TOP 13 Awesome Upcoming REMAKE Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch -

TOP 13 Awesome Upcoming REMAKE Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch

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Top Upcoming Remake & remastered Games 2022 & 2023 – New Amazing Remake Upcoming Games 2022 – Best Upcoming Remastered Games 2022 & Beyond

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  1. as soon as that music hit ,, i was like MAX PAYNE!!! holy shit! i cant wait!!

  2. You all wanna remake something remake army of two games all 3 of them now those deserve remakes especially the devil's cartel great game great story

  3. And remake max Payne 3 as well I loved the older version so now make it more with graphics blood shed the works you know

  4. what?max payne is not on ps4?and dead space too?Why?

  5. That re4 “footage” is just a fan made cinematic on unreal 🙄

  6. Max payne 1&2 remake is the only game that I am looking forward to .

  7. The games will be £60+ and most us us have already played them. Nice looking games don’t make up for game play

  8. Cant wait for Gothic,hope it will still be the same as good as the original

  9. I can’t wait for max payne 1/2 that game is amazing and re4 and dead space remake looks awesome also can’t wait

  10. Max payne Remake look like gta 5 mod🤣

  11. Yes maxpayne remake,and RE4,great stuff,dead space awesome

  12. I'd like to replay gothic. Had it way back on pc and never did finish it. Excited for this nostalgia trip

  13. Re 4 as a fps sounds interesting, but they're gonna have to really step their game up in order to make Leon feel like the bad ass he was on the original. So much of it was conveyed through the flashy 3rd person finisher moves and the cutscenes, that I'd hate to see the game turn into a RE village/ RE 7 re-skin. Making him more human like Ethan would make it more realistic, but it'd also completely ruin Leon as a character, since when he was sent there, he was basically a super soldier.

  14. Resident Evil 4 is going to happen and I believe it has been confirmed already.
    However due to RE4 being their most popular game, I see them waiting a while and making it next gen only with Unreal Engine 5.

  15. What ? What happened to killzone 1, 2 , 3 thats game deserve remake ???? For real … ?

  16. For the new Nintendo switch 2 4k and the Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 a new Nintendo switch online virtual console services for Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 I want on the Nintendo switch and the Nintendo switch 2 4k and Nintendo switch OLED and the switch online virtual console games services I want is original game boy GBA GBC Sega wii wii u Ds SNES NES N64 and game cube and the Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch 2 4k games I want is Sentinels Aegis Rim 2 Pokémon remakes Nintendo land remake ducktails remake Nintendo switch sports 2 Pokémon space Pokémon time Pokémon multiverse Pokémon classic collection Hogwarts legacy and Hogwarts legacy 2 a new bey blade switch game POKEMON lets go JOHTO and a new 3DS Gravity Falls game remake Dragon ball super GT KAKAROT and a new Yoshi game Ben10 game GTA5 game Dragon ball XENOVERSE3 game and a GTA6 switch game SPONGEBOB square pants the movie remake SPONGEBOB Square pants revenge of the Flying Dutchman remake NICKTOONS unite remake Ed EDD n EDDY the miss ED adventures remake Super smash bros ultimate 2 kids next door operation video game remake the Simpsons hit and run 2 Family guy back to the multiverse 2 or a remake Pokémon XD 2 and Pokémon Colosseum 2 or a remake Dragon ball Universe and Kirby dream land 4 Pokémon universe Zelda breath of the wild 2 the Expansion Super Mario odyssey 2 Lego Batman 2 the video game Sponge bob square pants battle for bikini bottom 2 remake street fighter alpha 2 remake street fighter alpha remake Splattoon4 Metroid prime 4 Pick men4 Super Mario galaxy 2 remake new Pokémon Snap 2 Pokémon master collection a new Donkey Kong game a new fire emblem game a new Mario kart 9 remake game Super Mario all stars 2 super smash kart donkey Kong odyssey and viva viva Piñata game Kirby classic collection Dragon ball z Raging blast 3 Dragon ball fusion 2 Lego super Mario world Banjo Kazooie Loco motive Crash bandicoot super Pokémon maker Nintendo land remake dragon ball legends star fox KAO the Kangaroo Mario strikers league 2 call of duty black of 3 Dragon ball z DOKKAN 2 Pokémon pinball 2 Luigi mansion 4 Dead space new Harry Potter games remake splinter cell remake for the Nintendo Nintendo switch Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch pro I hope we get is the return of online virtual console games services on the new Nintendo switch OLED Nintendo switch Nintendo switch 2 and Nintendo switch pro with a theme shop Bluetooth Mii plaza Mii verse street pass and themes and folders and the online virtual console games services for Gameboy I want is Pokémon emerald Pokémon Leaf green Pokémon Fire Red Pokémon Ruby Pokémon Sapphire Pokémon gold Pokémon crystal Pokémon silver Pokémon red blue yellow and the Simpsons Mario fairly odd parents Ed Edd and Eddy jaw breakers kids next door operation soda Metroid 2 balloon kid Pokémon TCG Pokémon pinball and Kirby Dream land and Kirby Dream land 2 Super Mario world 2 6 golden coins the Simpsons Wario land Zelda links Awakening Tetris tiny toons adventures baba’s big break looney toons TAZ mania mega man duck tales for the game boy online for Nintendo switch n 2022 and n 2023 and I want for a new services to put on is original game boy GBA GBC and GameCube for the new switch virtual console games services and I hope the switch pro will cost like $400 or $450 for the Nintendo switch 2 and I hope the Nintendo company brings back the virtual console on the Nintendo switch and I also want the return of switch themes folders and the return of the virtual console games for the new Nintendo switch 2 n 2022 or n 2023 for return of the virtual console games and I hope the Nintendo switch will last around 10 to 15 years

