Top 15 Best PS5 Games That You Should Play Right Now | 2021 -

Top 15 Best PS5 Games That You Should Play Right Now | 2021

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  1. Can it takes two game be played with two people in the same room? Or online only?

  2. I love raget i have it in my dad PlayStation ❤️❤️😍😍

  3. Im here to just see all the people that got one

  4. Resident Evil just goes into EVERYTHING I was, am, and do huh?

  5. It's insane how they still manage to make bad games with the technology their given

  6. Bro where did you get your taste in games you can’t be serious with some of these titles lol

  7. Wooow!! I'm pumped, I had no clue there were so many compelling new titles to jump into. Great list.

  8. Thanks PlayStation direct, finally got my invite and secured the disc edition. Scalpers didn’t get me on this and on my series x. Game over fools

  9. Mine is coming in the mail tomorrow 😭😭 I’m so ecstatic

  10. wheres ghosts of tsushima? personally, that game should be at least within the top 7 with its visuals, story, and gameplay.

  11. Co-op is a big problem for me. I prefer playing SP games solo. I don't even co-op the soulsborne games. I beat it all on my own. I like being focused and exploring and taking my time and doing whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. Playing with someone just ruins the experience. Besides, that's what MP games are for anyway.

  12. Please update the description with the title names. Would be a great wishlist 🙂

  13. Who else spent all their money getting the console then thought shit i aint got enough for a game

  14. Getting one for Christmas can’t wait

  15. I got the PS5 and Series X at launch. PS5 is without a doubt the best next-gen console.

  16. Since I've received PS5 here's the games I've finished :
    – Astro Playroom
    – Ratchet from ps4
    – Demons Souls
    – Ratchet Rift Apart
    – Returnal

    Each game truly masterpiece…

  17. I got death loop and regretted it 8 should have gotten rift apart

  18. Ive been trying to get a PS5 since it first came out but I hadn't been able to until December 9th or 10th, a year after it came out and for more than cost.

  19. Be honest who is here bc they just got a ps5???

  20. Why won’t they update any of the PS4 games it’s taking forever

  21. I hate Imoortal Fynx I played it 2 hours and I hate it so much, but I totally agree with the rest of your list great games

  22. I don't have a SO to play it takes two so I started playing with my friend and man I'm glad I did. That game is so much fun and the little minigames you play against each other are great! Hopefully I can play it in the future with my SO if I ever get one, fingers crossed lol

  23. That's all they keep doing is remaking games when are they gonna come out with some new shit Where's the new grand theft auto where's the new elder scrolls they shouldn't keep popping out systems without having good games I'm pretty sure GTA5 came out on playstation 3 and and skyrim came out on playstation 3 too

  24. Bro PS5 Astro Playroom was I would say the best platformer I have ever played. I may be overstating it but it was one of the very few games I have thoroughly enjoyed.

  25. Still working on rdr2 and just started horizon zero dawn. Death loop looks cool bioshock vibes

  26. The immoral rising was a ps4 game and switch now its on ps5 but rachet and clank rift apart a must buy.there will be better games in 2022 like God of War ragnock and horizon dawn west .stray .

  27. “With this video I did go ahead and decide to only do new releases, so rereleases … are not on this list” then number one a ps3 remake 😂🤦‍♂️

  28. Craaazy!! It's almost like I've played a few of these games before in my life. And the overpriced games on ps5 aren't even worth the $600 lmao.

  29. I’ve had a PS5 for a year and I played Rocket League and Warzone and I haven’t played on it for a while now cuz I’m grinding Arena on Fortnite on my Xbox

  30. The video is starting cant wait to see it

  31. i wish i had refused to buy the ps4 pro if i did i would have ps5 now 🙁

  32. Same I am so happy I got my Ps5 at Best Buy I so excited when I got the Ps5

  33. This makes me regret getting a ps5… I went through all the trouble of getting ps5 just to play ps4 games and crappy indy games, I want my money back..

  34. how can horizon forbidden west be not on the list!!

  35. Demon souls looks good but isn't because it doesn't care about the bad or below average gamers.

  36. I got my stuff arrived from the name above ☝️☝️thanks guy for the recommendations he’s the best_

  37. I got my stuff arrived from the name above ☝️☝️thanks guy for the recommendations he’s the best_

  38. a person with too many views on a roblox video says:

    bad list

  39. I will return piece of shittt dyin light 2 and buy ratchet and kena!

  40. Hmm, watching this video and seeing games I've played soon after first getting my PS5 reminds me of that drunk hooneymoon period feeling of a brand new console.
    Unfortunately I think it ended a bit early and became a normal part of life…

    Part of what's really accelerating that is dividing up my time between different consoles with the Switch and Xbox series S I feel so the chances of being really impressed with the PS5's capabilities are fewer than if i just played games there.

    But, I think I might be able to revisit that feeling of brand new excitement and wonder now by revisiting and continuing astro's playroom.
    Like I think it's going to be naturally associated with that for me and most people actually as it's likely their first PS5 game, and also the best way to experience what's possible with the controller even though the hopes for the future might've faded a bit after getting a bit into the generation without seeing alot of proof that games will utilize the functionality in interesting ways.
    But yeah, finishing astro's playroom is now on my to-do-list which hopefully revives the remaining new console excitement that I still have in me somewhere!

  41. Ps5 easier to get in spain…everyone selling it now

  42. PINNED COMMENT: I think my wording about Resident Evil 7 may have confused some people. I could have probably worded it better but I was saying unlike your classic Resident Evil games being a TPS…much like Resident Evil 7, Village is a FPS. I am actually saying that Resident Evil 7 is a FPS and that Village is too, though again I can see how my wording was confusing.

    Sorry about that.

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