Top 10 Tom Brady Games... So Far | NFL Films -

Top 10 Tom Brady Games… So Far | NFL Films

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A count down of Tom Brady’s top 10 games of his career… so far.

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  1. When Tom Brady retires you need to do a Top 10 Tom Brady Superbowls

  2. Would the Buc championship even make the top ten? Would anything from that season? No way any of those bumps the 2018 AFC game . . . epic doesn't even come close!

  3. Some people need to realize that just because he didn’t throw for 350+ w 5TDs doesn’t mean it wasn’t a top 10 game. His job is to manage and put his team in a position to win, that doesn’t always mean doing the most w his arm

  4. But we only won 6 SBs, we should have won 9 if not 10 (been in SB 1 or 2 other seasons). Stuck tied with Pittsburgh for most SB wins.

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  6. anyone else notice that shirt? I would gladly buy that shirt

  7. Fun Fact: Brady owns the Baltimore Ravens more than Steve Bisciotti ever will.

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  9. "Tom Brady has the golden touch"

    I think he'll have to give that award to Bob Kraft or Deshaun Watson.

  10. Why are these douches knocking him backhandededly the whole time 🤔 its almost like Roger Goodell said highlight his mistakes

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  13. Need to send this video to Barry mccockiner

  14. They should make a Top10 Tom Brady Super Bowl games.

  15. Stupid list! Maybe Tom’s most important games but not his best games! The loss to the Eagles was one of his best games. There have been many great Brady games but not the Snow Bowl! Just a horrible list.

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