  17. Omg those remake’s games looks amazing! 👍🏼

  18. I still hold to my belief they should have remake Code Veronica before deciding to tackle RE4

  19. The only one I want a remake is RDR1…. Please.

  20. Cool!! I can't wait for Max-Payne 1-2 game Remake. These games from my childhood I have been playing🙂

  21. I an exited to max Payne but i need to support ps4 aslo

  22. 2:07 ah yes, i remember when i bought my apartament in GTA V XD its the exact same thing, nice usage there lol

  23. Who I have to kill to get a Soul Reaver remake?

  24. Oh my Max Payne oh I definitely got to get this I hope it's for the Xbox series x also

  25. I remember very underrated game "Sacrifice". That game was awesome! It's over 20 years now and i wish I could play that game again remade in Unreal engine 5.

  26. Legend of Dragoon Dino Crisis 1/2 and Parasite Eve Please

  27. is it just me or a lot of the max payne schematics are the same ones in gtav?

  28. If Splinter Cell is getting a remake then Syphon Filter definitely needs a remake.

  29. That isn't original footage from RE4 Remake. That is just a fanmade trailer 🤌😆

  30. Man im sick of resident evil 4 lol shyt been out since game cube for crying out loud

  31. We need Parasite Eve and Haunting Ground Remakes plz, take my wallet and left kidney just make those happen

  32. Rs4 remake will be fps? Please no i still want 3rd person

  33. Alessandro Del Piero Juventus Legend says:


  34. Don't even think about making RE 4 a first person game. It's always been a 3rd person game and lets keep it that way. 2:14

  35. if max payne will have DRM on top of Rockstar launcher then I will wait for a massive price drop.

  36. i only hope that the gawdam fakking konami cud have silent hill 2 remade

  37. I love how all the games that I watched so far are not on the switch except for the 2D game I'm watching it right now it's pathetic

  38. witcher remake? really? how would on earth will you level up something that is already too good, fix cyberpunk instead😆

  39. That Resident Evil was really irking me…sounded like that guy or whoever, was walking in High Heels on Concrete….reeeeeee LOLOL

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