Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs & Secrets of 2022 -

Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs & Secrets of 2022

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No. 7 – 2:47
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No. 1 – 9:38

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  1. Great video! Happy new year Guru! Looking forward to another year of fantastic videos, keep up the good work!

  2. There should be a first person or a platformer game about finding easter eggs. Both the literal colorful holiday variety and the actual tv show, film, comic, and game references. Like maybe it's a week until easter and you play as the new easter bunny. And in order to progress through the game you gotta find the eggs you lost. The referencial easter eggs may still have a collectible one hidden dependingon how original the reference is so don't expect to find one by some turtles and pizza boxes in the sewers or a police box since obvious reference is obvious. But maybe the raccoon on the dumpster trying to stay out of a fox's reach might be a reference to sly cooper especially if a cane just so happens to be close by the dumpster. Chase off the raccoon and fox, open the dumpster and find treasure and an easter egg! The more eggs you find the more powers you unlock which are thematic to easter and spring. Maybe higher jumping power or camoflage if a reference may be too shy.
    Or maybe the eggs could be the prize earned after solving a puzzle tied to the referencial easter eggs. Like the cane is actually a lever that opens the dumpster for the sly cooper reference

  3. Always a pleasure to watch your videos 🙂

  4. Hey Guru, quality content as always! Could you name your wallpaper we can see where the game crashes?

  5. Glad to see ULTRAKILL on this list, ACT II in general has a lot of neat Easter Eggs

  6. Glad to see the Serious Sam homage, I always loved the music of First encounter and Second encounter, oh the hours I spent playing these games when I was a kid

  7. yea straight up refunded high on life after that lol, didn't miss anything worthwhile either.

  8. I can honestly say Guru is the only Easter egg channel that hits different. Dunno why but the vids just feel wholesome and put me in a really chill mood.

  9. Man you always have the best music in your vid’s.

  10. Can't wait to see what easter eggs will show us this new year :') I genuinely love this channel so much. Thank you Guru <3

  11. happy to see that after so many years youre still on youtube and i still fucking love the way you make easter egg videos. i cant lie i even tried to copy you when i was little and uploaded some easter egg videos myself a while back with the same format lol. i was dumb

  12. It's almost like everyone loves Doom or something…

  13. guru, im glad to see that you are a playboi carti enjoyer. happy new year

  14. thank you, im goin through so much stress these days and your videos help me relax

  15. Could we get your wallpaper artist info? I loved the art style of it. (seen at 11:12)

  16. Don't think we don't notice that fire Playboi Carti no time beat remake at 1:25

  17. where can I find that wallpaper at 11:13 would be gladly appreciated

  18. Ultrakill’s developer is named Hakita actually, Jakito is just a mispelling he took a liking to.

  19. Your videos are always a trip to watch every year.

  20. yawn, can devs stop doing DOOM easter eggs now pls?

    it was cool the first 100 times ten years ago. it’s time to stop

  21. I want your computer wallpaper, it’s so cool!

  22. Your editing and music choices are unmatched. Somehow you manage to make a game like ULTRAKILL feel nostalgic and emotional.

    Easily some of my favorite content on youtube. Happy to see you continuing to make videos at the highest quality. Thank you.

  23. Always a delightful experience to watch your videos Guru. Happy New Year

  24. cant wait until a dev one day adds a GURU easter egg after watching these catalogs of refrences.. thanks for all your hard work!

  25. Happy new year guru! I’ve genuinely grown up watching your videos. And for that, I love you. Hope this year continues blessing you!

  26. Love that Playboi Carti Background for Number 9

  27. I hope you can continue more and more years, your content has so many amazing quality and different edition is amazing, happy new year!!

  28. Hey bro. Just wanted to thank you for all these years of content. I’ve watched you since I was a little kid. I’m an adult now. That’s weird to think. I’ve probably seen most of your vids twice. Loved them all bro. Keep up the good work and here’s to 2023.

  29. That hamster was looking into my soul.

  30. Along with game theory and odd header you're one of the few channels my fiancé will enjoy watching with me!
    Thanks for your hard work, always inspires me but I have yet to hit upon my place on here and life 🙂

  31. Your videos always had and still have such a cozy vibe to them that nobody has. Been watching your videos for a long time now and I still remember watching little easter egg videos when I was younger and going into the games to see them myself afterwards. Past few years have been rough for a lot of people so I hope you have a great 2023. <3

  32. Happy New Year Guru thanks for all the amazing videos you've made ♥

  33. Te amo FunWithGuru, gracias por todos estos años de easter eggs ❤️

  34. we love you guru dont stop makin videos

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