Top 10 Upcoming Survival Base Building Games for 2024 -

Top 10 Upcoming Survival Base Building Games for 2024

Guns, Nerds, and Steel
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🔥 Get ready for the ultimate survival experience! In this video, we’re taking a deep dive into the Top 10 Survival Base Building Games coming to 2023 and 2024 that you simply can’t miss. From post-apocalyptic wastelands to uncharted islands, these highly anticipated games will test your resourcefulness, strategy, and creativity like never before.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Under a Rock
2:45 Enshrouded
5:03 Blind Descent
6:38 Derelicts
8:16 Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria
10:21 Rooted
12:17 Forever Skies
14:06 Nightingale
16:31 Fractured Veil
18:38 Outbreak Island
20:12 Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival
21:49 Final Thoughts

🎮 In this list, I’ll be showcasing a variety of survival base building games that will challenge you to adapt, innovate, and thrive in harsh environments. From innovative gameplay mechanics to stunning visuals, these titles are set to redefine the genre and offer countless hours of immersive gameplay. Make sure to add these gems to your wishlist and prepare for the ultimate test of survival!

📝 Did I miss any of your most anticipated survival base building games? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more top gaming content.

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  1. plenty of good looking games, and then comes Moria…. cant help but noticing that their textures and environment just looks outdated even before release… whats with that LOTR games these days? do they not get enough money and time to be released? (will it be just an other flop like Golum?)

  2. plenty of good looking games, and then comes Moria…. cant help but noticing that their textures and environment just looks outdated even before release… whats with that LOTR games these days? do they not get enough money and time to be released? (will it be just an other flop like Golum?)

  3. bulllshit list full of crap you see on the 1st google page searching for survival games 0 research

  4. Oxygen Not Included is another good survival/base management game, always goes under the radar.

  5. Force of Nature II Ghost Keeper is the best survival base building 😊

  6. Why does it sound like this guy is just reading ad copy?

  7. New games every one hears about not saying they want because you can't trust studios anymore. Yes, this looks okay… but they can't even update valheim… that's the thing you steamers or content creators fail to recognize yay always new shit… but when it releases is it good does it get updates tweaks fixes or does it get abandoned and the creators make millions off of people. use of those Key words, BIGGEST, MOST INSANE, BEST, MOST AMAZING, BRAND NEW, …TRUTH IS THEY ARE BORING.

  8. awesome i hope a few of them will be released on consoles.

  9. thank you for the video, but in my opinion there was no good and interesting game, all of it look like mobile project

  10. Love all the survival games that are out there now. Just hope they don't get stuck in "Early Access Hell" forever.

  11. Enshrouded, Derelicts, and Nightinggale are my top picks.

  12. seems like its all about how big the map is now adays ore how 'different' the story is would be nice to see a game that was devolved to be sum cool staying true to the story line

  13. Finally! Someone who doesnt seem to be using an AI voice over. Liked and Subbed.

  14. Moria is awesome! We've beat that game with friends yesterday)Now we'r waitin for Enshrouded

  15. Hate to say it but the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria was boring at best. It has some moments of life but its otherwise dull.

  16. Enshrouded's building has me hyped.
    I don't care about survival games. I just want to build.

    If UE5 was easier to use, I'd be using that instead of playing games.

    All I want is to build and create settings for my RP group.

    I also dislike sci-fi and guns so the majority of these games are a hard pass for me.

  17. 1:43 the light looks baked to me, so there will be a downgrade for sure

  18. Under a Rock looks gorgeous, can't wait! Enshrouded looks amazing too, I like any game that lets you terraform. Forever Skies looks promising, I've seen some early gameplay on it!

  19. Lord of the Rings – Return to Moria is a turkey. No loss though as a EGS exclusive. Let it die…BTW the free version is available if you really must, since Epic already paid for you.Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival – Appears to be nothing more than an asset flip. Don't be scamed by this.

  20. Valheim is a great a game styl nothing From this list is better than it other than lord of the ring game

  21. All of them look interesting I must say. Thanks for the list o7 CHEERS I SAY!

  22. Enshrouded looks really dope. Looks like the Hytale we never got!

  23. I’m really excited for Rooted and it’s a game I’ve been watching for a long time. It reminds me of the zombie games that came out around 2015 like H1Z1 and WarZ.

  24. anyone know where to register for the early access of enshrouded and under the rock?

  25. if the game can only support less than 50 players per server, then is not worth it.

  26. I'm looking forward to play Nightingale

  27. Under a Rock, Enshrouded, and Return to Moria look amazing

  28. Rooted and forever skies look like they are going to own about 1000hrs of my life each😂

  29. Fractured Veil seems interesting but it's DOA if there's no solo or friend-invite servers. Just see how many people actually build anything nice in Rust, DayZ, etc…

  30. Rooted is the only one I'm remotely interested in.

  31. I noticed that Rooted looks a lot like The Day Before, which ended up being a scam. They use the same gameplay and clips like TDB did. It'd be disappointing if Rooted ended up being one as well

  32. Opinions needed. I have a month off coming up (ankle surgery recovery). I've minimized my choices of two games after watching a ton of videos like this. I have most games listed in these videos that are currently out, but either don't like them, or just rather play more of a medieval type right now.
    Choices are – Conan exiles, or Mount & Blade II bannerlord.

  33. of all these, I'll stick with 7 days to die, thank you

  34. It'd take a hell of a game to get me off ark.

  35. Sorry, hard disagree on the Moria game. That game looks like trash.

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