Top 10 Video Games of 2023 (So Far) -

Top 10 Video Games of 2023 (So Far)
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With half of 2023 down, these have been the best video games the year has offered. For this list, we’ll be looking over the video games to come out so far this year that have blown our socks off with their stories, gameplay, unique direction, and just how dang fun they are to boot up and play. Our countdown of the best video games of 2023 so far includes “Hi-Fi Rush” (2023), “Diablo 4” (2023), “Street Fighter 6” (2023), “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (2023), and more! Did any of these make your list? Do you think anything in the latter half of 2023 could come in and take the crown for the year’s best? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If starfield isn't game of the year…. I won't know what to think.

  2. After the really slow start to the year, the past few months have given me some hope for this year of gaming. Let's hope we get more bangers than busts for the rest of the years most hyped titles

  3. Marvels spider-man 2 may become one or two

  4. YES TEARS OF THE KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Zelda is good but tbh its quite overhyped. The world is rather bland at some points and in terms of gameplay it isnt that smooth. The story is amazing and the world looks perfect aestatically but its isnt the best. Its a 8 tops. I would place Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy 16 way above Zelda

  7. i think cuphead when it gets the best dlc or something like that

  8. You miswrote Diablo Immortal in the descriptions

  9. Starfield can be a Major hit if its polished enough🤞

  10. Just came out of a gaming coma and had to find something that reassured me it was for a good reason rather than some kinda decent into a place where I was questioning if I was avoiding something else in life.

    No….I was not. This is simply just a strange golden era of gaming that has sprung out of nowhere and if I missed it? What a shame that would be. I had so much fun over the last few months just mindlessly gaming for fucking hours and hours and hours. I was starting to worry like I said but I’m going to firmly categorize this time of my life in the “time you’ve enjoyed wasting was not wasted time” category 😊

  11. all around great year for gaming, definitely feel that the star wars and harry potter game should’ve been higher on the list and not just because im an opinionated fan

  12. controversial take but totk was kinda ass compared to the botw

  13. Balder's Gate 3 – GOTY
    Starfield is just going to be a Fallout reskin essentially. Watch it happen

  14. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 laughing in the corner

  15. High on life’s been one of my favorites this year

  16. I’m telling you guys, 2023 seems to be the current prime of gaming. We got such amazing titles and there are many more to come.

  17. List is shit.

    Best sellers are the best games.

    2)Diablo 4
    3)Re4 Remake
    4)Spiderman 2
    5)Baldur Gate 3

    HM:Starfield,Ac Mirage,Fifa 23,Mk1

  18. Maybe this is a good year to play retro games.

  19. Payday3, rachet&clank, lies of p are my favorite.

  20. We really did get spoiled this year when it comes to games. Hogwarts Legacy, Final Fantasy XVI, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom just a fantastic year for gaming.

  21. DiaBLOW IV for real it literally BLOWS!!!

  22. Fellow zelda fans we are feasting like kings

  23. Saying an arpg which is the after diablo 3 is the best thing since diablo 2 is not an achievement.

  24. The 'P' in Yoshi. P stands for 'piece of shit'.

  25. if your list doesn’t have pizza tower i can’t take it seriously


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