Top 12 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC -

Top 12 Best Multiplayer Games to Play on PC

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From shooters to sports, social deduction to strategy, the PC has long been the home of online multiplayer gaming. With very little in the way of barriers, there are few places better to challenge both friends and strangers to your game of choice. But with so much on offer, it can be hard to pick your next online multiplayer game of choice. Never fear, as I’m here to walk you through what we consider to be the 12 best multiplayer games available to play on PC right now.

There are so many games to choose from! Are you trying to decide what the best multiplayer game is on Steam? You’ve come to the right place.

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  1. Dota shouldn’t be top 20😂, league of legends is miles better

  2. Hey man!i appreciate so much this video, showing us underground games, from spall companies, that no one knew about is so cool man! thank you so mmch this helped a lot😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  3. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm unashamed that I can't get enough Black Ops Cold War Zombies, especially with cross-platform multiplayer😎

  4. Gta online public lobbies are unplayable if you don't have a mod menu.

  5. I know every game from here do something new and dota 2 is a bad game

  6. please tell me i'm not the only one who got a pc and now has nothing to play

  7. Warframe, 10th year anniversary this year, still awesome with a good f2p system, you can really play that game without ever spending a dime if you want to.

  8. I would still play GTA Online if the servers weren't shyte. Also… hackers….

  9. as if everyone in the world doesnt know every single one of these games

  10. This a very nice video, but unluckily, apex? Not any more

  11. Rocket league is the reason im watching this. Its boring now.

  12. So we really are out of good games to play. Dang.

  13. Would disagree that Rocket League is only accessible to people with the ability and dedication to be great at it. The rank system does what it's meant to do, any if you suck and miss the ball all the time, don't worry, you'll get put in a lower rank so you can play with other people that suck just as much as you, and you can have fun trying to suck a little less than your opponent.

  14. Started off strong and independent then just became a top 10 from steam and popularity sites…

  15. How about the best open source? Beyond All Reason for example

  16. cmon give some newer, lesser known recommendations

  17. If Ark Survival Ascended wasn’t poorly optimized that’d honestly be my #1 game

  18. Hunt as the last option? Really? U mean lol is better than Hunt?????

  19. roblox for sure! there is so many games and so mouch to explore!

  20. You know it’s a bad video if League is recommended

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