Top 10 ROBLOX Upcoming 2023 Games You NEED To Play! -

Top 10 ROBLOX Upcoming 2023 Games You NEED To Play!

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It’s that time again… omg i just realized i forgot scarlet moon NOOO

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  1. bro said i am going to show other games like not only anime games but then proceeds to give thousands and thousands of anime games

  2. i think bleach era 2 could have gotten a honorable mention

  3. Fruit battlegrounds has high potential! They are gonna add PvE and dungeon and stuff. They will add awakenings with cool abilities and cool designed swords with nice attacks too.😮 Im excited for the anime games you have been telling. Roblox is getting better and better. The games are getting better and better. Good luck to the developers!

  4. Upcoming years roblox has to change to any other name as not blox as its realustic fun and without block we cant do anything!

  5. Hello my fellow friends And Happy New year, I'm Roblox developer and I'm still working on my game My game may be coming out in 2025 (Cross-Battles Coming Soon in 2025) It's fighting game and its also going to have better features that are in CW (I hope soo) let me tell you something about my game The thing is that you need to buy weapon they just spawn randomly in the map and the controls are attack,heavy attack, Block,jab,Throw (but sadly you have to pick up your weapon again) and it will also have guns with auto aim And To make it easy in battle I'm going to add Lock On to make it much easier and the fun thing is that I'm also going to add guns HAHA and More stuff like potions and more and you can also Carry downed people or kick them you can only do the kicking option when your next to a downed Player and you can heal them of you had something that heals soo with the healing items you can't only heal yourself but you can also heal others I already have made some weapon like the Wrench and the shovel and The Long Sword and also an Shield

  6. did the shonen smash 2 guy come back after getting harrassed like "you call me ass, then heres some gas"? W

  7. yoo am hyped for holy war anime lengend derelict sea

  8. There is this pokemon game coming out in early janurary its called tales of tanorio

  9. more than half of the games are fighting and anime

  10. Can you give me link to demon journey to group or the gane

  11. we all love these games but why arent there any sao games i mean theres sword burst 2 but its dead i feel like the sao franchise should rise up again

  12. Love how in the end they were all pretty much anime games 😂 nothing wrong with that tho

  13. what the the link game of demon journey 2

  14. I love seeing arcane odyssey on this list, arcane adventures was a amazing game that I personally loved back then, I liked world of magic too although I didn't really like the small amount of content, this game has been something i have been hyped about for the past 2 years now. Can't wait to play.

  15. Give me a game like a bender wills or bleach primera and ill be happy.

  16. Bro I just want to say somthing. Pokémon is a anime bro “bro Said it’s like Pokémon but anime bro lol”

  17. I just want roblox to have good anime games that aren't ripoffs of gpo or bandit beaters

  18. devas of creation and anime legends gotta be the most hyped upcoming games

  19. Does anyone know when any of these games release and anyone know when anime showdown coming out or releasing 😊

  20. Honestly I'm pretty upset blackout isn't on the list. If you didn't know about it blackout is a Street shooter game like da hood (although I said da hood it will hopefully nothing like it). – This is it's most recent sneek-peek and it looks absolutely incredible. A bit of backstory for the game is it got taken down by a developer called RVVZ who created another street game called criminality and now the game is being completely reworked. Anyway just take a look at the sneek-peek and you'll see how amazing it looks.

  21. "How to tell someone that ur a weebo without telling anyone that ur a weebo"

  22. im over these anime games smh give us a normal game

  23. last year we had some of these games on the list too… ive realized for a while now that games such as holy war x and anime legends are starting to seem like it isnt real. we havent gotten an anime legends teaser in a year i think, and holy war x has been in development for god knows how long. when you think of movies like The Batman or Spider-Man: No Way Home, you realize how much hype was built around it and see how fast they died off. i believe this will happen with these 2 games: the games wont live up to the hype. thats why me personally i couldnt care less about these games, and im more excited about games like anime showdown, where we are being constantly updated by the devs and the community.

  24. cuh made a whole list of jsut honorable mentions 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. the video should have been name top upcoming rpd and tpp roblox games for 2023.

  26. Idk where u get these games from but everything I look for it on ses none of them even exist so

  27. I just want them to be released now they look so fire 😢

  28. pixel piece reminds me of cube world with all the pixels

  29. All those were so good but you forgot anime united

  30. Is there any permadeath or mmorpg open world like deepwoken
    Never played deepwoken tho

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