Top 10 Single Player Games You Should Play In 2023! -

Top 10 Single Player Games You Should Play In 2023!

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Best Single Player Games 2023 PC PS4 Xbox One Switch PS5
Best Single Player games PC 2023 Offline
Best Single Player Games 2023 Top 10 Single Player Games Of All Time PS5 Xbox Series X S
Atomic Heart Dead Island 2 Dead Space Dredge Hogwarts Legacy Octopath Traveler 2 Resident Evil 4 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Tchia The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom FPS RPG ARPG Action Adventure Offline Online

Best Adventure Games 2023:

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Dying Light 2 Review In 2023:

In this video I show you the Top 10 single player games you should play in 2023, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Star Wars Jedi Survivor
0:52 Resident Evil 4
2:13 Dredge
3:03 Hogwarts Legacy
3:47 Dead Island 2
4:44 Atomic Heart
5:37 Dead Space
6:38 Tchia
7:04 Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
7:35 Octopath Traveler 2
8:08 Honorable mentions
8:33 Outro

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  1. Also known as "top 10 games that are popular and will satisfy the algorithm".

  2. dead space was beautiful and a lot of fun but I couldn't play for more than 1 hour at at time without feeling stressed out lol, after like 4 hours I decided it wasn't for me so I'm gonna play Dragon Quest 11 shockingly for the first time.

  3. you are funny man, love watching your videos keep it up!

  4. top quality as always ❤❤keep this great job and this channel will hit the first million in no time ❤

  5. DO NOT! get Star wars jedi survivor. The performance is very very bad. i recommend waiting at least 6 months

  6. you kinda sound like jason from the good place

  7. Theres like two good games here and my pc are way too bad to play any of em

  8. Thank you for the great recommendations! 🙏 Can't wait to try them out! 😊

  9. Spiderman remastered, Spiderman Miles morales, uncharted 4, Marvel avengers, tomb raider series, splinter cell . Far cry 3 and 4 ( 5&6 are boring and bad).

  10. If I see the Witcher 3 on this list I'm gonna rage.

  11. not a "10 game you should play", more like "I rate 10 games"

  12. great vid informative and hilarious as usual cant believe you haven't more subs😂

  13. 2023 man has elden ring as number one of didn’t come out 2023 🫥

  14. who the fuck needs video to remind them to play AAA titles

  15. i like your way of thinking but it’s exactly work the opposite way it’s radical number graph i can explain if you were curious

  16. Ngl but they took Ashley…. This is how plot works,it u mean in gameplay, then i bet you just need to not suck at game😂 (this not applies to you tho creator of video) but i got no problems with, tho she is sweet here unlike og that bratty girl u remember

  17. Who’s down to game share pls❤😊😊😊

  18. Atomic Heart is suck, how much you payed for proposal game from rusish-nazish ?

  19. Interesting choice of games.. I completely agree with your comments on these games ..👍

  20. TOTK really turned me off with the weapon durability, after i finished the story i couldn’t play it anymore after

  21. Errrrm God of war regnorok? Bit of an insult to not have it on the list.

  22. I own xbox but these games looks expensive to me

  23. just dont put star wars pls I bought the last game only for 1 dollar from steam it was like 99% disconnt and I think it wasn'
    t even the 1 dollar worth

  24. I belive octopath 2 has content worth 90-120h

  25. Already know this doesnt mean much when u add hogwarts legacy

  26. garbage males ass protagonist forced to play, no thanks!

  27. I love horror games I’m just to scared to play them and I’m 21

  28. Encouraging people to not support a great game like tears of the kingdom is so shit.

  29. I am also not into shitting my pants! great vid 😀

  30. Sony REALLY needs to make BETTER single player offline games…
    Zombie games (western, SCI fi, foreign country) are all OK, and they are ALL just about the undead thingy.

    But A More, better *variety of dang good quality games for offline play, would be nice.

    Just saying. There is better variety for on line players,, why not have it the same for off line.???

    Still gotta pay the $70 bucks a pop either way…


  31. In sorry but dead island is boring compared to dying light

  32. Top 10 Single Player Games but then you're dissing them lol

  33. 2:08 So, I'm not the only one having issues with the goddamn lake!!! I knew it!

  34. I've seen enough. this is probably my 5th video I've watched from you today and all are outstanding. Subbed

  35. Yo dude who wrote this list for you that every game in your “top 10” list you just say how trash the game is

  36. Hogwarts Legacy isn't worth your time. It's a silly grind game

  37. I'm a Harry Potter fan; I've read all the books and watched all the movies.
    However, Hogwarts Legacy is boring for me as well 🙁

  38. same accent as joelrpg, except, you can tell that you actually play the game, unlike that guy. kudos.

  39. Issac talked in the original Dead Space games.

  40. My guy says fishing is great but hogwarts legacy is boring lol

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