Top 10 Video Games You NEED to Play at Least Once -

Top 10 Video Games You NEED to Play at Least Once
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If you haven’t played these games at least once, you may need to get on that. For this list, we’ll be looking at the groundbreaking and genre-defining video games we believe everyone needs to experience once in their lives. To be fair, we’re only including one game per franchise. Our countdown includes “Minecraft” (2011), “The Last of Us” (2013), “Super Mario Bros. 3” (1990), “DOOM” (1993), and more! What games are on your “must play” lists? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. no1 should be call of duty 4 modern warfare or mw series

  2. No rdr2??? No way that shouldn’t be on your list

  3. I play pirated games. But i bought Bioshock with my stored money.

  4. I like you put ocarina of time on top in this list. And it's a beautiful game that every gamer must try once

  5. Bro what the heck are these games nobody came for low graphic pixelized games

  6. U missed a Legendary Game – Super Mario 64 with 9.6 rating. It is a best game ever made. Greatest of all time…❤

  7. Top 10:
    1.) Red dead redemption 2
    2.) Last of us
    3.) Hollow Knight
    4.) Bloodborne
    5.) Elden Ring
    6.) God of war
    7.) Crysis 3
    8.) Hitman 3
    9.) Devil may cry 5
    10.) Ori and the blind/ Will of wisps.

    This list is not considering nostalgic games like mario cause on a gameplay and technical levels all the 10 games are way above those old games and we only like them cause they are old and feels nostalgic.

  8. The fact you failed to mention god of war and Zelda breath of the wild shows this list is super inaccurate . Those are genre defining masterpieces !

  9. Doki doki literature club and little to love them

  10. Red dead redemption 2 and resident evil 4

  11. I have literally played the tw3 4 times at this point and am still discovering new things. My favorite game of all time.

  12. Rdr2
    Gta sand Andreas
    All 3 parts of max payne

  13. I feel like everyone needs to play Red Dead Redemption 2

  14. Watchmojo – you need to play Last of us
    Le my mid PC – 💀

  15. That one time watchmojo did a good enough tierlist.


  17. I was expecting the inclusion of smack down pain and contra strike in the top ten list.

  18. Wow, no Dark Souls, no Metal Gear Solid and not even Half-Life in in this top 10 list. Really just wow.

  19. Red dead Redemption 2, Ghost Of Tsushima, Spider Man 2018, Death Stranding have left the chat.

  20. 1- San Andreas
    2- Metal gear solid snake eater
    3- call of duty modern warfare (2007)
    4- gta 4/5
    5- red dead redemption 2
    6- red dead redemption 1
    7- halo
    8- Pokémon yellow/ blue/ red
    9- Skyrim
    10- fallout 3/ new vegas

    In my opinion!!

  21. Metal Gear solid 1, chrono triger, star fox 64, shadow of the colossus, etc etc etc…

  22. Red dead redemption 2 has entered the chat

  23. 2:14 Really? Nobody in this world plays that game at all? Am I the only one who plays it so much compared to its new ones?

  24. I’ve played a few of the games listed but I absolutely cannot play bioshock for one simple reason. Too many animations involve needles, like if a healing animation involves putting a needle in your arm much less jabbing I get lightheaded and can faint at the sight of even a virtual needle. If they allowed animations without the needles I could play it.

    For example in battlefield 1 the only time a needle is shown is with a split second animation but it’s not graphic or obvious. Borderlands you instantly regain health my just pressing X on the controller over a health recovery item. I wish games would move away from needle animations though.

  25. Might trigger some people here… but honestly, i dont see why people hold bioshock to such a high regard. Theres many better FPS linear games. Half life series. Metro series. Bioshock feels very average in almost every aspect

  26. The list should be of at least 20 games, including Age of Empires, God of War, RDR2, Warcraft III or WoW, LoL or DotA 2, Counter-Strike, Total War, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, The Sims 2, Call of Duty and one of the most valuables: Assassin's Creed first saga!

  27. GTA, vice city AND newer, elder scrolls 3 and newer, ZELDA series, fables1&2(just played and beat 3 but didn’t really like it much), beyond good and evil, splinter cell series, newer (ps2 era)prince of Persia series, tomb raider ALL, sphinx and cursed mummy, silent hill 1,2,3 origin. Dishonored 1,2. Kingsfield 1,2,(US) & ancient city. Little nightmares 1&2

  28. What games are on your “must play” lists? Share with us in the comments below!
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