Top 10 Worst Games of 2021 (So Far) -

Top 10 Worst Games of 2021 (So Far)
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2021 has seen some amazing new video game releases and these 10 games… are not among them. For this list, we’re looking at the absolute worst games that have been released in 2021 so far. Our countdown includes Demon Skin, Harvest Moon: One World, Taxi Chaos, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood, Balan Wonderworld and more! What’s the worst game you’ve played this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I feel like these games here were games that had great ideas, but didn't quite work out

  2. Soon as I see that raid crap I skip 1 minute of any video I see it in cuts all of it out

  3. Top 10 worst mobile games that sponsor YouTube channels
    #1 raid shadow legends

  4. Harvest moon … such a shame. It used to be my favorite games when I was a kid. Thank good for star dew valley.

  5. I have literally never heard of any of these games untill this video

  6. Unpopular opinion I ACTUALLY REALLY ENJOY DESTRUCTION ALL STARS. It’s a good FREE game to chill with.

  7. Back to back commercials?!? A baked in video ad then that finishes but another ad but from YouTube?!? That's BS and double dipping to be paid??🖕🖕

  8. Is it weird the first ad for the video was Fortnite?

  9. A video with adds forcing themselves in harder than a pedo trying to snag his laptop back, also adds another add for a shit game IN the video…

  10. Ufff the ironic sponsorship of this video

  11. Never heard of any of these games, with the exception of RAID……

  12. Anyone else come here ready to defend Biomutant from not deserving to be on the list?

  13. Amazing video of the worst games of 2021 so far watch mojo and I kind love the werewolf apostolic blood war to me it one best game I ever played this year.

  14. That doom 3 looks like one of those shitty games you would play in a arcade when your were 10 but never had enough or did not want to pay to play

  15. i went on google app store.
    downloaded that ''game'' which has 1min-in-the-video- AD – in like every 2nd youtube video ever, gave it 1 star, and deleted it.

  16. LOL is the raid sponsorship meant to be a joke? Ironic as hell

  17. Raid sponsored this video so that they don't get included as a numbered entry.

  18. While I understand why Balan Wonderworld could be considered a bad game but personally I enjoy the game and it's partially due to being an emotional support for me during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

  19. this is one of the worst videos you people have made

  20. "participate in festivals"
    Ohh, ok. So this is a game for sad, lonely people? Gotcha.

  21. One Question?
    Are These Even Games?! Or Animated Movies?!

  22. Raid shadow legends sponsoring this video😂😂😂

  23. What are the odds you get sponsored by one of the games that should have been on the list.

  24. I see what watch mojo did there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🚮

  25. I don't agree with some games but especially with PixelJunk Raiders being in this list, the video loses credibility when Raid Shadow Legends is the sponsor…

  26. I actually liked doom 3 vr it's not one of the worst games since you can use the aim controller which few games use

  27. I’m confused. Why be sponsored by one of the worst games currently available as opposed to including it on the list?

  28. The problem of werewolf is that it really lacked any form of ambition into making a really dynamic combat or portraying WTA's lore beyond the very basis

  29. Demon skin created by 1 guy, russian guy, and its still better than raid and cyberpunk

  30. Thanks for giving me a reason to BLOCK this channel.

  31. Raid shadow legends is back

    Edit : why was that ad so long … I was afraid they would start a top ten amazing things about Raid Shadow Legends midway through it

  32. I'm shocked. Destruction All-Stars needs bots to fill in matches due to low player count? How can this possibly be lol

  33. Sponsored by raid shadow legends, im turning this video off. Not credible at all

  34. Ten Worst Games of the Year So Far — sponsored by another game. Anyone else smelling roast cooking? 😉

  35. This is actually top 11. You forgot you listed Raid on there

  36. Wow this made me afraid of publishing my videogame 😅

  37. But Werewolf: The Apocalypse-Earthblood looks like a really good game.
    It looked so good, you can't even look away, because of the game.
    Why it is the game that look like a really good game, so difficult, and very bad?

  38. Destruction Derby’s failure is the reason why I wanted Twisted Metal back

  39. Will everyone shut up about raid shadow legends. It's stupid

  40. What feels like a ten-hour advertisement for RAID, followed by another ad. Amazing.

  41. I agree with raid shadow legends part…its absolutely one of the worst games

  42. I wasn't surprised when Balan Wonderland was number one on the list

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