Top 10 WORST Games of 2022 -

Top 10 WORST Games of 2022

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EVERY VIDEO GAME SUCKS. These are the WORST Games of 2022! And I couldn’t even include all the awful ones. Any ones that I missed?

Top Ten BEST Games of 2022 —

The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal by JoshStrifeHayes —

Additional footage – NintendoLife, MMOBomb

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  1. Diablo Immortal deserves to die. As do all the bastards who keep pushing such monetization.

  2. Does anyone know ProJared’s opinion on Xenoblade?? Not just 3, just any of them.

  3. Oh, God! Even the icons on Waifu Impact look they could've been from a random html5 web game. You can buy pre-build stuff like this from codecanyon or construct.

  4. Square Enix beloved publisher …not anymore dude

  5. I'm a bit confused about the Overwatch 2 critique about "playing for hours to unlock a character" instead of it being microtransactions. I thought unlocking stuff in a game by playing it instead of just paying to win is what we have been wanting in a game. Is it something more since it's a "Battle Pass"? I've never bought any such thing, so I don't really know how that affects playing the game to unlock characters being a bad thing.

  6. Overwatch 2 was my personal pick for worst of 22. Waited years for it and it was a straight up scam. Quit and never went back.

  7. From my understanding, the original 'the House of the Dead' can never be re-released. This was due to either the original coding, or something, being lost. This would explain why nearly every sequel has had a re-release except the original.

  8. That waifu impact game looks awefully familiar to a bunch of anime games i picked up when i was way too dumb to be trusted to buy games on steam. they were a few bucks, and amusing for an hour.

  9. There is one thing I am very curious about with these failed live services. What if, and hear me out, they are being developed to deliberately shut down quickly. Push it out as quickly and cheaply as possible, milk whoever is dumb enough to pay for it, hit the target revenue/profit margin, then shut down with no recourse for consumers, and release an absolutely bullshit, insincere apology. They keep doing it, they must be making some form of profit if they're going to the trouble in the first place. At least in some way so that their bookkeepers can get creative with the accounting.

  10. Geez blizzard has gone downhill lately

  11. Wow, no Callisto Protocol or Saints Row Reboot, I’m surprised. Lolz

  12. I’m honestly suprised Chocobo GP didn’t make the list, given how much of an embarrassment it was.

  13. 150K views and under 10K likes. Something isn't right

  14. Can’t believe ff7:fs is already being shut down. This will be a forgotten relic we will look back on one day

  15. I guess Dolmen is just The Surge 2 but worse
    Space Dark Souls sounds cool, but you need to put a new spin on it
    I would say an oxygen meter for outside the station or buildings, for tension, but that could easily get very annoying unless you could find spare tanks or something

  16. YT showed an ad break for Dragonball: The Breakers right before Jared ripped apart Dragonball: The Breakers… Beautiful. Excellent video, Jerd.

  17. ProJared videos only get better I swear. Love you man

  18. Kind of surprised that Pokemon Scarlet/Violet isn't on here. I know the actual gameplay was just fine and people had fun with it, but holy hell the game is the most poorly put together AAA game I've seen in a loooong time, maybe ever.

  19. I was actually on board with the Dragonball game at first, it sounded kinda interesting the way Jared put it.
    A DBZ skin on Dead by daylight might've been pretty sick, if that's what I'm looking for in it to begin with.
    However the second we got to the monetization stuff, 100% of my interest just *vanished*.

  20. Bruh, waifu impact uses vroid models. A free character generator that is intended for making vtuber avatars.

    The maximum asset flip

  21. Watching this vid made me see how bad gaming has gotten. Too much microtransactions. A dude spent 10,000 dollars on a mobile game. There's a point where you can't blame the game companies. 10 G's. You blowing 10 G's on something like this, your priorities are wrong in life. I miss the days of unlocking everything in the game by yourself. But I blame gamers hands down. 100 percent. Don't buy this stuff and they will stop. But we never do that.

