Top 10 Xbox Series X Games - Spring 2022 Update -

Top 10 Xbox Series X Games – Spring 2022 Update

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We’re still waiting on Microsoft’s big studio acquisitions to bear fruit, but in the meantime, there are still plenty of games to play on the Xbox Series X right now. These are our picks for the top 10 xbox series X games. These 10 best xbox series X games are mixture of console exclusives, and multiplatform games that we feel can’t be missed on the platform.

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  1. Hivebuster was great, I think I actually liked it a little more than gears 5

  2. Great picks with Halo Infinite and Tunic being my favourite

  3. GoG is in my top fav games of the fast couple years.

  4. Fantastic!!! I just happened to get a series X so I'm ecstatic traded in my Series S little beast of a machine. Anyways Cheers to the power of the Xbox and Gamepass.

  5. So much fun games to play! I’m in love with my series X

  6. Bought the series X on day one, still waiting for a decent game to play. While I got my kid a PS5 and he's just ballin' out with all the good stuff. Xbox is definitely a waste of money. I even try to sell it for $100 less and no one wants it. SAD!!!

  7. "TRIED to showcase exclusives to xbox"…but couldn't…couldn't even get 10.😅

  8. Don't forget Yakuza Like A Dragon

  9. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be the ultimate car game and WILL be better than Forza Horizon 5 by a landslide when it releases in August. Don't @ me

  10. As a guy who bought my Xbox series x about a week ago – I can definitely say that I'm both satisfied and not-satisfied with it at the same time.
    Even though it's true that most of games on game pass are kind of bad you still can't deny it being the best platform for cheap console gaming.
    Besides game pass there is also a way to buy games almost 4-5 times cheaper than on PS5 (through Argentina or Turkey region) so the only real downside compared to Sony is a lack of exclusives and lack of games without cross play.

    P.S. Sony fan boys always warm my soul in any console related comment section xD

  11. Great list! I just feel obligated to tell everyone to give the game Prey another chance if you have a Series S|X! I didn't like the game when it launched because back then loading screens took FOREVER and it was like 25 FPS, but now it runs enhanced with rock solid 60 FPS and it looks amazing! It genuinely feels like a new game to me, and I can't stop playing it!

  12. I have ps5 and the series x and my issue with the series x is games to play I feel like I can get way more options on my ps5, although I'm excited for starfield and state of decay 3 so that's something to look forward to. Anyways I sort of think the ps5 has out done the series x by far right now, here's to hoping xbox steps up to the bar Sony has set

  13. No console war! This is the saddest list I've ever seen. Guess I'll keep waiting to get an Xbox series.

  14. Sorry xbox, ps5 has the best games. Gears 5,kkkkkkkk

  15. Whole lot of previous gen and cross platform on the Xbox list. Some great games on that list but Xbox Series seems to still be struggling to provide many reasons to opt for it over a PS5.

  16. None of theses games are something you can play for a while or aaa games honestly a very boring list who plays halo?? They just raped thier fans for money

  17. I feel like game journalists should start acting like actual journalists if they have any concern for the future of gaming. It's been over a year now and the lack of exclusives is just making it more apparent that Microsoft releasing this new Xbox was nothing more than an empty cash grab during a golden era of people not being able to leave their homes. They basically went the PC hardware path with minimal improvements with smart marketing to make consumers upgrade needlessly. But PCs are machines that can be used for a variety of tasks. Consoles are made to do only one thing, and the Xbox series x can't even do it because they actually didn't have any games to release. This is just wasteful from an environmental and to an economic standpoint. It's their job to point that out, not reward "top games" that you can also play somewhere else.

  18. As someone who jumped on the series s, loved it and just bought an x, I’d love to see a series S version of this for 2022.

  19. Gears and halo are WASHED and have been WASHED

  20. This should be top 30. Here is the complete list.

    Rogue Legacy 2,Killer Instinct, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of thieves, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 5, Ryse son of rome, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Crackdown 3, Ori, Quantum break, Halo wars 2, Forza Motorsport 7, Gears Tactics , Recore definitive edition, Fable 2, Song of Iron, The gunk, Grounded, Tunic, Sable, State of Decay 2, New Super luckys tale, Alan Wake, Artful Escape, Rare replay, 12 Minutes, Adios etc.

  21. Basically nothing new under the sky. Soo much horse power under the hood and just very few games to play..

  22. I loved The Ascent, but I must admit I've always been a sucker for (good) twinstick shooters.

  23. What A Load Of 💩 Then. Next Generation Gaming I Don’t Think So. Game Pass What A Joke 10% Good/90% Pointless. Regret Buying Series X Now!👎. 👩🏻‍🦳 30 Years Of Gaming & Never Known Is So Bad.

  24. Thanks Ryan and IGN..this is what i need.. just bought newly Series X..but not sure what games need to play on Series X…before this play on One X..

  25. 2 years in and still nothing good to play. Same story as always with Micro$oft, buy our expensive shit and play all our old garbage on gamepass… we’ll have games… we promise.

  26. Take out third parties and last gen launch, Xbox is f********!

  27. Unpopular opinion but I honestly don't think Halo and SOT should be on this list.

  28. I played GOTG on ps5 and loved every minute of it sucks its so underrated because of avengers I personally love Square Enix games excluding avengers

  29. As someone who still doesn't have a next gen console……this list didn't make me say wow I need to get a Xbox series x at all

  30. Honestly, no game on the series x has wowed me. I thought lego Star Wars would but it was pretty underwhelming. The most fun I’ve had w series x was w mass effect remaster (still need to finish 2/3) and ac Valhalla, but even then- I went back to finally play uncharted and 4 wowed me more than anything has in years. Granted I still need to finish infinite as well and get dying light 2

  31. Only Forza horizon 5 , gears & halo infinite worth in xbox ..others not impressed bcoz its like kids game

  32. Hellblade with it's next gen update on the SeriesX is also masterpiece 👌🏼

  33. As someone who grew up with playstation and finally got my first xbox I think using playstation can give u the 1st party AAA disease if u have a huge backlog like me. I am almost always playing a big AAA game on the ps5 because I can never catch up but the xsx complements the ps5 so well because with gamepass I can play everything else from Doom to hades to the last jedi etc. In my perspective, the xsx's weakness has in fact allowed me to explore other kinds of games instead of having an endless backlog of 1st party AAAs. Playing doom eternal on the xsx was such a fantastic change of pace from the ratchet n clank, tsushimas, last of us, uncharted etc. Add quick resume to that it's so easy to explore 5 or more different games at the same time than playing the same thing everyday for weeks on end. On the Xbox I'm trying games I never would have noticed on the ps5 side. In the end I'm actually glad these systems have different strengths and weaknesses

  34. Flight simulator runs horribly on Xbox series X

  35. Some of these aren’t exclusive to the system. I get that they’re good games but if they are not console exclusive they don’t only elevate the xbox.

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