Top 10 Tactical RPGs of All Time -

Top 10 Tactical RPGs of All Time

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Check out our list of the top 10 Tactical RPGs of all time.

From XCOM, to Final Fantasy Tactics to Triangle Strategy, tactical rpgs are not always flashy and exciting at first glance, but can be one of the most satisfying meals to sink your teeth into. From controlling Viking armies to repelling alien invasions and even fighting in a faux World War II, there is a wide world of experiences to be had in this genre, and we’ve selected the 10 best. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and XCOM each have their own place, so let’s jump in!

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  1. I'd give an honorable mention to front mission on PS1

    Tactical RPG with mechs… Need I say more?

  2. Put Three Houses as the best fire emblem is a misunderstanding of the most important thing in this séries.
    The level design here is pretty average.
    3H is not good at what make a tactical rpg great.
    It's probably enough for jrpgs players but it's a trpg top.
    Jugdral or Tellius saga (as well as others Kaga's games without FE's name like Tear Ring or Berwick Saga are by far better tactical.

    3H is still a decent FE tho

  3. No Shining Force 2? Another one I will add is Stella Glow.

  4. Three houses is leagues above anything else on this list.

  5. Vandal hearts is also one of the games of all time

  6. Not having a fire emblem at number 1 and not having advanced wars on the list at all tells me placement on this list was paid for.

  7. Tactics Ogre is probably the best game on this list (to me) and the predecessor "Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen" from the SNES is one of my favorite games of all time

  8. Ign is so predictable and mainstream its fucking sad..

  9. Editing on this video is terrible. You don't even give the names of the games!

  10. Man, you gotta include brigandine legend of runersia here. It prolly slaps most of the games in this list. Try playing it bruh.

  11. A fact– FF tactics is made by the crew of Tactics Ogre, who weren't happy with the treatment of Square Enix at that time so now you know if you didn't

  12. Disgaea 5? Worst story + hidden stat caps making it super fast and easy to max out characters puts this one on the bottom of the list. 1, 2 and 4 are all way better entries in the series, imo. 5 is just garbage.

  13. Forgot Vandal Hearts a amazing turn based rpg

  14. Final Fantasy Tactics is the greatest game of all time. That's it. That's my post.

  15. FYI The Reviews of Tactics Ogre Reborn are already available! Most of them are very positive.

  16. Vandal Hearts! WTIF is wrong with you IGN! They pratically started the turn-based games genre!

  17. no super robot wars, shining force or advance wars?

  18. How come no one remembered Front Mission??

  19. Fell Seal would replace Triangle Strategy on my list.

  20. Tactics ogre came before fft. And it's way better. all tactical games owe ogre a nod or two

  21. what, Divinity original sin and wasteland are missing from the ranking, I'm disgusted

  22. You miss a new excellent tactical rpg named: Chaos Gate Deamonhunters!!!! dont put 2 fire emblems only put one, three houses is much bettter than path of radiance

  23. Can a company of this size not learn to pronounce things correctly? Like come on it’s not that difficult

  24. The lack of any Shining Force games is a huge omission and very disappointing. They maybe a tad dated but are some of the greatest tactical RPGs of all time and easily better than some of the games on this list.

  25. im disappointed not even one series of Front Mission made the list… really IGN didnt play any this game… probably just a person doing the research for the sake of content… shame 😂

  26. Not Shinning Force 2? Thats an insult!

  27. That's right…final fantasy tactics is one of the best games ever

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