  22. Kinda sad how mobile game scams have become the new Day 1 DLC phenomenon, where people willfully part with their money to fund dishonest developers and publishers spitting in their faces. Diablo Immortal, Genshin Impact, Mario Kart Tour, you name it. They all employ the same deception tactics built on deliberate frustration.
    Think of any mobile game, and imagine the currencies and resources to gain materials no longer existing – in other words, imagine a mobile game that doesn't timegate your progress, and you'll soon realize that you'll get about 5% actual game, but 95% mindless, repetitive, brainrotting, grinding. And those 5% of gameplay will very quickly lose their charm as well once you realize how much superior numbers dominate over actual skill.

  23. First Soldier shutting down already? Not that I'm surprised after they shut down FFRK and other games lately. Square Enix is horrible at managing their mobile games. They have the worst community management imaginable and the community is basically kept alive by a hand full of players. I wonder when FFBE will shut down.

  24. "And none of them have any 4ss"

    ProJared? Moar liek ProBased, amirite

  25. I'm just glad Sonic Frontiers ain't on here. Not that I find it bad, it's pretty good, I just know what these end of year listd like to go to for clout.

  26. "He doesn't know about the Garfield cult following"

  27. Tbh the only place where I'd want a remake or just straight up a new game for The House of the Dead is in VR…

  28. Probably the easiest Top 10 Worst games list Jared has ever made.

  29. 16:10 That's basically every mobile game. Only noteworthy because maybe it's worse than others. Blame the casual mobile market for their spending habits that encourage this garbage. This shock seems to happen every time a long standing console/PC franchise makes a mobile game.

  30. Personally, I think the idea of playing as a human trying to survive in the super-powered world of DBZ sounds pretty fun. The one change I would make to the gameplay would be to have 2 DBZ characters that are pitted against each other. That way instead of having 1 player hunting a group of mostly defenseless players, the challenge for the regular humans is to not become collateral damage in the demi-god fight happening around them.

  31. Gore field cults latest abomination gore field tries to cancel Mario party in favor of his own

  32. Waifu Impact has a better open world than Pokemon scarlet/violet

  33. There's so many games on the Nintendo eshop that have the word Hentai in them its baffling. What happened to that official seal of Nintendo they literally went to court over?

  34. Been away from this channel since the incident. Looks like edgelord Jared is gone and good ol dorky silly Jared is back. Awesome! I still revisit the Donkey Kong country television show review periodically 🤣

  35. I actually enjoy Diablo immortal, haven't spent a dime since launch and have a massive group of friends I've made . Game has changed alot since launch with alot of changes benefitting F2P players and it's growing in players , it's alot of fun till D4.

    Your overblowing a few things 🤣
    Its 2 Battlepass versions and a extra cosmetics upgrade . 90% of players are f2p and JT who spent 100k has actually shown a f2p can do as good as most people who dump in cash . Boon of plenty 1 and 2 are free , the expansion gives you stuff and along with Battlepass is most purchased outside of orbs . You can now buy reforge stones of all types with platinum. 20+ million players have figured out how to ignore the store 🤣🤣🤣
    405 crusader 9800 cr 1160 reso , been immortal, top 5 pvp ladder often was in top 3 warband and I've NEVER spent a dime or felt like i needed to .

  36. I am consistently surprised that Square Enix haven't gone bankrupt yet. They have run so much of the value their company once had into the ground I don't know how people keep supporting them.

  37. Shocked not to see Scarlet and Violet on this list tbh

  38. Every few years i check in on these they're just as worthless as ever

  39. Every dollar spend on Diablo Immortal is actively damaging gaming as a whole.

  40. The crappy HOTD remake was also made by the same studio who made the also-crappy Panzer Dragoon remake back in 2020 that nobody played and that the few who did said it was dreadful. So I’m starting to think that Sega outsourcing remakes of their beloved to a studio that clearly either doesn’t care about them or have the manpower nor experience to make quality games is a good idea, and hopefully this’ll be the last one shat out from them.
    (Also, apparently they made a remake of Front Mission this year too, which also-apparently sucked! How do they keep making these low-effort rereleases when clearly none of them are any good????)

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