Top 10 PS2 Games of All Time -

Top 10 PS2 Games of All Time

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The PS2 is one of the most fondly-remembered consoles of all time, with a library of incredible bangers. However, there can be only 10 best…here they are.



  1. Resident Evil 4 should have been excluded IMO as it originally was a GameCube exclusive

  2. Ultimate Alliance, Spiderman Unlimited, Star wars bf2, force unleashed, Dbz BT2 and BT3.

  3. Ps2 was awesome;
    My favourite games;
    Medal of Honor: Frontline, Timesplitters 2, Burnout 2, NFS: hot pursuit 2, Freedom Fighters, Dark Chronicle, Dropship, Chaos Legion

  4. Meh. There are so many amazing rpg games with ps2, but they are harder to get your hands on. But this list doesn’t touch on the quality games that were released on ps2.

  5. Not only in this video gta Sa is the best game in the world

  6. Resident evil should be 2 or 3!

  7. Whats the name of that rpg with the boy with a gun sword?

  8. The vaccine comment couldn’t be more timely

  9. Resident Evil 4 was never a PS2 exclusive at any point. It shouldn't be on this list. It was originally a Gamecube game and the PS2 version is inferior.

  10. Tom and jerry War of the Whiskers

  11. can't belive Sly Cooper didn't make the list

  12. Your friendly neighborhood spider-man says:

    San andreas 4 life.

  13. What about def jam fight for NY ?? Gran Turismo ? The mercenaries !!!

  14. Allah's_slave مدح غير الله ظلم says:

    My best ps2 games:
    1: final fantasy xii
    2: metal gear solid 3 snake eater
    3: shadow of the colossus
    4: ico
    5: shadow of rome
    6: bully
    7: red dead revolver
    8: silent hill shattered memories
    9: the thing
    10: gta san Andreas
    11: prince of Persia sand of time
    12: wwe here comes the pain
    13: kingdom hearts 2
    14: ghost busters
    15: the warriors

  15. Anybody play Red Dead Revolver? That was my #1 game on the PS2

  16. Why isn't spiderman 2 here it's one of the best spiderman games

  17. The sound of the seller from resident evil 4 is still stuck in my head.

    "What are you buyin?"

    "What are you sellin?"

  18. Re 4 is great but the ps2 version is doodoo compared to the gamecube version.

  19. My favorite ps2 game to this day is “Peter Jackson’s King Kong The Official Game Of The Movie” not because it’s a great game! but because it is what got me into gaming!

  20. Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 are 2 and 1 in the franchise respectively.

  21. doing list like this without rule 1 pre franchize is I.D.I.O.T.I.C…

  22. Why BLACK isn't here?
    Considering its graphics in year 2000s

  23. No Grand Turismo, Ratchet and Clank, or Jak?

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