Top 10 Upcoming NEW Indie Games of September 2021 -

Top 10 Upcoming NEW Indie Games of September 2021

Best Indie Games
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Fall gaming season is here and with it brings games both big & smaller, so here are the BEST upcoming indie games for September which looks jam packed with fantastic titles.

00:00 ► Start
00:17 ► #10 F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch :
00:43 ► #9 Sable :
02:11 ► #8 Webbed :
02:48 ► #7 Outer Wilds – Echoes of the Eye :
03:34 ► #6 METALLIC CHILD :
04:36 ► #5 NYKRA :
06:19 ► #4 Kitaria Fables :
07:37 ► #3 :
08:06 ► #2 :
09:22 ► #1 :

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  1. Thank you once again for the sweet list! I had no idea Nykra existed, now to just sacrifice to the appropriate deities to ensure it someday comes to Switch.

  2. fricking hell! And I though July and August were the best month! September has a lot of strong Contenders for top 10s of the year!


    But seriously, what an incredible month. Guess I want to play all the games on the list. FIST demo was great! Webbed caught me off guard, though it was going to take longer. Glad it won't.

  4. Great News! Flynn Finally Releasing!

  5. F.I.S.T and Flynn : son of crimson are my two games for september. so hyped for these two games 🤘🎮

  6. Tons of amazing games. Maybe I'll just take a break next year. 😔

  7. Sable: a mix between Journey, Ghibli and Moebius

  8. These are my chosen good games for my special month of September!
    1) 0:18 F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch (Metroidvania) A 2.5D Metroidvania that will Kick Out Hollow Knight: Silk Song
    2) 3:34 Metallic Child (Action Rogue-Lite) Isometric shooter anime art theme that is wild
    3) 4:37 Nykra (Adventure Platformer) The long wait is finish and the story is so good
    4) 6:20 Kitaria Fables (Farming Action Adventure) Looks more addictive than Harvest Moon
    5) 7:38 Flynn: Son Of Crimson (Action Platformer) A better platformer than Hollow Knight
    6) 8:07 Tails Of Iron (Action Platformer) Dark Comic art style made this game more interesting
    7) 9:23 Eastward (Action Adventure) One of the most awaited game that is focused a lot on the story

  9. My most anticipated games in order for my special month of September are:
    1. Flynn:Son Of Crimson
    2. Kitaria Fables
    3. F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow
    4. Metallic Child
    5. Eastward
    6. Tails Of Iron
    7. Nykra

    And these are my recommendations for the month of September!

  10. cannot wait for Outer Wilds DLC Echoes of the Eye. absolutely LOVE the base game. one of the most enjoyable and phenomenal story driven adventures i've ever had the pleasure of being engrossed in.

  11. Flynn is actually coming out?!? lol That top 3 is really solid.

  12. That kitaria fables somehow really reminds of rune factory

  13. I bet you were really happy to see a release date for flynn lol in all honesty I'm not "that" excited but am glad the long wait finally comes to an end. Your top 3 are killer titles and day 1 buys for me

  14. all these games coming out in the same month, it's so mean :'(
    excited to play them lol 😀

  15. Every time I see Eastward, all I can think about is Mother 3. Can't help but have a massive expectation for its narrative. Hope it can live up.

  16. You wrote that Sable is in First Person but it looks third person?

  17. Flynn Son of Crimson and Eastward being released ONE DAY APART is kinda cruel. I was hoping for a gap between games. Been waiting patiently for both for years!!! Ugh!!

  18. So many good games! How to buy them all?! How to play them all?! I have 37 games on my September list, including 15 physicals for various consoles — help! For indies, my top 10 would be very similar to your Clemmy, though I place Sable up in the top 2 with Eastward. So beautiful — and as for exploration, the Sable demo made me feel like I haven't felt playing an exploration game since the first couple of Tomb Raider games 25 years ago.

    September also has some great bigger games like possible GOTY Tales of Arise, the lovely Kena, and a new WarioWare with updated gameplay, as well as a treasure-trove of retro re-releases: Sonic Colors Ultimate, Espgaluda II, Cruis'n Blast, G-Darius HD, & Cotton/Guardian Force Saturn Tribute. There are at least 10 other great indies coming in Sept as well, if you were to make another list of 10. I don't have the time or the money, but man we sure have some games to play!!! I wish these games appealed to a wider audience — so many AAA-only gamers are looking at their PS5/XBS/Switches right now and saying "2021 has no games".

  19. Oh snap, Flynn is FINALLY coming out!

    September is going to be STACKED

  20. Tails of Geralt of R…oh wait wrong game.

  21. I keep forgetting how these releases can sneak up on you. I mean, F.I.S.T, Flynn, and Tails of Iron all in one month? And I STILL have to pay rent?

  22. i hope that metallic child's HUD is customizable, it looks more RPG-ish than a roguelike

  23. Perhaps my game will get into such a selection someday.
    Like if you want too =]

  24. One new indie game that I would like to add to this list that's coming out in September is Aragami 2, the sequel to the first Aragami released back in 2016. This game looks to be an incredibly fun stealth game that greatly expands upon the very limited movement options from the first game, and the developers at Lince Works have said that this game is heavily inspired by the Tenchu series. Granted, I'm not sure if this game would technically be classified as an independent or a middle-market game, although the developers have described themselves as an independent studio.

  25. Great selection of games but please stop using the word "no-brainer".

  26. Tails of Iron, Nykra and, of course, Eastward, have all my attention and desire.

    I usually don't like games with animals doing human stuff, but Tails seems to be one of the few exceptions.

    Likewise, I don't like childish art-style and character design, and on top I'm tired of the "rude man and little/cute girl" combination, but Eastward is, also, an exception. I just wish the NPCs didn't all move like they were dancing some slow tempo techno or something.

  27. Done I saw everything, Next month I'' marathon everything again 😃
    Will I have busy year, I can say I'll watch you in this month
    or even play Video game 🙁

  28. My most anticipated game for the month isn't on the list 😛 . It's the puzzle game, Bonfire Peaks.

  29. Late watching the vid but holy crap Steptember is gonna be massive. Each of these was on my must-get list so there are gonna be some tough choices for me in September.

  30. Eastward, Fist and Sable will be my list of games to play first. September’s gonna sick! 🔥👀

  31. about sable, the game is beautiful, but just for the sake of learning, it’s cell shaded and the animation is low fps
    stop motion is when you make animation with photography, like wallas and gromit or coraline

  32. Please check "Aragami 2", which releases on sep 17th

  33. God this is a good video, watced and recommended this video to people I know like crazy this week! So many promising titles!

    Especially looking forward to: Webbed, Metallic Child, NYKRA, Kitaria Fables, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Tails of Iron, and Eastward.

    Sorta interested in FIST too.

  34. September is absolutely STACKED with intriguing games. One of the biggest months in a long time for sure!

  35. Jesus I feel like I have been waiting for EastWard for a billion years now.

  36. FIST does not have a release date on Steam?

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