Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020 -

Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020

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[00:00] Intro
[00:15] #1 Rome: Total War — Barbarian Invasion
[00:44] #2 Grow Empire: Rome
[01:20] #3 Civilization VI
[01:55] #4 War Commander: Rogue Assault
[02:14] #5 Age of Ottoman
[02:40] #6 Dawn of Titans: Strategy Game
[03:07] #7 DomiNations
[03:37] #8 MechCom 3
[04:10] #9 Iron marines
[04:30] #10 BattlePlans
[05:05] #11 Badland Brawl
[05:40] #12 Plague Inc.
[06:06] #13 Incursion Tower Defense
[06:34] #14 Auto Chess
[07:08] #15 Dota Underlords

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  1. We have launched a new game – "World War 4 Endgames", which is a vast and indepth game of virtual economy where you play a role of a citizen in a dystopian world following an aftermath of World War 3, where you work for virtual money, train, produce different types of goods, sell goods, buy/sell stocks, travel to different places, and strategically fight in battles to help your country dominate the rest of the world. As players continue to fight against each other for domination for resources, raids, etc. there is also a doomsday concept as the season ends in 100 days. This is available only on Google Play Store, and we hope to get this game reviewed as well as the concept is quite unique with survival twist at the end.

  2. He just typed “rts games” in play store.

  3. The game ads is amazing but the game full of bullshit

  4. The 12 game is what happens in the real world

  5. Hello? Boom Beach? Clash of Clans? Clash Royale?

  6. Kingdom rush is also good try it definately there are four kingdom rush games orignal,frontiers origins and vengeance

  7. You may want to check out "Battle of Kingdoms" for android and my add it to your list for 2021, it's a MMORTS like Infinity Kingdoms or Rise of Kingdoms but without pay to win and unique features, you can not directly attack other players and lose all units while you sleep

  8. The moment you see the civilization 6 is placed in lower places, the moment you realise this video is not even worth a view😂,… Civilization 6 is the best strategy game existing

  9. where is art of war 3 in this list??? That is the evergreen best strategy game and nothing can beat that.

  10. I don't understand why he is showing trailer or video instead of gameplay. If you just showed a normal gameplay while talking about the game it would have become more easier to decide if the game is good or not.

  11. F*k you with your games that doesn't open

  12. A lot of dislike because you did not add gameplays and only trailer mostly….

  13. got a rise of kingdoms ad at the start of the video

  14. I think the castle clash is the best strategic game

  15. Why not Polytopia? 4x strategy game, relaxing but definitely requires your brain. Long game times but worth it for individual unit control. Don’t have multiplayer but ai is just as good, trash then as many times as u like. Amp up difficulty and variation with creative games as well. Amazing game and in fact better and more complicated than Plague Inc.

  16. Hmm, I was hoping for something similar to advance wars. Turn based strategy that lets youbuild expendable units and move them to attack while using terrain to help in defense and such. Seemed like a perfect game style for touch screen since you don't have to be precise.

  17. Seriously mobile needs a good stragety game not pay to win

  18. Woah hold on I've been playing Ruin the last samurai. Check in Playstore it's a great game.

  19. this is an awful list of games!!!! do not recommend to anyone

  20. Is there any games like total war where u don't have to build a civilization

  21. for me, it is HEX OF STEEL that is better than PANZER CORPS . U have a free demo on steam to test it.

  22. Rusted warfare is also one of the best strategy game with 4.8 rating, it is a premium game, price 2 dollars. I played dominations, age of ottoman but Rusted warfare is one of the best strategy game I played on mobile, it has huge number of skirmish maps, large multiplayer base.

  23. "There is no such thing as Grand Strategy on mobile"
    -everyone not a moron or underage

  24. I got enough of idle game like fire & ice you wait you built and no actual fight, just diagram of death soldiers.
    War path & Rise of Kingdoms are not so bad.

  25. It is nice but you should had which one are free and paid.

  26. There used to be an MMO game I played years ago and sadly I don’t think it’s on App Store anymore, it was called World at War and it had Mercenaries vs Military. I don’t know if it renamed or it just got removed from the App Store. Wish I could play it again

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