Top 10 Simulation Games to Learn REAL WORLD SKILLS -

Top 10 Simulation Games to Learn REAL WORLD SKILLS

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Some simulations games can offer some real world knowledge and skills alongside fun. Here are some of our favorite examples for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
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  1. School shooter simulator has helped pretty much i recommend it

  2. You Americans (F@$& YEA!!!).? Thankjjio Wait you’re not American?

  3. 2021 Game of their YEAR!!!! — “POWER WASH SIMULATOR”

  4. almost all these games are insanely boring

  5. Kerbal Space Program (physics), and DCS for flying. Assetto Corsa for driving

  6. Doctor simulator, or even surgery simulator would be interesting.

  7. This is one of those random chance videos you sometimes find that are a jewel. Thank you!

  8. The game where you make PC's, you canb put it VR and it would be more real.

  9. PC building simulator is not available on Android that would be a great app though on mobile one day

  10. This list misses the most lifesaving one
    Goat Simulator

  11. no survival games like STRANDED DEEP and so on. I believe ARMA was heavaly financed by the army to recruit and simulate combat tactics&skills. There are all kinds of others like lawnmoer, carwash or even dating sims

  12. Stupid in Euro Truck Simulator 2 its possible to skip reversing to finish but not driving. Reversing trailer is best part, and driving just pure boring.

  13. Most realistic thing in Farming Simulator is you really dont work on fields, you hire neighbour kid to do it for you (with ridicilous small pay), while you move machinery from field to another.

  14. Mass Debating Simulator was very beneficial to me!!!

  15. Flight simulator won't teach you how to fly bruh

  16. Surgeon Simulator…….because there’s nothing more relaxing than performing a virtual Tonsillectomy against the clock after a long day at work!

  17. Deer Hunter 5 was one of the biggest fun I had playing multiplayer online. I laughed so much. I would like to play it again.

  18. Have you guys tried Mid Life Crisis Simulator?

  19. I have Beam. Its great game.

    I would recomend Automation: The car company tycoon
    You can manage your own car company, with lot of attention given to engineering cars you are gonna sell

  20. Haven't played Snowrunner yet, but Mudrunner is addictive and challenging, but deceptively enjoyable too.

    DCS World is one of those games that is your main one, it took me 6 months to learn and pass basic to advanced flight certification for the A10 Warthog. Amazing fun but a huge learning curve.

    Some great sims on this video, but they take so much time to master.

  21. PC sim will not teach you proper cooling what so ever…

  22. Prostitution simulator is my favorite, it's just like the real thing.

  23. Payday taught me how to find the camera blind spots in stores and banks

  24. I'm more actually interested in the money and price determining part of the simulation

  25. you fail if your list doesn't include Kerbal Space Program. Seriously! Total fail!

  26. euro truck simulator is so satisfying and pleasant game with cargo stuff and earning money bit by bit to buy ourself a new truck and then roam around freely with the good looking environment

  27. 0:22 No. 10 – Snow Runner, Mud runner
    1:58 No. 9 – PC Building Simulator
    3:12 No. 8 – Hunting simulator
    4:19 No. 7 – Car Mechanic Simulator
    5:52 No. 6 – Football Manager
    6:44 No. 5 – Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator
    8:08 No. 4 – Flipping House simulator
    9:06 No. 3 – Farming Simulator
    10:18 No. 2 – BeamNG Drive
    11:05 No. 1 – Microsoft Flight Simulator

  28. The Sims taught me that my baby won't be okay

  29. Wow, sounds like hard work, like the one im.playing now "real life" struggling with it lol.
    But that PC build joint, I may get into, use to build PC back in the Pentium 1 and 2 days …
    Just never took it seriously to make a career smh I guess I should have.

  30. At least in a games i can do house holds:)

  31. Snow and mud runner is one to play. It's challenging as heII

  32. I tried the trucking one, but then realized that unlike real life I'm not getting paid for it, so I fired COD back up.

  33. I can't lie, when I think of these kinda games, like farming simulator, or bus driver simulator. I think they are so stupid, but I recently decided to play farming sim the other day, and now I one 4 different simulator games. I have no idea why such a simple/basic genre can be so enjoyable and rewarding

  34. Farming Simulator is Crap….Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops is much much better…

  35. As a former pilot, I can assure you couldn't imagine how many lives were saved because some of the passengers knew how to fly a plane thanks to Flight Simulator. This game is a gift in itself.

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