Top 10 PS5 Games You Should Play In 2022! -

Top 10 PS5 Games You Should Play In 2022!

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Best PS5 Games 2022
Best PS5 games 2022 PS4 Games
Best PS5 Games 2022 Best PC Games 2022 Xbox Series X S
A Plague Tale Requiem Warzone 2 The Last Of Us Part 1 God Of War Ragnarok Goat Simulator 3 Horizon Forbidden West Elden Ring Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Gran Turismo 7 Stray

Best Open World Games In 2022:

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Best PC & Xbox Games Of 2022:

In this video I show you the Top 10 PS5 games you should play in 2022, some of them are also available on PS4, PC and Xbox Series X, I hope you find it useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:21 God Of War Ragnarok
1:40 Horizon Forbidden West
2:15 Elden Ring
3:19 Warzone 2
4:01 Stray
4:48 Goat Simulator 3
5:45 Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed
6:22 Gran Turismo 7
7:09 A Plague Tale Requiem
8:09 The Last Of Us Part 1
9:26 Honorable mentions
10:00 Outro

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  1. "You can lower the difficulty if you're a pussy"-my new favorite game reviewer

  2. Just deleted call of duty mw2 2 times, horrible game way too many bugs, their sbmm is rigged af you can look up their patents on what the sbmm does to the game there's also skill based hit detection, and not to mention the sbmm gives out server problems as well, campaign is ok, spec ops is ok, but til they fix everything wrong with mw2 it's staying deleted, I don't recommend anybody to buy this game at all not now at least waste of 70$ and I feel sorry to the ones who got the 100$ version. Please there are better games than mw2, spend wisely

  3. I scooped up a ps5 with god of war ragnarok and man this is gonna be legendary

  4. Can i play RDR 2 on my PS5? Will it work?

  5. Do you play cod with adaptive triggers I was just wandering would it make me play worse with them on

  6. Don’t worry if you’re poor? I was watching this to get some ideas of games to try not listen to an unfunny dick put people down.

  7. subscribed your channel because the last of us section,joel is the one keeping them alive but wahmen thinking about their feelings

  8. Thanks for this awesome video. I was looking if its worth getting ps5 this christmass but aparently it is not 🙂 Thumbs Up!!

  9. 65 hours on Elden Ring?! Damn lol. I’m at 156 hours and still not close to beating it 😂

  10. For me, the Horizon series are more than nice graphics. It was the game than made me feel chills while fighting a boss after not feeling that since I was a kid. But oh well, each of us have different tastes.

  11. horizon forbidden west gameplay feels bad
    change my mind!

  12. lol never heard someone say elden ring is underrated! it was a huge success

  13. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a lower difficulty. Pussy! People purchased a game and they do whatever tf they want with it, so stfu.

  14. Did you say DONT WORRY IF UR POOR because u have the ps4

  15. “So don’t worry if your poor” 😂😂

  16. I saw warzone and left the video i wish i could take back my veiw

  17. I got so mad at the hateful before I really figured out all of their moves and I told myself I wasn't turning down the difficulty on these assholes cuz I ain't a bitch🤣

  18. Why didn’t you get Gotham nights?😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  19. I'm sure I heard you right in the beginning of your video saying don't worry if your poor . Wtf does being poor have to do with anything when it comes to who has a ps4 or ps5 .your a piece of shit.

  20. Why are you cursing so much in the video? If you think it's cool I can tell you it's not.

  21. I finally was able to order a ps5 disc edition with god of war. it will arrive in late january. Had like 5 ps4/pros since launch and a bunch of games digitally purchased cant wait to play them all with improved frames. Especially elden ring. I played through elden ring in 150hours within 2weeks on my ps4 pro on less then 30fps. It was the best game i played in a long time but the crashes, and especially 20sec+ loading times after dying were really torture and im glad its finally over

  22. Top 10 and your second game you waffle on

  23. Is this the third version of The Last Of Us part 1? I got that remastered one recently and I could not spend more than 1hr there, it just did not hold up. I want to experience the game for the first time but all these versions got me confused.

  24. this guy must be one of them guys who live in his dad and moms basement and and talks shit to you because you do not live on the game but if you catch him in real life he wouldnt say 1 word to you

  25. I had a ps4 and I'm not poor, you dickhead!!

  26. Just got my PS5 yesterday!! So pumped. Got the God of war ragnarok bundle. Unfortunately didn’t play the first game so that part sucks but I’m so pumped to have the system finally!

  27. It’s the don’t worry if your poor part for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. No Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart?!?!?? Seriously?

  29. I’m doing shitty because I found your stupid video. You made my day even worse

  30. Don't worry if you're poor? Some kids going to watch this and feel like shit.

  31. Im not poor im smart i sold my ps4 pro for 300 and bought the ps5 for same price i bought my ps4 before

  32. Assains Creed Valhalla, GOW Ragnarok and HFW in that order. All other games are inferior.

  33. Ive got God of War Ragnarok start wait to start playing on my new 65inch tv and ps5 and I want to get Elden Ring, Hogwarts and Forspoken all going to be very loud through my soundbar

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