Top 13 Best Story-Rich FPS Games like Half-life! -

Top 13 Best Story-Rich FPS Games like Half-life!

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13 Best FPS Story Rich Games like Half-life! Games for Half-life of all time! Best games like Half-life 2, Best games like Half-life Alyx! Check out GOG Weekly Gaming sale! – full refunds are supported up to 30 days!

0:00 Prey
1:20 Bioshock Franchise
2:21 Metro Franchise
3:15 Black Mesa
3:59 Singularity
4:48 Dishonored
5:29 System Shock (Remastered)
6:26 System Shock 2
7:12 System Shock 3
7:53 Deus Ex Human Revolution and Deus Ex Mankind Divided
8:47 Wolfenstein Franchise
9:48 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
10:37 Observer
11:21 Moon Mystery
12:02 Discounted games!

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  1. 25 years later and still no games like half life xD

  2. Even though I’ve already played a bunch of these games, this is super helpful for friends of mine just getting into the genre, thanks man <3(Greetings from Canada :D)

  3. Quick reviews of the games I played that are mentioned in the video.- Prey is meh because of the lack of interesting enemies, all you're shooting is just dark blobs. I got bored quickly. 6/10- Bioshock games are great. A little clunky considering their age but good fun and great atmosphere and, really interesting enemy and environmental design, solid story. 8.5/10- Metro games are… rough. Not horrible but too linear and straightforward. And they're clunky. They're ok. 6.5/10- Black Mesa is a solid remake of the original Half-Life. Not perfect, has some frustrating sections but overall solid. 8/10- Singularity is interesting, not great but good. 6.5-7/10- Dishonored, I can only speak of the first game, it's one of the best games I've played. Great gameplay and stealth, great artstyle, good story, very atmospheric. 9/10- System sock games are not my cup of tea. I won't rate them because I just don't like them personally and I found them pretty boring.- Deus Ex games are good. Not as good as HL but they're still good. 7/10

  4. I want a game similar to Wolfenstein, but instead of killing German Nazis you kill Ukrainian Nazis. The hero should be a Russian soldier.

  5. I'm still not sure about Black Mesa being on this list :3

  6. 1:57 I didn't play bioshock infinite for months, so I didn't know about their launcher update. When I decided to play the game five days prior, it wasn't running. Then I came to know that there's an update. I was almost disappointed but after updating it, no additional launcher is installed and the game did run from steam for me. I think that 2k acknowledged these criticisms and they may have removed the compulsory requirement of 2k kauncher.
    Regardless, don't buy games from steam anymore. Either buy them from GOG or pirate them

  7. Brilliant list and probably my favourite genre. I just finished Singularity and Im now playing Black Mesa

  8. Prey is awesome, and there are a number of endings and interesting achievments like:
    – save everyone, personally kill everyone, beat the game without upgrading your abilities, etc…

  9. Nooooooo!!! Don't start with the new Wolfenstein. ITS BLASPHEMI

  10. Cough S.t.a.l.k.e.r *Cough*… And it could be said it is the russian Half-life XD.

  11. A guy I met in WoW that said that he was russian, dunno if it is true once said that there is not much difference from the Moscow In real life and that of the Metro Series XD, Already watched Mithc (Man in the High Castle), Personally I think the last eps or rather the 4th season and a small part of the 3rd was kinda rushed, like the show was getting low score or the money started to run dry.

  12. Red Faction is the game most like half life, and you missed it.

  13. Video just started, and I want to give instant props for literally starting the list immediately. No drawn out intro, no filling the runtime. Bravo.

  14. Great list. I didn't know I needed this

  15. Thank you so much coldbeer, you are wonderful.

  16. Oh, and coldbeer, dishonored is bioshock infinite meets assassins creed meets half life.

  17. nothing is like half-life. especially black mesa, with it's terrible AI, weapons, level design, and a bit more cartoony visuals. if you know how to use the settings of the original it is a thousand times better and more interesting

  18. Hope things are good, Brother. Thanks for this list. 🥔 🍻

  19. Hmmm i think Crysis 2-3 steers somewhat closer to half life 2 but whatevs :V
    Im glad the immersive sim classics are here yes, we seriously need more of them nowadays ;_;

  20. Fun fact: originally dead space started out as system shock 3.

  21. Did Half-Life actually have a good story? I played it a while ago and honestly I forgot what the story was even about. I just really liked the gameplay.

    Also, I played three Wolfenstein games and I didn't think the story was that great. Gameplay was fun though

  22. there's no game that as good as half life, i wish valve would make the sequel of half life 2 ep 2

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