favorite vr game it’s so much fun

  16. Ok I just want a shooter horror game ya know

  17. Is climb 2 really that good? Casue i havw never actually gotten like "scared" from heights in vr

  18. I just noticed that plus ultra box in the background my favorite vr youtuber watches my favorite anime? Heck yeah!

  19. I still wish duck season and Minecraft were available without PC VR (I don’t have a windows, nor a PC.)

  20. Could I also recommend pavlov Shack Beta , very fun game with a mix of realism and arcade

  21. My favorite one was it in this video my favorite game is called job simulator

  22. When I saw Universal and legendary I knew it was coming. That is one of my favorite games

  23. Can you only play these game on oculus

  24. can you get me a free oculus quest 2

  25. i didnt see a comment talking about Ogga Bogga by @Dani

  26. Way to NOT show any kind of gameplay for MYST

  27. I have quest two but my graphics aren’t that good how do I fix this

  28. You’re in a horror manga .. ok that was horribly wrong haha

  29. Try out star wars tales form the galaxy it is really good and in my opinion better than Vader imortal

  30. a great zombie vr shooter multiplayer is call event horizon reloaded a great and rewarding zombie game

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