Top 10 PS5 Games -

Top 10 PS5 Games

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The PS5 launch brought back some PS4 games that look and play even better on the PS5 and new launch titles, so to help sort out what to play first, these are the ten best games to play on the system right now.

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  1. These games are the worst. Where are like cod or uncharted or battlefield

  2. Great Video greatings from Mysimplecooking 😊

  3. Think the only PS5 exclusive game is Astro's Playroom

  4. Demon's souls is the only ps5 only game right?

  5. HITMAN 3 : missing

    DIANA : Agent 47 , you got a new mission ……. To assassinate the IGN owner

  6. Wow do you all smell it it's worth the rock cracked out Sony's PlayStation 5 and Dwayne Johnson is a turd himself poops reproducing poop amazing.

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  8. 15.6M subscribers and you're not using timestamps to make it easier for your audience to navigate through your vids? wtf.

  9. Man, after ps3 all de have is a lot of remaster or childhood boring games. Look this top 10, couldnt Be worst

  10. Gamers and gaming lovers, assemble here; PS5 has sharp graphics and great games.

  11. They missed Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

  12. 10 games..?…well at least more games than consoles…

  13. Atros's Playroom 10/10 got the platinum too

  14. Do yourself a favor and just upgrade your hard drive on the ps4…. its cheaper….

  15. Woowwww how can you forget ratchet and clank shamee on you IGN

  16. Any games that are cross generational are not a next game.
    With the power of the ps5 devs need to design games that no old console can deliver. That’s the point of owning a next gen console. It’s not just for the prettier graphics.

  17. so, ummmmm basically there is none 😀

  18. Come here to find some new games only to realise that every game on this list is already finished

  19. Can’t believe No Man’s Sky isn’t in there.

  20. All the Ps5 games you need are
    All the PS4 games. Lame.

  21. The best ps4 games came out around a year ago, Its not worth getting a ps5 for years yet

  22. Man u did this game top based only on ur personal taste. Its sux , only the spidermens looks like next generation

  23. That's definitely not Stella Chung talking lol. Unless they just threw that their to promote her socials lol.

  24. so in short theres no point in going for the ps5 at the moment .

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