Top 13 NEW Racing Games of 2021 -

Top 13 NEW Racing Games of 2021

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Looking for high speed car racing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Switch? We’ve got you covered with these 2021 games.
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#13 DRIFT 21

Platform : PC

Release Date : June 10, 2021


Platform : Switch

Release Date : TBA 2021

#11 NASCAR 21

Platform : TBA

Release Date : TBA 2021

#10 WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

Platform : PS4 Switch PC PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : September 2, 2021

#9 RiMS Racing

Platform : PS4 Switch PC PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : August 19, 2021

#8 Torque Drift [FREE Game]

Platform : PC

Release Date : 21 Apr, 2021

#7 Riders Republic

Platform : PC PS5 PS4 Luna Stadia XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : October 28, 2021

#6 Dangerous Driving 2

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 Milestone MotoGP 21

Platform : PC PS4 Switch XSX|S PS5 Xbox One

Release Date : 22 April 2021

#4 F1 2021

Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S Xbox One PC

Release Date : July 16, 2021

#3 Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2021


Platform : Nintendo Switch PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : September 30, 2021

#1 Forza Horizon 5

Platform : PC XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : November 9, 2021


Trackmania Royal

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA 2021


  1. Where is Destruction DerbY Raw remake when you need it…or NASCAR rumble khm khm

  2. I'm not into racing games at all but holy fuck was Forza Horizon 4 fun. Can't wait for the new one

  3. Just let me know when they make a Motor City Online reboot!!!

  4. So many awesome racing games coming out 🤤

  5. Until Forza Horizon 5 is released, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit REMASTERED Is my go-to Racing game!!! WHAT’S THE POINT OF DRIVING AN EXOTIC CAR, IF YOU CANT RUN FROM THE COPS??? (I’m looking at you Forza👀)

  6. my personal recommendation : Carx drift racing online, probably the ebst drifting game rn, great custumization and mods
    and also their next game : carx street, will probably include races, open world and more of all the good things that are already in carx online 🙂

  7. Soooooo…. No asphalt 9 I TOOK THAT PERSONALLY XD

  8. I want a new super hang on, Split Second and Pure…

  9. All we wanna know is how the crash mechanics work…

  10. waiting for dirt rally 3.0 for a long time. hope we hear news from it very soon

  11. Riders Republic looks like Steep with bikes (aka the same but with less snow). It's the same Devs so I'm guessing it's gonna be a similar experience

  12. No mention of carx streets which is coming out to pc later this year, and console some time next year.
    Set to be an open world of drifting and racing, not much has been shown or told about the game, but if it builds on what carx drift racing offers. It will be worth a buy. That said I would recommend carx drift racing to those that like drift, it would also give you an idea of what to expect for carx street.

  13. I’m okay with Forza Horizon but they need to do more to make the series feel great. FH4 in my opinion sucked because what made Forza Horizon great seemed like it was missing and in its place was Fork Knife emotes and other fluff that took away from the rewarding driving experience that made the Forza Horizon series great.

    I look forward to giving Playground Games another chance with FH5 but I’m sure they’ll let me down once again,

  14. The Hot Wheels one looks real fun. Sadly I don't buy Racing games, too much MultiPlayer stuff, but that's what currently makes them popular, so I just stay away from them.

  15. Guys is it really real the forza is on gamepass day one? Or is it timed?

  16. 12 Racing Games and 1 Mechanic Simulator

  17. After some drift vomit, FH5 is the only game worth playing for me.

  18. We Need: NFS Most Wanted (2005) remastered and rereleased!! You can update cars and customization, and then release a DLC area with more racers! PLEASE

  19. Vin er maar een goei spelke en das Forza horizon 5

  20. I'm hyped for Skate 4, FH5, and Riders Republic

  21. I didn't have many games. But F-zero Maximum Velocity was my favorite!

    8:29 This looks interesting.

    I most played Wreckfeast on PC.

  22. Yes this coke is really good, i want more. 5 g 200 euro , text me back on this

  23. I rate videos for fun don’t take me seriously says:

    ⭐️⭐️ only 2 out of 5 stars for copying roblox

  24. I'm so excited for Forza horizon 5 👌🏻

  25. They should remaster NFS: Carbon anyone remember that?

  26. Definitely keeping an eye on NASCAR 21, it needed a different team behind it.
    FH4 was really great, I can't wait to play 5.

    I wish we knew more about the next Dirt Rally or Need For Speed.

  27. I love nascar Racing and I love forza

  28. Car Mechanic and Forza were already on my radar….I will say I'm now curious about that Hotwheels game. I have to go back to Dangerous driving to get ready for the day parts 2 comes out.

  29. call me childish but i was really hoping for a "Juiced" remake for next generation

  30. Am I the only who's as scared as playing racing games like horror games… No?

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