Top 10 Tom Brady Games... So Far | NFL Films -

Top 10 Tom Brady Games… So Far | NFL Films

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A count down of Tom Brady’s top 10 games of his career… so far.

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  6. How do you come back from that performance in 2015? How about make it to 4 Super Bowls and win three along with two SB MVPs? And he isn’t done..

  7. BREAKING NEWS 2062:
    After winning a Super Bowl MVP and ring with every team in the NFL TB12 has finally decided to call it quits!

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  12. I will never forget that Patriots vs. Falcons game…. i couldn't believe my eyes.

  13. Over the course of his career, the odds of him finishing by winning the Super Bowl have been about the same as a pro golfer sinking a seven foot putt.

  14. Most Super Bowls won
    Biggest Super Bowl comeback
    First overtime in Super Bowl history
    Lowest scoring Super Bowl in history
    First time a team makes it to the Super Bowl when hosting

    First time a team wins a Super Bowl at home

    Oldest qb to win a Super Bowl

    We will never again see someone do so much for football.

  15. Time for an update. Tom–the goat–has done more amazing things since this was posted.

  16. It’s crazy that this video wasn’t even close to being the end of TB12

  17. They can almost do "Top 10 Tom Brady Super Bowls"

  18. I bought season tickets to the Pats in 1998 after being a Pats fan since I was 10 and have had them ever since. It all just seems unreal after all of the disasters they had. Thanks Tom.

  19. it was a valid question? That's what happens when you so good

  20. lol we need an updated list now just after 3 years… him beating the saints while on the bucs in the playoffs… or how about him beating rodgers…

  21. That sports writer who says that Brady played like "crap" in the first half is out-to-lunch. Yes, there was the pick six, but Brady was moving the ball and would have scored except for Blunt's fumble and the pick. Also Atlanta was holding and mauling the Patriot receivers in the first half throwing of their timing. They finally got called on that 3 times in a row in the second half and then they stopped doing it. The rest is history.

  22. What sucks even more than the fact that this video even exists in the first place is the fact that they'll likely have to make another one just like it at some point….

  23. Tell me your favorite Tom Brady game.. Mine is the 2015 AFC Championship game. That's actually my favorite Gronk game too. I know they lost but the fight they had against that great defense was spectacular n one of my favorite moments.. Probably the only time my favorite team lost at anything and I wasn't disappointed in the team. I was very proud to be fans of them

  24. I live in Australia , a non NFL country but we do take an interest in it. I'm 57 years old have seen a lot of sport. There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Brady is the greatest sportsperson to have ever lived. No one in any team sport can or will achieve what he has. In Australia if you did what he has done it would get you a state funeral , that's a big deal here and only one sportsperson has ever been given one 10 Superbowls 7 wins 4 MVP's 5 Superbowl MVP's…it's not even a discussion anymore, it's simply a fact. In Australia we are dumbfounded how the so called " experts " over there put him down so much. We celebrate greatness even if it's someone from the other team .

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  26. even after calling this guy the goat in this video he has won 2 other superbowls and an mvp

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  28. Stupid list! Maybe Tom’s most important games but not his best games! The loss to the Eagles was one of his best games. There have been many great Brady games but not the Snow Bowl! Just a horrible list.

  29. They should make a Top10 Tom Brady Super Bowl games.

  30. Need to send this video to Barry mccockiner

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  33. Why are these douches knocking him backhandededly the whole time 🤔 its almost like Roger Goodell said highlight his mistakes

  34. "Tom Brady has the golden touch"

    I think he'll have to give that award to Bob Kraft or Deshaun Watson.

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  36. Fun Fact: Brady owns the Baltimore Ravens more than Steve Bisciotti ever will.

  37. anyone else notice that shirt? I would gladly buy that shirt

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  39. But we only won 6 SBs, we should have won 9 if not 10 (been in SB 1 or 2 other seasons). Stuck tied with Pittsburgh for most SB wins.

  40. Some people need to realize that just because he didn’t throw for 350+ w 5TDs doesn’t mean it wasn’t a top 10 game. His job is to manage and put his team in a position to win, that doesn’t always mean doing the most w his arm

  41. Would the Buc championship even make the top ten? Would anything from that season? No way any of those bumps the 2018 AFC game . . . epic doesn't even come close!

  42. When Tom Brady retires you need to do a Top 10 Tom Brady Superbowls

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